Thursday, March 17, 2005

Non Smokers Support Terrorists

This has got to be one of the most severe cases of convoluted logic that I've ever seen.

If states "raise the tax on cigarettes," it widens the difference between the wholesale and retail prices and "inadvertently creates opportunity for traffickers, who evade the tax and gain the profits," said ATF agent William Billingslea in a lengthy article last month for Police Chief magazine, published by the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Washington.

Federal officials said they are not taking stands against specific bills in states, however.

On this parallel planet,there is an America drenched in ridiculous fear. Fear of our own government and of the right wing censor machine, that it is not surprising to hear a response
like this one:

Though Torlakson has long supported "non-smoking programs,"

he also
"strongly supports homeland security and anti-terrorism efforts,"
said spokesman Robert Oakes.

Doesn't the President have a loot of money tied up in the tobacco business?

Spending A Billion Dollars

Max Baucus would spend it boosting Amtrack and Conrad Burns would subsidize the big oil companies.

That's the way they voted yesterday. New Jersey today, Whitefish tomorrow.
Just so you know.

Mark Your Calendar

May 04 is International Respect for Chickens Day. No word yet if Hallmark plans to ramp up production in anticipation of International Respect for Chickens Day or not.

That's not really a joke, chickens are good company and a lot of fun to watch. I know a lot of people who really adore their chickens, and some peole even keep one or two as housepets. They are social and entertaining creatures when they aren't warehoused in little cages.

I really enjoy seeing the ones that live between my house and the grocery store.

Meanwhile, New Mexico got a jumpstart on the day on March 02, when they passed a law outlawing cockfighting.



Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Comming Soon To A Congress Near You


Now They Want Us To Pay For Wrecking The Arctic Refuge

It's true. It will be so costly to get the oil out that the oil companies doubt they could make a profit at $75.00 dollars a barrel, so the Senate decided WE should subsidize the trashing of the last pristine place on Earth. Not that that pitiful little oil field would give us more than six months worth of oil anyway.

Take a wild guess about how our Senators voted? Max Baucus didn't think that was a wise use of our resources, so he voted against it.

This is is the size of the project, We won't see a drop of oil for at least seven years if everything goes smoothly. Look at what an endless trainwreck Iraq is and tell me that you expect the same oil companies to do a better job in Alaska.

Go here and see what we are going to pay to drill and pollute beyond recognition. The picture here reminds me of the Flathead Valley, only without Trees (fragile environment) and development. Take a good hard look, How many more pictures can we take before it is ripped to shreds with heavy equipment?

The Kaktovik Inupiat have lived here for centuries and they are totally dependent on that eco system to survive. What right do you or anybody else have to take that away from them? Do you really plan to shatter their dignity and starve them out, squander their lives work and then yell "entitlement!" when they want a portion of what is rightfully theirs?

Who are you really mad at, is it God?

Won't we all be proud to explain this to our grandchildren?

Well, Senator Burns, I know that your daughter didn't give you grandchildren. That does not give you the right to punish mine. I know. I know how much that hurts. I live with it every stinking day just like you do.

The difference between us is that I have not become a bitter, angry, vengeful person because of it. I know what that pain and guilt and confusion feels like. I know what that empty place in your life feels like. I know what it feels like to wonder "what if".

I gotta tell you that you aren't looking too good lately and I am sorry. You just can't keep taking it out on the rest of us.

I cried when your daughter died. I did. I took a lot of losses that year too. I buried so damn many friends and family members that year that I couldn't feel anything for a long long time.

You have been nothing but spiteful and destructive for a long time now. I wish that I really believed you are in this for money or power alone but I don't. You were a guest in our home for years and years before you ran for office.

I hate the meanspirited things that you have done, but you are almost like family. Really, you have been a part of our lives so long that you are almost family. Do you know what we have been doing while you were rooming with the other Congressmen discussing the blessings you recieved from your "True Father", Reverend Moon, isn't it?

We were working and wondering if we need to choose between heat and food or trying to get the phone hooked back up before anybody noticed.

Yes, we do have our pride. It is humiliating to have to beg for the things you need. It is even more humiliating when you work for a living, and are told that somehow you still aren't worthy to recieve the basic necessities. We don't necessarily want you to notice that we have to buy used shoes at the second hand store but we damn sure want you to notice that our kids need winter coats and nutritious food.

We want you to notice, and lend a hand up, not a hand out. There was a time we might have believed that we couldn't ask for the necessities because they weren't there to be had.

Now we know better. You waved your gluttony and your wastefulness so close to our faces, we couldn't help but notice what you choose to do with what you have. Now we know just how far selfish greed will carry you.

You spit on me and I pity you.

Revenge is not the answer. You must replace your pain with love, not anger. Senator Burns, you have some ammends to make.

I, for one am praying for your very soul.

You Asked For It

You got it.

The new improved grannyinsanity has easy to read print. I wiped out some things I wasn't planning to, but you might read more if you could read it.

Gordon, THB, I hope this is better.

Now They Are Hyping The Judges!

Miranda is on. Wasn't he fired for stealing the Democrats computer files?

Pat Robertson is giving Constitutional advice. Lord help us all!

WSJ said that Byrd did it

Play acting, Grandstanding Like a Little child Pat says.

I want complaints filed at the FCC and the IRS

700 Club Carrying Water For Corporate America!

Tim Penny is saying the crisis could hit as soon as five years from now!

The trust fund dollars have been spent on other things. We are living way longer. Raise retirement age even more . Price indexing. Make room for personal accounts.

As a Democrat, can you swing some of your colleagues over to reasonableness as opposed to obstructionism.

Quick! Turn On The 700 Club

They are telling the biggest lies about the Galveston Privatization Plan I ever heard!

Pat Robertson is making Tom DeLay look like an honest man!

Sirota Gets It Sorta Right

He said that the U.S. Senate Supports Identity Theft.

That is true in a sense, but he doesn't tell you that Choicepoint is a private company created with public dollars and a lot of the information they have about us came directly from the government.

He also didn't mention that it wasn't just a million or more civilians who were affected, they lost information from the Department of Defence, too.

David Sirota might not have wanted to bombard you with all the bad news at once, either, because the rest of the voting gives us a very clear cut idea of how morally corrupt the Republican Party has become.

Consider how every single member of the Republican Party voted on the "Firebombing and Loansharking Protection and Advocacy Act of 2005".

S.AMDT 16 to protect servicemembers and vets---NO 58-38
S.AMDT 17 to protect the elderly---NO 59-40
S.AMDT 28 to protect people whose own medical problems caused their debt---NO 58-39
S.AMDT 29 to protect homeowners with medical debt---NO 58-39
S.ADMT 31 to limit the amount of interest charged to 30%---NO 74-24 (they really hated that)
S.AMDT 32 to protect people whose debt is incurred from being caregivers to ill/disabled family members---NO 60-37
S.AMDT 37 to protect people whose debt was incurred through identity theft---NO 61-37
S.ADMT 38 to protect people from predatory lending practices---NO 58-40
S.ADMT 49 to protect employees & retirees from corporate practices that rob them of their earnings/retirement savings when the business files for bankruptcy---(Say it with me now:)NO 54-40

If you think that's ugly, there's more. Lots more.

See, I told you there was more! David Sirota point tells us that brutal, murderous dictator gets to keep his information private while American citizens are not allowed to.

Jose Padilla 1046 Days

Has anyone seen him? Why won't the government charge him?

Was he tortured to death, have they been running medical experiments on him? What's going on here anyway?

Busy Busy Burns

He's running with the pack
Never looking Back!

Yesterday I reported that he voted in favor of massive borrowing and benefit cuts to piratize Social Security, but I wasn't looking close enough to catch the next really bad vote.

He turned right around and voted against protecting the American people from terrorist attacks by providing the necessary resources to our firefighters, police, EMS workers and other first-responders by restoring $1,626 billion in cuts to first-responder programs.

Of course he voted against raising the minimum wage the other day, he doesn't need it. He got a $4,000.00 dollar raise in January just for doing nothing.

It was his seventh raise in seven years just for doing nothing.

Sometimes it isn't easy to do nothing. Zell Miller tried to cut their pay, so did Nathan Deal and 26 other house members because the deficit is too far out of whack:

Title: A bill to provide that pay for Members of Congress be reduced following any fiscal year in which there is a Federal deficit.
Sponsor: Sen Miller, Zell [GA] (introduced 2/2/2004) Cosponsors (None)
Related Bills: H.R.3736
Latest Major Action: 2/12/2004 Referred to Senate subcommittee. Status: Committee on Governmental Affairs referred to Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, the Federal Workforce, and the District of Columbia.

Title: To provide that pay for Members of Congress be reduced following any fiscal year in which there is a Federal deficit.
Sponsor: Rep Deal, Nathan [GA-10] (introduced 1/28/2004) Cosponsors (26)
Related Bills: S.2041
Latest Major Action: 1/30/2004 Referred to House subcommittee. Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on Civil Service and Agency Organization.

There have been other bills to curtail or end the annual pay raises, they are all in a committee somewhere hoping that we don't notice. For some reason I couldn't get into any of the files, but maybe you can.

What are the odds that he wont take food away from hungry families that can't get by on $5.15 an hour?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Creeping Coffins

Time to unfold two more of those "Made in China" American flags so they can smuggle the bodies back home in the dead of the night.


We Already Have A Plan For Social Security

It's called Social Security.

Social Security was gasping it's last breath in the early eighties, but it was adjusted (quite painfully for me I might add) and now it is rock solid for at least thirty years, probably closer to fourty or fifty years.

If the last fix was good enough for at least fifty years, why are George Bush and Conrad Burns trying to muddle with something that won't happen for decades, if ever.

Why do I bring Conrad Burns into this? It is because he voted against an ammendment to reject any proposal that would involve massive benefit cuts or budget deficits earlier today.

Was he voting to pile more debt on Americans, or was he voting to hack into the money we need to get by on? Was he voting to increase our debt load AND decrease our income?

Remember that we have to pay interest on any borrowing they do. Ask yourself why we would want to pay interest for decades on another costly and possibly fraudulent privatization scheme.

Why would Conrad Burns want to cut your benefits, and who is it that he thinks deserve your money more than you do? Yes, Social Security is your money and mine.

We have and will pay for it for all our working lives. We earn that insurance against exterme poverty in our old age or disability.

Defending your right to the benefits you earn is not the same thing as demanding something for nothing. Remember that every time they roll out another highly paid pundit to tell you otherwise.

Our alternative to Bush's non plan to "fix" Social Security IS Social Security.

I just realized that it is presumptuous of me to assume that all of my readers are thoroughly familiar with this Really Great Social Security Debate.

(Senate link was added later)

The Senators who are running for re-election in'06 who want to increase our debt load and cut our benefits are:

Allen, George VA
Burns, Conrad MT
Chafee, Lincoln RI
Ensign, John NV
Hatch, Orrin UT
Hutchison, Kay Bailey TX
Kyl, Jon AZ
Lott, Trent MS
Lugar, Richard IN
Santorum, Rick PA
Talent, Jim MO
Thomas, Craig WY

List via atrios, who has the Nelson Amendment right there with their names. rejected.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Oh My God

We have an extremely non political terror alert.

There really isn't any specific threat, except that schools and restaraunts might be targets. Nothing specific though.

CBS News reported that we are still vulnerable, but there is no specific threat.

But NOW the terrorists KNOW that we're vulnerable.

Bush's numbers are tanking so some terrorist that we've already arrested twice and he lost two or three legs now might attack your kid's school with a small plane or helicopter, but nothing specific.

Just another extremely non political terror alert when the President is not getting his way. Nothing specific, but now they know we aren't ready for them to attack our kids.

Private accounts are floating like lead balloons and we have an extremely non political terror alert. Nothing specific.

But now they know...

Steal This Post

I did, it feels wonderful! My hair is shinier, I found a quarter in the couch, my teeth are noticibly whiter and the cat looked at me all because I stole this post. I'm a changed woman, life is good again!

Steal This Post

Operating once again under the radar, the Republicans in Congress are doing their best to sneak funding for drilling in ANWR into the federal budget. Want to stop them? Find out how!

The House didn’t include ANWR in their budget plans. The Senate did. Some time early this week Maria Cantwell (D-WA) is supposed to introduce an amendment that will strip ANWR from the budget. We need votes for that amendment. Of course, we should all call and/or write to our senators. But if you live in certain states, your call may matter even more.

Lately I’ve been working with PennEnvironment on the issue of ANWR and the Energy Bill in general. The county field rep who recruited me told me that there are organizations similar to PennEnvironment working together in specific states where they think they have the best chances to win the votes. I’ll provide the contact information for the states she mentioned to me. The list is not complete so no matter where you live, take the time to call/write your senator today. Let them know that we’re paying attention and that we want ANWR off the table.

CO: Wayne, Salazar
FL: Nelson, Martinez
ME: Collins, Snow
MI: Levin, Stabenow
MN: Coleman, Dayton
OH: Voinovich, DeWine
OR: Smith, Wyden
PA: Specter
WA: Cantwell, Murray

Steal It. Now.

Gas Prices

They are really getting up there. I just don't understand why they are going up now, when they peaked last October.

Does it always work like that, or was there some artificial mechanism in place to keep gas prices down during the election?

just asking.

Baseball Fever And Missile Flu

Why do I care about Steroids and baseball, why does anybody? Congress cares. A lot.

I thought it was just stupid. No, really really stupid. I thought it was stupid and superficial nonsense that was just as meaningless as all of the Pledge of Allegiance puffery they are so fond of.

I was wrong, very very wrong.

Jack figured out why it is so important. Duh!

Journalist Arrested For Fabricating News

In Jordan.

Would somebody please get Mr. O' Reilly some dry pants?

I need some numbers

Does anyone know where I can find Montana's numbers for food stamps, TANF, WIC, school lunches, heating assistance, employment, unemployment, wages, ect?

I would also like information on mill closures, oil and gas drilling, mining, number of board feet cut every year...

You can leave a message or email me at

Dr Mengele Nominated To Lead EPA

If George Bush's nomination of Stephen L. Johnson goes through goes through, we will be one step closer to poisoning small children and babies for fun and profit.

The E.P.A. is targeting the poor and African-Americans for the study, presumably in the hope that they will be less informed about the dangers of exposing their children to pesticides, and will therefore continue to expose them over the two-year period. The study actually mandates that parents not be provided information about the proper ways to apply or store pesticides around the home. And the parents cannot be informed of the risks of prolonged or excessive exposure to pesticides. Additionally, the study does not provide guidelines to intervene if the children show signs of developmental delay or register dangerous levels of pesticide exposure in the periodic testing.

Parents receive $970 for participating, but only if they continue over the two-year period
. This is a powerful inducement for these impoverished parents to keep exposing their children to pesticides. Even some E.P.A. officials have been troubled by the lack of safeguards to ensure that these parents are not swayed into exposing their children to the chemicals. Troy Pierce, a scientist in the E.P.A.'s Atlanta based pesticides office, wrote to his colleagues last year via e-mail, "This does sound like it goes against everything we recommend at EPA concerning use of (pesticides) related to children.

Why wound anybody, even an impoverished and uneducated person put their children through that? Hunger.

The latest measure on the "War on the Poor" is to cut back on the already insufficient food subsidies available to them.

The government is projected to spend $52 billion this year on nutrition programs like food stamps, school lunches and special aid to low-income pregnant women and children.

Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., said the $36 billion food stamp program is a good place to look for savings.

``There's not the waste, fraud and abuse in food stamps that we used to see
. ... That number is down to a little over 6 percent now,'' he said. ``But there is a way, just by utilizing the president's numbers, that we can come up with a significant number there.''

Bush is proposing to withdraw food stamps for certain families already receiving other government assistance. The administration estimates that plan would remove more than 300,000 people from the rolls and save $113 million annually.


`Particularly in the House, the members are talking about taking all or most of it from nutrition,'' said Jim Weill, president of the Washington-based Food Research and Action Center. ``There isn't a way to do it that doesn't hurt, because the program's very lean and doesn't give people enough anyhow. The benefits are less than people need. The program's not reaching even three-fifths of the people who are eligible. And the abuse rate is very low and is going down further.''

Eric Bost, the Agriculture Department's undersecretary for food, nutrition and consumer programs, told a House appropriations panel this week the programs are so efficient now it would be difficult to save money by targeting waste and fraud.

Rep. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., said food stamps are vital to many Americans, ``but like all government programs, there are ways to save money.''

How does Senator chambliss feel about taking food from the hungry?

`I want this to be as painless to every farmer in America as we can make it,''

Now you know the way we celebrate this "culture of life".

(notice-farm links weren't added until 03-16-05)

Landmine Alert!

This will be updated throughout the week.

Chronicals of the Bush Administrations efforts to stomp America back to the dark ages.

Start here

then here

go here

All those people who have been tortured and disappeared had families

The election really was simple, though.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Glorious Magnificence Of Democracy

Is most visible when the leader spares no expense explaining why he makes the decisions he does.

It's even better when he spares no expense to show you how much you like it.

The Witching Stick 'O War Makers (gives me nightmares too)

"You've got the whole U.N. operation saying it needs reform, and to have somebody who has thought about these issues, who is critical of many things about the U.N. about which, frankly, it is right to be critical" is useful, Rice said.

i love the super nanny
this could be englands most vital export
a beautiful bundle of brains and braun
teaching US the basics of child raising

i wish they left the camera on 4 real
when she checks the dvd to see
how the family is doing without her
4 real

she should go to washington next
put condie rice in the naughty chair

she scares me condi
i expect her to unzip her skin
and have dick cheneys twin brother step out laughing -
like on scooby doo
"on my god - that voo-doo man/monster is really the owner of this abandoned amusement park!"
we been punked

Enjoying Your Weekend?

Not everyone is, you know. Three more families have made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of Corporate Profit.

1516. No, Halliburton doesn't plan to share the loot with them either.

The Truth About Haircuts

Front page news should recieve front page retractions.

links gone wild

I was adding and fixing links.
Something went horribly wrong.
It won't get fixed today
If you're not there
it's really wrong

Passive Aggression On The Right

Just imagine how nasty he would be if Governor Schweitzer didn't plan ahead for what could possibly be a devastating fire season.

We Have Virtue Because We Act Rightly