Thursday, August 19, 2004

Why on God's Green Earth Does This Woman still have a Job

"Every president who has been successful, at least that I know of, in the history of this republic, has developed both informal and formal means of getting checks on whether people who tell him things are in fact telling him the whole truth,"


In his sharp attack on the National Security Council, Dr. Kay said that the council had failed, in particular, to provide Mr. Bush and Mr. Powell with the intelligence information they needed before the war about Iraq's weapons capabilities, especially after both had expressed some skepticism about the extent of Iraq's weapons programs.

"Where was the National Security Council when, apparently, the president expressed his own doubt about the adequacy of the case concerning Iraq's W.M.D. weapons that was made before him?" Dr. Kay asked.


In a parallel universe, the 'newspaper of record' would have noted that both Colin Powell and Condolieza Rice admitted that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction, that "sanctions worked". Yes, there is (still?) a video of the two of them saying that on the State Department's website.


AMAZING Coincidence Theory

Summer in the Flathead Valley is a wonderful magical thing if you can find a way to avoid the traffic and the construction. This summer has been more difficult than most because we have been under siege by battillions of cranes, backhoes, gravel trucks and other mysterious looking heavy equipment. I don't know what effect this has had on the tourist season if any,only that there were days that the summer sirens seemed endless.

Daylight arrives early and stays until almost eleven p.m., time to catch up on all the sunlight that didn't show up during the previous six months. There is so much to do cleaning up from last winter and getting ready for the next one that any time not spent outside feels like a loss.

That explains why I didn't see Fahreneit 9/11. It really is possible to feel guilty about not hiking and swimming! I haven't talked to anyone who has seen it either, but rest assured I am told that it is Lies! all Lies!

I don't know when the movie left the theaters here; I only know a lot of people who are very frightened about having their illusions challenged.

Doubters need only reference or cooperative to start feeling like they're in dire need of a tin foil hat. I felt like that, often wondering what the unabomber was trying to say but too lazy to search for a condensed non explosive letter until the handsome gentleman at Cosmic Iguana convinced me that it might really be a case of the coincidence theory.

This is worth a read even if his sources are lame because they have been backed up in some very credible ways elsewhere. Here is a warning and a challenge from the comment section:

Chilling reading.

If anyone has any good rebuttals of the sources, I'll link to those as well, and I think it would be a good idea for this site to do the same - there's nothing wrong with the truth. So far I've not seen any of this knocked back.

Won't somebody please disprove these AMAZING coincidences?

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Dick Dasen's dirty sheets.

Who ever guessed that one old guy could spend so much money buying himself sex here in the Flathead. Buried in the story are these unpleasant details, something to think about each and every time you enter town from the south side:

Then there is the matter of Dasen's DNA, which the state crime lab says was detected on a semen-stained bedspread in Room 233 of the Kalispell Motel 6 -- the room in which Darlene Wilcock, 26, was found strangled in April of last year. No one has been arrested in her death.

A law enforcement official familiar with the woman's autopsy report said that semen from two men was found on her body, neither of them Dasen.

The discovery of Dasen's semen at the crime scene, this official said, may simply be a coincidence, the kind of thing that can happen
insert linkto a man who often has sex in motel rooms where bedspreads are rarely washed. A number of women have told police that they had sex with Dasen in the Motel 6.

As disgusting as that is, it doesn't hold a candle to the second Flathead family losing a child in Iraq. This young marine believed his president and he believed that his mission was an honorable one.

The moral of this story is that only some people will face the consequences of their actions and that not everyone who profits from the exploitation of others even bothers to clean up.

Lucky Charlie

Well the residents who survived the storm are lucky anyway. They are lucky to live in a swing state when the governor's brother is facing a crushing defeat in the upcomming elections. This may be the only thing that Bush the lesser does not hold up to insure higher profits for his base of "have's and have more's".

Please let there be one thing this guy doesn't mess up

The People's Campaign

The Kerry/Edwards campaign is drawing some massive crowds while Bush/Cheney continues to pander to smaller hand chosen groups, just like they govern.

Kerry/Edwards has even addressed their detractors during rallies while Bush/Cheney screen, harrasses, and even arrests them.

I am hopeful that Kerry/Edwards will be as inclusive in the Oval Office as they have been on the campaign trail.

One thing that I wish they would do, though- in addition to Atrios' suggestion to hire Bob Sommersby and right wing myth busters-would be to involve their protester's in the process.

If John or Theresa or John or Elizabeth would publicly ask their hecklers WHAT they like about this administration, they would be able to publicly shoot holes in their arguments. After a few times America just might gain an awareness of how the right has managed to convince so many of us to support policies that are detrimental to our well-being

Guess who?

Can you identify this presidential candidate?

-Enjoyed blowing frogs up with firecrackers as a child.

-Branded fellow students with a coat hanger as a college student.

-Showed extremely poor sportsmanship on the rugby field.

-AWOL from creampuff assisnment granted because of his social status during Vietnam.

-Profited from a couple of failed businesses that his partners and taxpayers funded.

-Mocked a reborn Christian's plea for mercy and had her executed anyway.

-Had residents of Slave Island temporarily interred so he could stop in for a photo op.

-Had homes razed so he could visit Africa for a few hours.

-Wrecked the Queen's gardens including several heirloom plants when he spent three days in England.

-Lied in his State of the Union Address.

-Illegally diverted funds from Afghanistan war to Iraq.

-Presided over biggest intelligence failure in history.

-Was in charge when undercover CIA agent was outed for spite.

-Was in charge when Al Queda mole was outed for political gain.

-Presided in largest job loss since Herbert Hoover.

-Turned record surplus into record breaking budget defecit.

-Had EPA allow more pollution.

-Turned Labor department against employees.

-Turned OSHA against employees.

-Made Medicare unfriendly to seniors.

-Has the FDA protect drug companies from their own incompetence.

-Threatened to shut down the Government Accounting Office then presided over name change.

-Cut funding for WIC, a nutrition program for the poorest children.

-Stood by while Head Start workers were threatened with the Hatch Act.

-Cheerleaded while the Attorney General willfully violated the Hatch act.

-Was in charge while budget and employment numbers were altered for political reasons.

-Cut money for policemen and firemen while underfunding port security and denying the need for security at our chemical and nuclear facilities.

-Had the EPA issue the "all clear" after 9-11 when the air was in fact dangerous.

-Stiffled experts at the USDA.

-Allowed retroctive classification of documents that have already been made public.

-Prevented branches of Government from sharing taxpayer funded information.

-Prevented the most qualified scientists from participating in the World Health Organization.

-Raised the amount of arsenic and raw sewage allowable in our drinking water.

-Did not notify D.C. residents of dangerously high levels of lead in their tap water.

-Detains and deports foreign journalists.

-Deports foreign theologians.

-Wants to deport people to unsafe places.

-Has extrajudiciously rendered an unknown number of people to foreign countries for torture.

-Sent already over extended troops to overthrow a democratically elected government.

-Said the law doesn't apply to Dick Cheney.

-Said the law doesn't apply to Guatanamo.

-Said the law does not apply to Jose Padilla.

-Said the law does not apply in Afghanistan.

-Said the law does not apply to Iraqis.

-Allows the criminalization of peaceful dissent at taxpayer funded events.

-Cut family planning and AIDS education money across the globe=Correlating rise in child rape from superstitious but ill informed men in Africa.

-Minimized the pain of his classmates branding, saying that it didn't hurt any more than a cigarette burn.

-Expects us to believe that a condoms are less effective at stopping sperm than missile defence would be at stopping a random nuclear weapon that we don't know when or where they would come.

There is a lot more, but would someone please ask Bob Woodard how this is not worse than Nixon?