Saturday, June 10, 2006

Where Was Burns?

I agree that Conrad Burns should have given the people of Montana enough respect to show up for the Senatorial debate although I can honestly say that I have grown rather accustomed to it.

Could it be that he needs more money for enough media buys that Montanan's won't notice what he does?

Where In The Hell Is My Representation?

Denny Rehberg was caught on record trying to give our public property to a few good cronies so who is representing me? Who is representing you? Is there anybody representing us at all?

Monica Lindeen
has too much integrity to pull a dirty rotten lowdown corporate give away like that.

Too bad Denny couldn't buy some integrity with his twenty-six million dollars; he doesn't seem to have any at all.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Is He or Isn't He?


So Happy To Be of Service

Oh please Mr. military-industrial complex, let US train your guards for you! Oh no, let US pay for it. We are more than happy to do it for you

Please come back now-these's more where they came from!

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Freedom's Just Another Word

For no heads left to lose

Blackballing the Professor

Cures the Neocon blues

Oh no
Oh no

Oh no no no no

Neocon seed
Squeeze and repeat
Can't get enough

Never get enough
Kill and lie
For fun and greed

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

West Virginia Could Get First Coal Gasification Plant

I saw poll at the Outpost last week rating Governor Schweitzers performance and there were folks ragging all over the place about Brian creating energy policy. They must love the effects of a successful energy policy, but the rest of us sure don't.

Charleston Gazette
(free subscription required)

West Virginia could get American Electric Power’s first coal gasification plant, thanks to some Ohio groups that say the way the project is being funded violates the law.

AEP previously announced it wants to build the electricity generating plants in Meigs County, Ohio, and Mason County, W.Va. The Columbus-based company started filing applications for the necessary approval from Ohio regulators before it did in West Virginia and figured the Ohio plant would be running first.

But the approval process could go faster in West Virginia than Ohio.

In March, two AEP subsidiaries asked the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to let it increase its customers’ rates to pay for the plant’s $23.7 million pre-construction costs. The commission OK’d the companies’ requests, but five groups filed petitions claiming the order violates Ohio law.

Ohio’s electricity generation utilities are deregulated, which means companies have to pay to build plants by selling energy into the market. West Virginia’s utilities are regulated, which means companies can pass on the cost of building a new plant to its customers, explained AEP spokeswoman Melissa McHenry.

Just another reason why regulation was better.

Supporting the troops

Same old bait and switch as it ever was.

Senator Burns Supports Veterans

In his own little way, he does.,
What the San Antonio Express-News had to say

Veterans say care is slipping away

Scott Huddleston
Express-News Staff Writer

KERRVILLE — Vowing to fight as hard for fairness as they did for their nation, South Texas veterans are sounding a call for health care services in areas they say are underserved.

Amid budget cuts and revamping of the South Texas Veterans Health Care System, the Kerrville Veterans Hospital, a full-service hospital in the 1990s, has been stripped of such specialties as cardiology, endocrinology, orthopedics and dermatology.

A contract for the urologist there will expire next month, forcing veterans in a 14-county area to go to San Antonio for treatment, Alan Hill, president of the Hill Country chapter of Vietnam Veterans of America, said at a rally Saturday.

Though routine procedures such as oral surgery, colonoscopies, podiatry care and X-rays are still done in Kerrville, Hill said the hospital will close by the end of the year, "if we don't put a stop to it."

"A nursing home with a clinic is all it'll be," he told about 120 supporters outside the hospital.

Local officials of the Veterans Affairs Department say there are no plans to close the Kerrville hospital.

Hill said veterans, one of the largest voting blocs in the nation, should take nothing for granted and be ready to vote against leaders who don't support veterans.

"They're lying to us. We've got to let them know we're tired of it," he said. "Vote someone else in who'll be pro-veteran."

I forget how many times he voted against funding them before he voted for giving them some capitol last year.

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Badtux the Apocalyptic Penguin commemorates 666 and is rewarded with a visit from the Messiah.

Twilight Zone musis starts her

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's Tester Time!


"We'll make Washington DC look a lot like Montana."

You go Senator, we've got your back.

Max Baucus Propping Up Wal Mart

Digby quotes Krugman

[The campaign for estate tax repeal has largely been financed by just 18 powerful business dynasties, including the family that owns Wal-Mart.

You may have heard tales of family farms and small businesses broken up to pay taxes, but those stories are pure propaganda without any basis in fact. In particular, advocates of estate tax repeal have never been able to provide a single real example of a family farm sold to pay estate taxes.]

Let me tell you there is nothing "centrist" about this, it is a tax hike on the rest of us.

Monday, June 05, 2006

FREE Gets Good Return On Bought Judges

Kelly highlights a Wapo atricle that makes it clear that facts don't matter when EXXON is picking up the tab at our local judicial re-education camp for the overpriveleged.

For more about information about FREE, check out Touchstone's outstanding interviews with Pete Geddes and we can come back to this when I have more time to search Matt's site that does not want to load for me at all.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

George Bush's Latest Frivolous Lawsuit

Wah wah wah. I am not really grasping the idea that this soldier and his wife are projecting their problems onto Michael Moore.

He said that he is suffering from emotional distress because his position was misrepresented and that he was "supported, financially and emotionally, by the active assistance of the president, the United States and his family, friends, acquaintances and community,". If he were to get an apology and a correction he would be way ahead of most people who are maligned by the press, but he is demanding money.

To donate.

because he has the active assistance of the President.


Urban Farmers Facing Eviction

So what if the farm provides food for over 350 families and allows the community to buy fresh organic produce? L.A. demands another abandoned warehouse so they can complain about those Mexicans getting food stamps or at least to their part to push the Monsanto and Con Agra agenda.

better connections can log on here

It just ain't right.

Blog Against Torture

Oh, I am way too tired to go there, let me tell you that sleep deprivation makes me feel plain old awful, and mine isn't as severe or prolonged as that forced on many prisoners in U.S. custody.

Other people managed to write about this completely inexcusable practice, more than once.

Another Fine Morning wokeuplate and is weary of it; I guess that weary works if you are as sleep deprived as I am.

Mugging, Montana Style

Take the resources, wreck the water, take the money.

Leave the people with poisoned water and a huge bill to clean it up.

State Lists Taxpayers Who Fail To Pay Up


Don't Read This Post Until Wednesday

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday go to choosing our next Senatorial candidate.

Read this post about following the money, OUR MONEY, on Wednesday and start thinking about who will be Max Baucus' primary challenger for 2008.

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