Friday, June 24, 2005

Body Bags

1735 of them. President Bush has not attended a single funeral. We haven't has a serious national discussion about how we got here or where we are going.

It is complete and total disrespect for every man and woman who showed up to do their duty and paid a price. It is utterly disrespectful to the families who have empty spots where their people should be.

Demand the truth.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Big Stinking Deal

That's what I have to say to the Democrats who won't file an ethics complaint against Randy "Duke" Cunningham because they have their own things to hide or their secret longing to do the same.

I second Josh when he says

If elected Democrats aren't able or willing to take a stand against the cash-n-carry legislative ethos of Tom DeLay's Washington they're simply not doing the job anyone sent them there to do. And they should be replaced too.

If you want to learn the nitty gritties of our cash and carry government, PSOTD does a terrific job lobbyblogging.

Big Sky Blog on Eminent Domain in Montana

We're not as safe as we would like to be.

Thanks for doing the digging and to Dave Budge for doing the pointing out.

Going to War Against the Public You Have Now

Welcome from the fireball, thanks Matt! take a look around, I recommend finding out how you could win a fly fishing trip with Governor Brian Schweitzer.

More on the Supreme Court decision that was handed down earlier today, it seems that the "liberal" judges okayed this one.

What this says is that cities can go to war against the public they have to attract the public they wished they had.

I guess we will all have to be a lot more involved in our own local development boards.

update- earlier thoughts are here.

Eying Little Girls With Bad Intent

Who is watching your children?

Archy says it's Evil Genius at it's finest while farmer digs up stuff about BeNow cash cow

Rove Should Apologize or Resign


Fly Fishing With Governor Schweitzer

That's Right, Flathead Democrats are giving away a full day fly-fishing trip with a professional guide and fly-fishing instructor.

Even better the winner will be accompanied by Governor Schweitzer

The Flathead Democratic Central Committee is excited that Brian Schweitzer has agreed to help with it's 2005 Fund raising drive.

Tickets are $ 10.00 or 3 for $ 25.00 and can be purchased by calling any of our officers listed here, or send an email here and we will call you.

Thanks to Glacier Raft Company and Paper Chase for generous donations.

For the record, every time I took one of their rafting adventures everybody had a blast!

Last Best Ass


I learned that Conrad Burns supports pesticide testing on human beings.

The report finds that these controversial experiments, in which participants were intentionally dosed with toxic pesticides, appear to have routinely violated ethical standards by failing to obtain informed consent, dismissing adverse outcomes, and inflicting harm on human subject.

I'm sure *cough* this is totally unrelated to that support

Since 2000, Burns has accepted $10,000 from political action committees set up by some of the pesticide industries top producers. In total, Burns has accepted $5,000 from DuPont, $3,000 from the American Crop Protection Association, $1,000 from Bayer Crop Science and $1,000 from Monsanto

The End Of the Life, Liberty and Happiness

The Supreme Court has ruled that anybody's property can be siezed at any time.

Americans Must Support Torture

Any discussion about effectiveness, morality, innocence or due process makes you a traitor.

That's what Bill O'Reilly says anyway.

Before deportation, let me steer you to one of my favorite Constitution believing traitor.

Marionette Nation: America--Land of the Gagged

The Bush Energy Policy

Oh Boy, another complicated and expensive legal morass that doesn't do a single thing to meet our energy needs!

I Noticed

I noticed that two more soldiers died after I posted yesterday morning. Did you notice the Dead American Soldier Tally had reached 1728?

I was visiting with a young friend yesterday abouthis friend who was killed in the Iraq war and I said that one-thousand, seven hundred and twenty-six soldiers had already died for what?

He told me that wasn't too bad for war and that the number who died in the Civil War...

I asked him if it made a difference that Bush lied about the whole thing.

He told me he didn't believe that and he left.

I wish that Dana Millbank would quit laughing about all those dead and injured people long enough to explain why we don't need to draw attention to any hearings about the Downing Street Memo?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005



Dana's Delight

Ha ha ha ha another dead American soldier ha ha hoo hoo!

Not funny to me or to the other powerless outsiders who knew, based on the evidence, that Bush was lying his way into this ungodly war and who don't make a profit from it.

We are only 50 caskets short of 1776, what are we going to do about it-pretend to be elites who laugh at the dead chumps and their families, throw mock WMD hunts, maybe talk 'bout a revolution?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Daily Interlake Likes Ignorant Readers

Kalispell Montana would be a prime place for somebody to start a newspaper. We have something called the Daily Interlake that is almost to the left of World Net Daily only because of a few people who write letters to the editor.

If there is a way to misrepresent the facts they will find it, like the front page above the fold story right before the election about Rumsfeld pulling troops out of Iraq in early '05.

All the Bush voters said they know something we don't. The dog said don't be a fool.

I think the Daily Interlake knows the level of dissatisfaction with their work on both sides of the political spectrum, and that's why they argued for econocation. An educated population would never support a newspaper for the photographs and classifieds alone

How Focused Is Your Neighborhood?

Mine is Focused to the hilt.

33 slots for Kalispell vs. 19 slots for Missoula!

What's your neighborhood like?

Scrape It Off Your Shoes

What a slick trick.

Remember when Arlen Specter teamed up with Dick Durbin an the military hating baby killing Devil worshipping Democrat drones and voted to provide funding for veterans medical care before he read that FBI report on the Senate floor.

He probably realized that 322 billion dollars was not enough money to buy equipment for the troops and kept his mouth shut out of bitter partisan hatred too.

So another American Soldier died in Iraq today making the current total 1725
. Scrape it off your shoes, shovel it in a box, blame Dick Durbin and smuggle it back to America in the dead of the night.

Vote Republican and repeat endlessly. Dana Millbank needs all the laughs he can get.

Religious Discrimination

Scream bloody murder. I think our regigious freedoms are in danger.

Apparently, Rep. John Hostettler R-Ind. and Duncan Hunter, R-Calif believe that disallowing anyone to hold a taxpayer funded captive audience and force them to pray or tell them they will "burn in the fires of hell" constitutes religious discrimination.

I want a taxpayer funded captive audience to "share" my faith with, don't you want yours?

Keep Your Money In Oil Companies Pockets!

The latest right wing smear is that environmentalists want to grind the economy to a halt.

This is big, folks.

Take it apart while I recover from the heated passion these creeps lit up.

Bush Lies and Damn Lies

Count them if you can.

We already verified 237 documented lies the Bush Administration pushed in what we were led to believe was the run up to the Iraq.

Digby does a little digging into the President's past speeches and finds that he has repeatedly told the same lie about his reason for war.

I lost count at seventeen.

Of course decieving Congress is an impeachable offence.

You would think that our 'free press' would be all over this like Bush on a bald headed man, but no.

Last Throes

“I know the party line. You know, the Department of Defense, the U.S. Army, five-star generals, four-star generals, President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld: The Iraqis will be ready in whatever time period,” said 1st Lt. Kenrick Cato, 34, of Long Island, N.Y… ‘But from the ground, I can say with certainty they won’t be ready before I leave. And I know I’ll be back in Iraq, probably in three or four years. And I don’t think they’ll be ready then.”

Old news

QUESTION: On another topic, has the president or anyone else from the administration responded to the letter sent last month by Congressman John Conyers and signed by dozens of members of the House of Representatives regarding the Downing Street memo? Has the president or anyone else responded?

MCCLELLAN: Not that I’m aware of.

QUESTION: Why not?

MCCLELLAN: Why not? Because I think that this is an individual who voted against the war in the first place and is simply trying to rehash old debates that have already been addressed.


McCLELLAN: I think I just explained to you the desperation of terrorists and their tactics

Been hazed lately? Don't worry, this will go on for decades- you're sure to get your chance to win the booby prize.

Another One Bites The Dust

I am guessing that the 1724th American soldier to die for Bush's trumped up war is a 1st Corps Support Command Soldier.

The message this persons family needs to hear is that Your government doesn't care if they killed your kid for fun and profit, and most of your fellow citizens don't know the extent of deception it took to get your kid into that box you will get for a booby prize.

Don't count on the media to tell them, they think it's old news and still walk around thinking 'WMD's? HA HA HA HA HA!'

I'm sure that Dana Millbank gets a good case of the giggles every time he hears about another dead soldier.

It's an inside joke they enjoy like an old friend who reminds them of their frat boy days.

Your kid is dead because he got hazed.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Die Reporter Die

DUBAI (AFX) - Television channel Al-Arabiya said US military authorities had refused to authorize the evacuation from Iraq of reporter Jawad Kazem, who was wounded by armed men Saturday in Baghdad.

In a statement received by Agence France-Presse, the Dubai-based TV station said its attempts to obtain permission for a medical aircraft to evacuate its journalist from Baghdad had met with 'a refusal from the American military authorities'.

In 'intensive' contacts with 'the Iraqi government, the Pentagon, the State Department and American Central Command (Centcom) in Qatar' Al-Arabiya had explained 'the gravity of the state of health' of Kazem and 'the need to transfer him out of Iraq in the hope of saving his life,' the statement said.

One of his doctors in Baghdad told Al-Arabiya that Kazem, 37, had been wounded in the jaw, the windpipe and the spine 'which caused partial paralysis' of his legs.

Colleagues said armed men had tried to kidnap Kazem as he left a Baghdad restaurant.

Gotta love that "culture of life", eh?

Another soldier died in Iraq.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Everyone's a Critic


Legal Guide For Bloggers

EFF rocks!

The difference between you and the reporter at your
local newspaper is that in many cases, you may not have
the benefit of training or resources to help you
determine whether what you're doing is legal. And on top
of that, sometimes knowing the law doesn't help - in
many cases the law was written for traditional journalists,
and the courts haven't decided yet how it applies to

But here's the important part: None of this should stop
you from blogging. Freedom of speech is the foundation
of a functioning democracy, and Internet bullies shouldn't
use the law to stifle legitimate free expression
. That's
why EFF created the "Legal Guide for Bloggers," compiling
a number of FAQs designed to help you understand your
rights and, if necessary, defend your freedom.

EFF: Legal Guide For Bloggers

Not Remotely Possible

Somebody is running a scam on us to believe that there are 9000 deaths in Iraq. I wouldn't be surprised if the numbers are somehow fudged- a little-but don't fall for this one.

(link fixed-thanks Gordon)

Only Innocents Died There

The moral authority of leaving your cancerous wife destitute for a younger one has spoken:

“Nine million innocent human beings were murdered in Hitler’s death camps, nearly three million perished in the gulags under Stalin, and more than one and a half millions were slaughtered in the killing fields of Cambodia at the hand of Pol Pot. And while not a single terrorist has died in detention at Guantanamo ( we don't know that nobody died there, only that Newt says no terrorists died there), Durbin sees fit to liken our American service men and women (I'm sure all those private contractors are fine upstanding moral citizens who deserve to remain invisible and unspoken of as well) to the terrifying murderers of three despotic regimes.”

Here's a tip Newt: listen to the entire speech, not just the parts you can twist to make it seem like he doesn't represent us.

By the way Newt, when are you going to try out the practices you think are fine and dandy? Can we watch?

Forced Enema Award

I'm number one of about 200,000!

Seriously, Margie Burns did all the work and I took credit. This reminds me of the good old days, in January of 2005 when some of us thought this was a good enough reason to oppose the appointment of Alberto Gonzales to the position of Attorney General because

" Mr. Gonzales, you have concurred in, even commissioned, advice that led to the following:

Sodomy with a broomstick, chemical light, metal object

Severe beatings

Water boarding (simulated drowning)

Electric shock

Attaching electrodes to private parts

Forced masturbation

Pulling out fingernails

Pushing lit cigarettes into ears

Chaining hand and foot in fetal position without food or water

Forced standing on one leg in the sun

Feigned suffocation

Gagging with duct tape

Tormenting with loud music and strobe lights

Sleep deprivation


Subjecting to freezing/sweltering temperatures

"Dietary manipulation"

Repeated, prolonged rectal exams

Hanging by arms from hooks

Permitting serious dog bites

Bending back fingers

Intense isolation for more than 3 months

Grabbing genitals

Severe burning

Stacking of naked prisoners in pyramids

Injecting with drugs

Leaving bullet in body of wounded prisoner

Taping naked prisoner to board

Shooting into containers with men inside

Keeping prisoners in small, outdoor cages

Pepper spraying in face

Forcing heads into toilets and flushing

Threatening live burial, drowning, electrocution, rape and death

Beating prisoners to death

Killing wounded prisoners

Throwing off bridge into river and drowning



Saddam Hussein would be proud of you, Mr. Gonzales."


"You will have the distinction of being the first Latino Attorney General of the United States. You come from humble roots in Humble, Texas. You should understand the struggles of people of color, yet you have turned your back on them. As overseer of the policies that led to the torture of myriad people of color in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantánamo Bay, you have betrayed your roots."

Like I said, she forgot to mention the forced enemas

Now we have sunk so low that some people like Melanie would let him slide into the Supreme Court simply because Junior is likely to choose someone even worse. |

As depressing as that is because she is probably right, we should all look on the bright side. I finally accomplished something pretty big, being number one of about 200,000 in a search of forced enemas is nothing to shake a stick at.

The Hideout

Saddam Bin Laden or Osama Hussein or that guy who magically regrows limbs has been spotted sipping mai tais by the pool of an upscale resort in Iran according to reliable sources who are probably named Chalabi or Alawi or Perle.

Other witnesses are reporting that Elvis and the Ghost of James Dean thought is was a funny joke when they threw the dialysis machine in the pool before everybody dined on fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches on Wonder bread.

Stay tuned

Denny, Don't You Care?

Don't you care if the President and his cabinet have committed impeachable offenses by decieving Congress into this awful war?

Is it all right with you that seven Montanan's (Kane Funke really was a Montana boy, I know friends of his) have died for a reason that no one can explain or no reason at all?

Do you think that the Montanan's who have been permanently injured deserve to know the full unabridged truth about why they were sent to Iraq, or not?

I am asking you this because your name was not on this list of Congressional signers asking a few very direct questions of the President.

Congressman Rehberg, would you please be kind enough to express your full opinion of this matter to us, your constituents?

Whistleblower Raped Again

First your vagina, then your mind.

Apparently, speaking out about injustice has become the only true crime in this nation.

Howard Dean's Big 1.2% Untruth

Bill Fancher of Agape Press repeats that twenty melatonin enriched people means diversity., and Writes that

"Michele Combs of the Christian Coalition of America believes Howard Dean needs to take a closer look at the GOP's emphasis on diversity. "If you look at President Bush's cabinet, he has the most diverse cabinet of any president before him," she points out


Combs feels Howard Dean's characterization of the Republican Party as being restricted to white Christians is a sad commentary on the state to which liberal discourse has deteriorated under his headship of the DNC. She says other Democrats need to quit defending Dean and acknowledge the untruth of his statements.

That's what I am doing right now, look at all these black Republicans in Congress!

If Christian has become the new dirty word, these people have only themselves to blame because the Jesus I know was fearless and kind. Not like them at all.

You Don't Say?


Now I Get It!

Sometimes it takes me a while.

I saw the pictures several times and the significance didn't dawn on me at all.

Just what would you expect from a bunch of rat breath cowards anyway?
They locked him and our petitions out as if he was a triple amputee Viet Nam Vet!

But Dick

The fact is that we DO torture people, your administration has seen to it. We also lock them up indefinitely without trial charges or representation and we export them to other countries for more of the same and sometimes they don't die before we find out.

We also

On a couple of occasions, I entered interview rooms to find a detainee chained hand and foot in a fetal position to the floor, with no chair, food or water. Most times they urinated or defecated on themselves, and had been left there for 18-24 hours or more. On one occasion, the air conditioning had been turned down so far and the temperature was so cold in the room, that the barefooted detainee was shaking with cold. . . . On another occasion, the [air conditioner] had been turned off, making the temperature in the unventilated room well over 100 degrees. The detainee was almost unconscious on the floor, with a pile of hair next to him. He had apparently been literally pulling his hair out throughout the night. On another occasion, not only was the temperature unbearably hot, but extremely loud rap music was being played in the room, and had been since the day before, with the detainee chained hand and foot in the fetal position on the tile floor.

Considering the extraordinary efforts theBush Administration has gone to to protect these activities, and has yet to respond to this

The President could declare the United States will apply the Geneva Conventions to the war on terrorism. He could declare, as he should, that the United States will not, under any circumstances, subject any detainee to torture, or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment. The administration could give all detainees a meaningful opportunity to challenge their detention before a neutral decisionmaker. Such a change of course would dramatically improve our image and it would make us safer. I hope this administration will choose that course. If they do not, Congress must step in.

I'm amazed about your redirection of the issue.

If you can't handle the idea that we talk about the things we do, I suggest having Lynne help you put another sparkly barrette in the mane of your favorite 'My Little Pony' before your nap.

More Thought Crimes

Since it's wildly successful Partnership with China to sensor the internet, GOOGLE has plans to appoint itself arbitar of truth.

This should be more fun than our self appointed "Messiah".

Old News/New News


Lockheed Martin Will Have Their Due

Joe Biden (D-MNBA)wants to run for president. He clearly does not have the support of most Democrats, so he must be relying on them electric voting machines.

I often think that may be the finger John Kerry had on the scale during the primaries last year.

Yes I did support him as the best choice available, but I can't stop the thought that somebody else narrowed our choices for us in a moment that was too politically volatile for us to give it the scrutiny it deserved.

"Decisions About Sexual Intercourse and Marriage Involve Two People"

The percentage of unmarried births in the United States has increased from 10 percent in the 1960s to about a third of all births today. Because children of single parents run a higher risk of poverty, academic failure and other problems, lawmakers seek policies that will discourage unwed births -- usually focusing on the mothers.

Tougher child support laws appear to have the effect of making men more careful about where they park their penis.

Wonders never cease.

Chalk Outlines

Patia suggested that chalk outlines might be a good way to commemorate the loss of the 1776th soldier in Iraq.

There are two more coffins that will be smuggled back to America in the dead of the night, two more funerals the President won't be bothered to attend.

Does that make you feel all giggly like the reporters who laughed at President Bush's skit about looking for the non existent WMD's?

Is proof that Bush decieved Congress, an impeachable offense, really boring old news or a great big fat funny joke?

Right now we are only 54 coffins shy of the very symbolic 1776 and we haven't discussed what we will do when we get there.