Saturday, March 10, 2007

Well Alrighty Then

My horoscope said that it is time to begin a slow reintegration into society so here it is. It will not be easy after weeks of nearly total isolation and my sheer disgust at the level of dishonesty and callous disregard our Republican legislators treat us with, but who am I to argue with all the stars in the sky?

Oh, there is so much vicious rubbish like this piece of politically motivated fear mongering that the Montana Republican Party tried to smear Rep Doug Cordier (D-Flathead) with that I could ridicule and chastise for your amusement and/or information, but my limited time and energy is going to force me to start horning in on the story of the fired U.S. Attorneys until our local media can understand it well enough to tell the story of a rogue Presidency and one of it's taxpayer funded campaigns of intimidation, harrassment and blatent political cronyism .

The universe asked me to ease back into life so I will leave it at this for the time being; meanwhile, have a good one and don't forget about Daylight Shifting Time tonight.

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