Friday, March 31, 2006

Meet Auntie M.

I sprung another mad momma from the big house today and I convinced her to take the keys to this joint so I could get reacquainted with my laundry or something. Auntie M. is sure to deliver many passionate writings here on grannyinsanity.

Meanwhile, watch Knight Ridder's Joe Galloway takes the indifferent Donald Rumsfeld to the woodshed:

Anyone else might be embarrassed when not one but two detailed studies of the way he's doing business conclude that his plans and assumptions are totally wrong, but not Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld.


Rumsfeld's arrogance and incompetence have done unprecedented damage to the military in a time of peril that won't end when he leaves town. Those who've lived long enough may recall that it took a long, difficult decade and more to repair the damage that was done to our military during another unpopular war in Vietnam.

Fixing everything that Donald Rumsfeld has broken may take even longer.

It would be a hilarious read if Deranged Donnie's actions were not so costly in dollars, lives and reputation,the completely unnecessary war on Iraq has already cost us 2326 sons and daughters.

How many more will Americans allow to be wasted?


Auntie M.

How many lies can one administration tell before people hold them accountable?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Safety Second To Marketplace For FDA

Those darn busybodies are getting everybody all riled up about soda machines in the schools.

"Although the results to date are preliminary, they do not suggest a safety concern," Robert E. Brackett, director of the agency's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, wrote in a letter released Tuesday.

A "very, very few samples" had slightly elevated levels of benzene, Laura Tarantino, the agency's director of food additive safety, said in an interview.

The FDA is continuing the tests and will release results "when we have a more complete understanding of the current marketplace," Brackett said.

The letter was a pointed retort to an environmental group that is calling for benzene warnings on soft drinks.

It's only leukemia and they are only our children, money needs protection.

Senate To Investigate

The most important issue of our time appears to be Barry Bond's alleged steroid use.

That Senator Frist is a very brave man indeed.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Speak Now or Forfeit Our Forests

We have two days to stop the money grubbing land grabbers from stealing our grand children's inheritance!

After six years of undermining protections for public lands and forests, President Bush's FY 2007 budget proposes to sell more than a quarter of a million acres of public lands. This is another example of the Bush administration's loyalty to the logging, oil and gas industries. According to the New York Times, the Department of Interior's budget documents show that they plan to allow companies to pump about billion in oil and natural gas without paying royalties.

A total of 304,370 acres of national forests across the country would be up for auction under the President's proposal; including over 12,000 acres in Montana (my home state), 75,000 acres in California, 25,000 acres in Idaho, 21,000 acres in Colorado and 21,000 acres in Missouri, 17,000 in Wyoming and 15,000 in South Dakota. Many of the lands up for sale provide important wildlife habitat, clean drinking water and air, and a natural legacy for future generations.

Thank Paul Richard's for the text by signing the petition.

Write to the Forest Service and your local Paper, call a radio station-Make your views be known.

When you finish that, go have some naughty fun with Rob and Pogie's new playmates.