Friday, October 07, 2005

Depressionist Art

Have you seen the Last Supper on Toast?

I know that I am at the mercy of the greedy corporations who own the United States Government and their clever plan to freeze and or starve the workers, the weak and the seniors while they poison and steal the rightful inheritance of the youth, but check out the Lipizaners performing at Seaworld.

I know that No, I can't deal with another congressional cornholing right now and I know that the people supporting the corrupt Republican leadership and the codependent Democrats who enable them do not give a damn about the citizens of this country. I am powerless over the crime spree that devours the public wealth as it excretes toxic lead and mercury into the air that my grandchildren share with the spinal cords and disaeased brain fed genetically modified monsters who must wallow in their own feces until they are slaughtered by disposable people on the way to our dinner tables.

More pretty pictures!

Bodies, Bodies


1951 Die For Bush Lie

Bits and pieces and invisible body bags galore! 1951 dead American soldiers now; the future promises more and more!

Sunday, October 02, 2005


"A medium like the land, sea, and air within which military activities shall be
conducted to achieve US national security objectives."

This piece about the Neocon's expansion of Pax Americana with the Orwellian name, “Committee for a Strong Europe” reminded me of the new definition of Space.

"Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated
Terms," Joint Publication 1-02, amended 31 August 2005 [746 pages, 2 MB PDF file] brought to you by Steven Aftergood, Volume 2005, Issue No. 89 September 16, 2005.

Candidates! We Need Candidates!

I think that I counted 73 or 74 spots without names. Come on folks, step up to the plate--you really don't want me mouthing off to grab a spot, do you?

While we are on the subject, when will I be able to start a page to finance a challenger to Max Baucus? Big hint, he should go down with the Firebombing and Loanshark Protection Act of 2005 that he so proudly helped get passed.

He was proud of it then and spent a whole lot of our dollars to mail us postcards telling us he wants to fix it for the Katrina victims although the Republicans specifically rejected any provision to make exemptions in cases like these.

This is my kick in the shins to the lot of them on behalf of Joe who needs to worry about doing this now, even before his wife's memorial service on Saturday, because he will be unable to get protection from the hospital bills when this predator kicks into gear in another two weeks.

I understand that I'm in deep doo doo with the State Democratic party for writing such awful things about our only Democrat. Tough. Democrats that voted for this are every bit as responsible for the innocent lives that get trampled as the Republicans who devised it and pushed it.

They need to know it and they need to know that we know it as well.


I haven't been able to get on SeeingtheForest for days now. Does anybody know what the problem could be? I run Firefox for my browser.

Drier Drier, Such A Liar

Bob Schiffer on the tube with three Republicans to argue De Lay's case, not a Democrat to be found.

Drier said that Democrats haven't had any ideas about anything, but they are serious about cutting spending.

No cuts on their own pay raises.

No roll backs on irresponsible tax cuts.

No word on this, either.

Personal responsibility-the government doesn't have any.

Limited government-they will spy on us and run massive public relations campaigns BUT they will not use our tax dollars to help support first responders, public health or emergency services.

Keeping the economy going- if you have tons of money you will get more, if you have little-you can work for less.

What about that Presidential yacht anyway?

This Can't Be Good

Republicans on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence want to strip from the CIA its primary role as manager of overseas collection of human intelligence, suggesting that Director of National Intelligence John D. Negroponte take over that responsibility.

The CIA's Directorate of Operations, the agency's clandestine arm, which now coordinates spying overseas by all U.S. intelligence agencies, in the past "did not effectively exercise the authorities of the national HUMINT [human intelligence] manager often focusing instead on its own structure and operations," the committee majority said in its report on the fiscal 2006 intelligence authorization bill released late Thursday.

blah blah blah

The Republicans, led by Sen. Pat Roberts (Kan.), the panel chairman, urged Negroponte "to directly manage and oversee the conduct of HUMINT operations across the intelligence community," saying the need is "imperative" because the Pentagon and the FBI are placing "greater emphasis" on spying

Would that signal the official return of TIA?

Couple this with the alarm bells going off in Congress about the Pentagon's unauthorized spying and the President's grand scheme to sic the military -more likely armed mercenaries like Blackwater or ITICAP on every disaster scene and see how well you sleep at night.

This Week on Apologist Broadcast Corporation

What a sight! Georges Stephanopolis and Will are competing with Terry Moran and whoever the blonde woman is to see who can make the best pre-emptive arguments to clear Bush, De Lay and Rove of any crime, mismanagement, malice or arrogance whatsoever.

Hard to pick a winner there!

Of course we are all thinking about the Constitution lately, so naturally! we think of Lynne Cheney who tells the audience how to teach history. Not a single word about our new found tradition of shredding 360,000 copies of government produced handbooks because they offended her need for hero worship.