Saturday, October 02, 2004


Just desserts for one so foul.


Pitiful. What depths the powerful elite plunge to retain their unfair and undemocratic control of the public airwaves.

Remember that way back in
2000 he [cuticle Joe] also boasted to Bush, before a FOX News interview, that his wife was a Bush volunteer and that she was having a grand old time with Bush’s sister!

These are perilous times indeed.

Friday, October 01, 2004


The boy king just can't make it on his own. He complained about the hard work hard work hardwork and nobody even asked him why he spends 20%-42% of his time on vacation!

The tone of his voice was so pleading at times that he might as well been saying "baby I do love you, she didn't mean anything to me, we'll never do it again, it wasn't that good anyway pleeeze believe me."

Then there was the stammering and blank frozen look followed by the inevitable "I'm right and you better believe it because I said so!" The strain of not being allowed to stomp his little feet was visibly painful.

Delusional damn little dictator anyway, always trying to convince us that God wants us to kill innocents and go shopping. The teevee keeps saying that it didn't change anybody's mind but they wouldn't tell us if it did because they just want to hang on to their undemocratic concentrated monopoly.

It will be so wonderful to have a president who is smarter and harder working than me for a change.

President Kerry. Doesn't that sound nice? Balanced budgets, decency, integrity, intelligent and thoughtfullness back in the white house.

Safer at home, more respected in the world.

Someone to have a beer with

I'm always hearing that people want to elect someone they would like to have a beer with. What is with these losers, don't they have any friends of their own?

I have great friends thank-you, but I want a much better president than the one that Orgieanthony chose for us.

Of God and War


Do you really believe that there are fewer terrorists plotting against America today than there were before you began the invasion of Iraq?

Your version of Christianity supports and blesses preventive war. What relation is this to the Christianity preached by the pope and by mainstream Protestants who oppose preventive war?

Since you obviously did not anticipate the troubles in Iraq, what do you plan to do to the incompetent advisers who misled you and are responsible for the deaths of more than 1,000 American G.I.'s and 20,000 Iraqi civilians? Or do you not see an accountability problem? President John F. Kennedy fired the people who led him into the Bay of Pigs. Why do you not do likewise?

Thursday, September 30, 2004


"I made a mistake in how I talk about the war, the president made a mistake in invading Iraq. Which is worse?"

Is the world truly a safer place because Saddam Hussein is gone? What do you base your answer on?

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Apparently the National Cattlemen's Beef Association feels that food safety is just too inconvenient. George W Bush is overly indulgent towards corporations and is going to let them have their way as usual. I feel more and more like Cinderella doing all the work and being mistreated, but instead of a chance to meet the prince I get Mad Cow disease and a 15% telephone increase.

Mass boycotts will soon be our only option.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


The Lone Star Iconoclast wholeheartedly endorses John Kerry!

The tiny town of Crawford Texas knows their boy child well and takes down our "part-time President who does not show up for duty as Commander-In-Chief until he is forced to" for shirking his responsibility, squandering our resources, for letting us down and a whole lot of other reasons that including these ones:

* his initiatives to disable the Social Security

* the deteriorating state of the American economy

* a dangerous shift away from the basic freedoms established by our founding fathers

* his continuous mistakes regarding Iraq

Yes, he let us down over and over again and he taught us that we can never take him at his word, but George W. Bush's neighbors believe that "John Kerry will restore American dignity".

"John Kerry has 30 years of experience looking out for the American people and can navigate our country back to prosperity and re-instill in America the dignity she so craves and deserves. He has served us well as a highly decorated Vietnam veteran and has had a successful career as a district attorney, lieutenant governor, and senator.
Kerry has a positive vision for America, plus the proven intelligence, good sense, and guts to make it happen.
That’s why The Iconoclast urges Texans not to rate the candidate by his hometown or even his political party, but instead by where he intends to take the country.
The Iconoclast wholeheartedly endorses John Kerry."

Amen to that.



Monday, September 27, 2004


And counting.

Diana Degette (D) Colorado has asked for an investigation about the soldiers who have been threatened with Iraq if they do not re-enlist.

Something seems wrong with the wounded in action numbers, it was 863 last month and only 39 this month. Only three months have been more deadly than this one so far.

Practice saying your goodbyes because they won't stop. I'm very sorry about that.


Iraq Now World's Most Hostile Environment. A rocket exploded near the embassy while five U.S. congressmen and congresswoman. Car bombs, killings and explosions everywhere.

1048 dead American soldiers. Electricity is still not at pre war levels, reporters are to frightened to leave their rooms and non governmental organizations are fleeing the country.

Please don the flight suit again and tell us how much "liberation" those poor Iraqis and our military families are expexted to take.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Where oh where could it be?

A month and eleven days,

Is Billmon still all out at sea?

Why so fearful?

Come on folks, he is the most powerful man on Earth, why is he really afraid of criticism? What, he's going to start submissive wetting or something?

Critisizing the hapless job you have performed on our country is not giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Admitting that your mother looks like a man might be giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Get over yourself George.


Do you?