Saturday, December 10, 2005

Your I.D., Citizen!

I didn't realize that the rest of the story was as invasive as it is.

That Real I.D. is creepy news.

Sam Is In Second Place

I know this is a right wing blogging contest, but Sam is a good writer and decent guy. I don't always agree with him, but he is real and I do respect his opinions.

Give the Montana guy a vote, don't let him lose to a wingnut.

Send A Soldier, Maria

Address him to his wife

The color guard won't be comming out

Because he is freight, not life.

h/t Fixer

Dead Can't Escape Student Loans


"Washington - In an 8-1 decision tday the Supreme Court ruled that the dead cannot escape repayment of student loans. The decision is likely to be seen as a defeat for the rights of the deceased, many of whom in the words of deceased persons' rights advocate James L Mason Jr 'had hoped not to be hounded beyond the grave.'

The good news is that has an infomercial glorifying the Iraq war.

Oh. my. fucking. god.

religion for non thinkers and the IRS is nowhere in sight.

Anthrax Vaccine Hospitalized 20,000

This isn't the story about how Congress wants to let us all be mandatorily vaccinated and wants us not to be able to sue for damages. This is the story of 20,000 soldiers who had to be hospitalized because the Anthrax vaccine the military forced them to have made them very ill.

I seem to remember a young woman dying from it at the beginning of the war.

Stargate Atlantis

What a lovely surprise to turn on the television and find a new and exciting sci-fi series!

I guess that defines what granny will be doing on Saturday evenings this winter.

In Case You Wondered

The Dead American Soldier Count stands at 2142 this morning.

Tattle Tale

I imagine that Frank Ficker wishes that his wife's parrot would have been repeating GOP talking points.


Friday, December 09, 2005

Montana Foodbank Network Pantry Bare

Montanan's increasingly rely on food banks to get more food (heard on KAJ 180). Why is that?

I thought Bush gave a very elaborate speech about how good the economy is; maybe those hungry people didn't hear it.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

This Week's Top Ten

I'm sure glad I don't have any talking birds in the house!

swiped from jon

The Klansman

pic ripped from Fixer who ripped it from the General

Defending America

In the strongest way possible.

Can we draft Mr. Feingold for President?

What Is Missing Here?

Hurricane Relief

I see there was some preparation for Wilma and that the President toured the area on October 27.

The President gave a major speech about Katrina on September 15 and he made some statements on November 20.

I really love the logo at the top of the page, but not as much as I love A Very Beazly Christmas.

Refresh My Memory, Please

What was Senator Burns' role in this Marianas Island sewatshop and forced sex trading? Didn't he vote to allow it or something? I really can't remember.

No Church on Christmas

Oh boy!

I hope they use their family time to make some real nice anti-gay signs or something to show the world how pious they are.

How Nice


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Not Breakfast Buddies?






Tuesday, December 06, 2005


It's cold now, eight degrees below zero and expected to plunge down to seventeen below.

Sex In the Capitol City

Registered under somebody else's name.

My hunch is that Montana will not be tainted with this one.

The Horse Is Gone

Fusioners Board is trying to fill his stall with all the latest petitions and media contacts.

Not too shabby, eh?

National Call In Day

Do your part to end the Iraq War! Contact Congress on Tuesday, December 06, 2006

1-888-818-6641 or After, Progressive Democrats of America, and After Downing Street, together with United for Peace and Justice and many other peace organizations - aims to flood Congress Members' offices with our message for bringing this war to a close.

Come on America, we are better than this, let's end it so we can go about the business of solving our problems.


Made it happen on purpose

If there is evidence to the contrary I would sure like to see it, but Chicago Dyke nailed it when she said We'll Never Know The Whole Truth.

Not that anyone really cares as long as we can blow up more Iraqis than American soldiers and tell ourselves lies to make ourselves feel like virtuous martyrs and find another scapegoat when there is another catalyzing and catastrophic event like a New Pearl Harbor.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Mark On the Beasts

This has also been called the plan to show the terrorists where all our food is at.

NAIS ia National Animal Identification System. All livestock would have to be identified at birth or hatching with a permanent tag supplied by the government. The animal would be tracked from birth to death. If the animal came down with any disease that could be transfered to man, such as mad cow disease or avian influenza, the animal would be traced back to the birth place. I would like to know what-if any good would come out of this! An animal that gets a disease did not necessarily have the disease at birth and it looks like the government wants to blame the breeder for the disease. I would like to add that all properties having animals, whether just for pets or actual breeders would be identifed, GPS coordinates would be obtained, and all the animals would be given the tags to show their origin.

Mad cow can take up to thirty years to incubate so you could eat an infected burger today and expect your death to coincide with the Bush Administration's timeline to help the citizens of New Orleans get into temporary housing.