Sunday, February 27, 2005

Government Of By And For Choicepoint

Why is ChoicePoint permitted to act as a domestic intelligence agency?

WASHINGTON, Feb. 25, 2005 – About 900,000 Defense Department employees may be affected by Bank of America's loss and the possible compromise of government travel card information, Pentagon officials said today.

The General Services Administration and Bank of America notified DoD that GSA "SmartPay" travel cards are affected. Officials said Bank of America has been monitoring the affected accounts and there has been no evidence of fraud or misuse of the accounts.

Yet there are forces at work to give them even more power, GPS chips in our Drivers Licenses.

Choicepoint was partially financed by our very own Secret Service, just another example of the public domain being used for the private gain. The next great idea will probably be to have us dig our own graves by hand in nice compact little ditches.

Data mining, unchecked and publicly financed used for private gain with total disregard for personal information.

Does anybody still wonder why I object to the Patriot Act's power to gather everything, even our medical records?

Hat tip to corrente and Fact-esque


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