Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What's a granny to do?

Oh boy oh boy, i have to confess to a major energy shortage.

I don't know what to tell you about why I've given up writing and reading, I don't know what you said either. I'm sick. I'm heartbroken, worn out, damn tired and just plain sick I tell ya.

It's always this crime or that. One outrage or another, one insult and another. How long can this go on?

When my dear beloved and impossibly sexy friend wiped out his blog that was filled with reams of absolute proof of the crimes of G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Right wing Rove et al and their creepy cabal gang of overpaid on the dole for life thugs I was upset enough to confront him about the whole ordeal. His reply was that he recieved a spring garden catalogue and that he could not bear to spend the next so many planting seasons helplessly enmeshed in the heinous acts of the evil doer in chief, his almost housebroken extexas governor, and assorted six figure illiterate henchmen while our rulemakers punted and groaned between cashing large and enormously large corporate checks n lieu of real governance or responsibility of any kind at all.

It's been a year or two, but I finally understand. Oh yes I do.

I'm tired, I'm hungry, and in need of a bath. Soldiers die and money goes out the window faster than I can hear it. There is pollution, corruption, starvation, three quarters of a million non existent dead and or tortured Iraqis, media consolidation, voter intimidation and melamine in my dog food.

I'm tired, oh so weary.

What's a granny to do?