Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is CBS Pushing a Political Agenda?

I am extremely leery of their in depth story on defensive medicine.

The reason probably has something to do with the fact that the centerpiece of their story is supposedly the Dr's daughter, but she went to the emergency room without consulting him before, during or after.

He learned of it when he got the bill. Miraculously, he knew which tests should have been done and that he had been cover charged by $8,500 right off the bat, AND HE HAD THE CONNECTIONS To GET FEATURED IN A CBS IN DEPTH STORY.

I especially loved the tips for service shopping and price comparisons in the emergency room, don't you?

Do you think his daughter didn't trust his professional judgement or that some combination of he's not a Dr., she's not his daughter because this story was the brainchild of a rogue public relations firm?


Did I see something about a new hero, Bush wearing his dog tag replicas under his clothes?

I love heros, too.

Pat Tillman, Jessica Lynch, somebody remind me who the other ones were, please.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Congressional Switchboard, call it to back up Dodd, Feingold in their quest to protect the constitution.


Maybe we should remember to mention that there is a trail of dirty Teleco money that leads all the way to Senator Rockefeller's pockets that proves now is a good time as any to make some loud public noise about the need for public financing.


If I read this correctly, Blackwater is what the Small Business Administration considers a small business.