Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Is Senator Burns Morally Bankrupt?

Every Montanan should know that Senator Burns voted against each and every ammendment listed here.

S.AMDT 16 to protect servicemembers and vets---NO 58-38
S.AMDT 17 to protect the elderly---NO 59-40
S.AMDT 28 to protect people whose own medical problems caused their debt---NO 58-39
S.AMDT 29 to protect homeowners with medical debt---NO 58-39
S.ADMT 31 to limit the amount of interest charged to 30%---NO 74-24 (they really hated that)
S.AMDT 32 to protect people whose debt is incurred from being caregivers to ill/disabled family members---NO 60-37
S.AMDT 37 to protect people whose debt was incurred through identity theft---NO 61-37
S.ADMT 38 to protect people from predatory lending practices---NO 58-40
S.ADMT 49 to protect employees & retirees from corporate practices that rob them of their earnings/retirement savings when the business files for bankruptcy---(Say it with me now:)NO 54-40

(the list was swiped from Riggsveda who does this stuff just because she is a good citizen and really nice person)

This bill is scheduled for a vote at 2:15 p.m. EST Today, Tuesday March 08, 2005.

Maybe you think that bankruptcy is for deadbeats and irresponsible people, that's not necessarily true at all.

I find this attempt to use our government to benefit a few private companies and shield the very wealthy from any consequences repulsive.

Moral bankruptcy is the way Fred Clark describes it.


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