Saturday, June 12, 2004

Checking Montana blogs

Looks like I'm not the only Montana blogger who was not thrilled about the petition drive to deprive people of equal rights.

You've lied to us for 1000 days

Jen at Big Skies has a new favorite link Yes, Alan Blevins is running almost as behind as I am, but johnkerryisadouchebagbutimvotingforhimanyway is still a pretty informative site.

I see that some of my Democratic friends are way far behind the Republicans at this point, but if they can get their vision of a future that has opportunity and fiscal sanity for all of us, they should be able to take the lead. Of course it Might help Tracy Velasquez if she were to send an engraved invitation to the Daily Interruption the next time she goes to the Flathead Valley.

Thursday, June 10, 2004


It appears that some governors have been attending the funeral of the war's fallen.

Not George though.

George is too busy.

There must be at least two funerals on any given day.

832 missed funerals and counting.

Every family did get a form letter. At least one family got two.

Dick Cheney was at a viewing...George wasn't there.

There will be a funeral on Friday.

Will George be there?

Regan break

Life is just all Regan all the time. Conservatives now believe that government should exist for only three reasons. War, imprisoning the poor and naming everything everywhere Regan.

Regan break.

I really can't explain why the population can expand so much while the voter rolls shrink, something to do with a "legal purge" of 90,000 or about ten per cent of the population. I also can't explain why so many people were shuffled from one polling site to the next.

I can tell you that I didn't say anything to the scary people trying to garner enough petition signatures to get a gays can't be married in Montana constitutional ammendment on the November ballot. I didn't stare too long either, but Damn if she didn't look scared when he left the table.

...Regan money. Regan on Rushmore...

How ironic that his mourners want to bestow every honor to him except the one that would give his family the most comfort and satisfaction.

We could have brought them all the way home

Permanent war is expensive and most of us really should be made to sacrifice for it.

So we close a few schools. Big deal, kids would learn better if teachers were allowed to smack them around a bit. The real problem is lack of disipline at home.

So we take money away from Head Start, poor children probably have lazy genes anyway.

Who really cares if we cut the Children's Heatlh Insurance Program, financially disadvantaged children just grow up to be financially disadvantaged adults.

Cutting back on Social Security and Medicare makes good sense because old people live too damn long anyway.

National parks really should be closed on weekends and holidays so that the Department of the Interior can hire more interrogators for Iraq and elsewhere.

It's great that someone realized that imminent danger pay and the family separation allowance could be trimmed back to show better apperciation of our freedoms.

Thrift, pure and simple explains the lack of body armor, bullets, and even drinking water that should be provided to our volunteer military.

Slashing benefits and entitlements to the vets makes them tougher.

Americans just love the idea that we are sharing the sacrifices of this permanent and senseless war so we are willing to do anything shy of raising taxes on the wealthiest or (gasp) blocking war profiteering ,waste and fraud.

We like the sacrifice so much that we are willing to beg for air miles and money to bring them all the way home (instead of only to a few selected airports) when and if they happen to get a break from the battleground.

That is why this is just so darn clever.

Congress' General Accounting Office issued the findings in two reports on the Pentagon's lack of control over airline travel, copies of which The Associated Press obtained Tuesday. A prior report, issued last November, found that the Pentagon bought 68,000 first-class or business-class airline seats for employees who should have flown coach.

"At a time when our soldiers are patrolling the streets of Iraq in unarmored Humvees, and when the Bush Administration is asking for record Defense spending, Secretary (Donald H.) Rumsfeld is letting hundreds of millions of dollars that could be used to protect our troops and our country go to waste," said Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Illinois, one of three lawmakers who ordered the studies.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, another lawmaker who ordered the studies, said, "It's outrageous that the Defense Department would be sending additional federal tax dollars to the airlines by way of unused passenger tickets. And the fact that the Defense Department didn't even know it was wasting this money is even worse than $100 million down a rathole."

While one GAO report focused on the unused tickets, the second investigation found potential fraud.

United in sacrifice. Refreshing, isn't it?