Saturday, December 04, 2004

Sexuality Shopping

Hey kids, remember the day you sat down to decide what your sexual life and desires would be? You don't? Well then you are not alone, even the good Rev Fallwell can't remember when he decided whether to be hetero or homo.

I love this. Catching Jerry Falwell unable to defend a basic proposition that he and his millions of followers believe. Just to bring home the point, let's put the a few statements next to each other, statements made within a minute of each other:

FALWELL: I think all behavior is chosen.


MATTHEWS: Did you choose to be heterosexual?



MATTHEWS: And you had to decide between boys and girls. And you chose girls.

FALWELL: I never had to decide. I never thought about it.

Game, set, match.

Jennifer thinks it is pretty funny too. I think that I forgot to make a concious decision about my sexuality because I was probably trying to decide what to have for lunch.

That reminds me...

Is the internet to be censored?

Is it really paranoia when there are mountains of supporting evidence?

"In the meantime, enjoy our freedom while you still have it."

Frivolous lawsuit?

Apparently it is just fine to denigrate small children for belonging to a wrong family, but it is not okay to let people know that you did it. At least that is my interpretation of this lawsuit.

I can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

So Not Worthy

Wow. I am flattered. Everyone looks good except loudocracy, who is apparently some kind of search engine.

Thanks Farmer, updating links is a tedious job--that explains why I have so few of them.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Obsenity Online

Just imagine that you are surfing the web and you find pictures of your spouse/neighbor/child in a position like this. How difficult would it be to ever respect them again?

Would you always remember the enjoyment on their faces and wonder why they seem to be so proud?

Senator Burns Changes His Story

Okay I saw this on the news on December 2, 2004. Senator Burns was saying that we need to manage the wild horse population just like we manage the rest of our wildlife. (Heads up Connie, we already do manage the herds, and I have heard that they respond really well to clicker training)

He said we don't want them starving to death, and we don't want people to shoot them. (Senator, are you saying that it is more dignified to round them up with helicopters and truck them off to meatpacking plants? I am too tired to direct anybody to the horrors and inhumane way that animals are killed there right now, but if people had any clue whatsoever...)

What I saw was a clear attempt at damage control, he even sounded like he was sober! I do not believe that we should just let it sit there. Senator Burns owes us an apology and an explanation of his unilateral undemocratic style of legislation.


Click Click Click Click

thunk thunk thunk thunk

It's hard work

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Butcher and the hanging offence

So he says with a semi-beligerant slur,"They're costing us a lot of money, so "why not?"

Well Senator Burns, they aren't your property to dispose of without discussion. Don't even speak about lots of money when you support the Paris Hilton Tax Plan. If you were worried about the people's money, you should have closed this loophole.

Senator Burns, you are fiscally irresponsible at best.


Crime is fine if you are a Republican. IOKIYAR

On the other hand, haven't we been torturing people at Guitanamo bay for three years who haven't been indicted? Didn't we lock up children for two years without an indictment?

Our sole representative is just another dirtbag with the ethics of a dog in heat.

End Torture Now

Senator Baucus, Senator Burns will you please ask Mr. Gonzales these questions?

1. Does he believe that the United States is bound to observe the Geneva Conventions in its treatment of individuals detained in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere? Does he now reject the view that these obligations are "obsolete" or "quaint?"

2. Does he believe that the International Committee of the Red Cross should have access to all detainees held in U.S. custody, as required by the Geneva Conventions? Does he favor discontinuing the practice of holding people in secret detention?

3. Would he uphold the U.S. Government's legal obligations under the Constitution and the UN Convention Against Torture prohibiting all forms of torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment? Would he vigorously prosecute any U.S. official who has violated these laws?

4. Would he favor the establishment of a bi-partisan independent Commission, appointed by Congress, to investigate the abuses at Abu Ghraib and in other detention facilities around the world?

5. Does he now reject the view that the President's commander-in-chief authority allows the Executive branch to order torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment?

I urge you to include a close scrutiny of his answers to these critical questions in your decision on his confirmation.


Leader of the free world


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thunk thunk thunk thunk


Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Lake County recount down to a tie

First it was a two vote margin. Then it was a single vote. Now it is a tie.

As it stands now, the house has 50 Republicans, 49 Democrats and the still undecided contest will decide whether it will be a 50/50 house or 50/49/1 house. The 1 would be from the Constitutionalist Party.

I want this book



I am a Desperate Housewife watcher.

Now you know that I regularly imbibe in that mystery laden black comedy.

Boy do I feel better getting that off my chest.

Stop. Hey. What's that sound

Click Click Click Click Click

thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk

Ah, the sounds of low level staffers stamping George W. Bush's and Donald Rumsfeld's names on notification forms for the families of the soldiers who died in Iraq since last night.


Monday, November 29, 2004


Yesterday we had 1235 dead soldiers. Today we have 1249. I listened to both NBC and CBS news today. How could I have missed the stories about that many dead in one day?

Does this mean we are winning?

Social Security Revolt

Hey! If George gets his way with private accounts, couldn't we all do our investing in Germany or Norway or somewhere else that American greedmasters never get their fingers on a single penny of it?

Sure we could. It would be a great way to vote no confidence in this criminal administrations plans to bankrupt us all.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Less Than a Quarter

Wanda points out that Bush voters comprise less than 25% of the population. She didn't even question the election results even though they are highly suspicious.

So far as I know, nobody has tackled the issue of how many Bush voters really don't understand all his code words. The question is how many of those people chose Bush on false assumptions? My guess is almost all of them.


Atrios has CNN pegging it at 29%

See What We've Bought!

The article below says that we could roll back child hunger in America for about 10 billion dollars a year. We could have fed our kids for at least 20 years, but we are celebrating our "culture of life" and spent the money elsewhere.

Go see what our government considers more important than fully nourished children. You are paying for it, so look at it. All of it.

Dumb Ways to Save Money

Not feeding our kids.

Nationally, 3.3 percent of households report experiencing physical hunger during a year; in Oregon, it's 5 percent. For food insecurity -- basically not always knowing where your next meal is coming from, or when -- the national rate is 10.8 percent, while Oregon soars above at 13.7 percent.

That's thousands of Oregon kids who are regularly hungry, and something more than 100,000 who qualify as food-insecure. Which, as Dr. Anne Terry, an Oregon Health & Science University researcher, noted Friday, makes them more likely to be sent to a school psychologist and develop cognitive problems, especially if they're undernourished in their first three years, when the brain reaches 80 percent to 90 percent of its adult size.

And even trying to work with the child and the family, says Terry, you can't always see the problem: "Families are very reluctant to admit that they can't feed their children the way they'd like to feed them."

You'd think a state would be, too.

By Brown's figuring, winning a national battle on hunger -- getting it back to being as controlled and rare as it was in the 1970s -- wouldn't be that big an effort. It would take about $10 billion a year in new money and hardly any new bureaucracy, just an expansion of old programs such as food stamps and the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program.

via Bohemian Mama

Napalm in the News

George Bush wants immunity from war crimes prosecution and he is using our rapidly diminishing economic power to get it. Are you as shocked as I am? Of course his pet Hispanic Lawyer says that he has the power to set the law aside and you thought that was just a cover for torture at Abu Ghraib and Guatanamo or for killing thousands of men in storage containers in Afghanistan.

You were sadly mistaken if you believed that was the extent of their depravity. Al Jazeera is reporting on the recent use of napalm on the demolished city of Fallujah. They don't mention this happenning during the initial days of the war, but I firmly believe that it did.