Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bin Laden Never Charged With 9-11?

Can this be true?

It looks like it is

How would I know anyway

The only sane thing to do now is call your congresscritters and demand that they revisit the flag burning ammendment.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

They Can Control Us By Fear

By fear alone so says Conrad Burns.

Burns also said that nobody has complained about losing their freedoms, that the President is following the law, lie lie lie...

He said that "the Patriot Act didn't take away any of the second ammendment, I'll guarantee you that" asked Tester what would he do if he was " sitting with the President on on when that news come what would you have done where would you have gone for your intelligence, what would you have done, when your country was under attack I I I I I (Five I's?) dare say that you would you would give him(them?) the tools to surveil and prevent. Your yours is still you're setting there, they're nice words but they're not they're not doing anything in prevention or getting or gathering intelligence and uh and I would I would guarantee because I've been there and uh so anyway we're going to let that go but the liberal mind has said well now you know, we don't wanna, we don't wanna to take away anyone's rights well I tell you what, these people are trying to kill us and wanna take away their rights period. I want to take 'em ALL out" ...

"and we're not surveiling local local telephone. I can tell you that right now."


Jon Tester remained true to the Constitution to the end.