Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Crash and Burnout

I was one of those fools who took too many hard falls on the ice last month, and that my down time let me stew in my own despair at the speed the entrenched powers that be were able to suck up to enough of the new found majority party members to subvert any real ethical standards for oh, I probably couldn't begin to tell you without going into a serious crying jag that would scare everybody close to me more than they already are. Let's just say that I am appalled at how blatantly indecent the whole scheme is and that I have also got one hell of a case of battle fatigue, and will be trying to face down another major gag alert tomorrow night while I watch Denny Rehberg con Ian Marquand on the Ten O'clock News into showing us all that he's such a concientious public servant that he sleeps on his couch rather than take the time to go home for dinner, shower or sleep yeah, right.

I do have a lot to say about everything including the doings at the state legislature, but most days now I just sit in the corner bluh bluh blubbering until somebody comes along to wipe the drool off my chin. What I can say about the problem is not too much more than it is an affliction that seems to be making the rounds lately. I hope to be back when I'm a little more balanced and the twitching subsides.

As far as those passive aggressive puss bags, a.k.a. Bush, Cheney et al, Impeachments Are Way Overdue.