Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wild Horses on Nightline

Congress votes on the horse slaughter ban tomorrow. What will they do? On one hand we have a couple of businesses raking in the dough, on the other, 65% pf the population opposes horse slaughter.

Oh what will they do?

Trips for Judges

What do judges get for a FREE weekend or more in paradise?

In return for these perquisites, judges attend lectures that, in FREE's words, “emphasiz[e] property rights, market processes and responsible liberty.” Lecture topics at FREE seminars include: “Takings: Property, Environment and the Constitution;” ”Liberty and the Environment: A Case for Principled Judicial Activism;” “The Demise of Environmental Values in Environmental Law” and “The Environment – A CEO's Perspective.”

Small wonder
this sounds so much like our trio of terrible initiatives.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sitting Too Long

When your butt goes flat and your thighs go wide get off the chair and go outside.

Bin Laden Still Savoring His Freedom

The 1,817 days since 9-11 must have been quite enjoyable to him. I wonder, I truly do, if he giggles to himself about granny getting more surveillance from the United States Government than he does.

The 39th Number Two

Tom unearths the ridiculousness of the newest top aide or whatever the word is today.

Jolly Roger wants somebody to make them stop killing number two's. He's bored, sick to death with it.

Maybe that's the point, to bore us to the point that we no longer give a hoot about the lies, the wasted lives, the torture or the domestic spies.

Gas GuzzlerR


Truth from These Podia

At long last I have converted Colonel Sam Gardiner's work from PDF to ordinary text for your viewing pleasure! The entire piece from US News is posted at My Life as a Spamblog. Okay, I'll post a teaser or two here to convince you to go over and read the whole thing.

The United States (and UK) conducted a strategic
influence campaign that:
• …distorted perceptions of the situation both
before and during the conflict.
• …caused misdirection of portions of the military
• …was irresponsible in parts.
• …might have been illegal in some ways.
• …cost big bucks.
• …will be even more serious in the future.

Colonel Gardiner lists at least fifty ginned up stories that the US and the UK government's used to manipulate public perception about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars while giving us this disclaimer:

I’m not going to address why they did it. That’s something I don’t understand
even after all the research. I would like to ask them, “Why do it?” “Didn’t you know
there would be consequences?’ It was not necessary. You could have told the truth.
You don’t defend democracy by making light of its most basic elements. The American
people would have supported the war. Why do it?

Read it or read it again, just make sure that you read it.