Saturday, November 13, 2004


As a parent, a Christian, and a friend, I appologize. I have failed to stop the suffering. SORRY EVERYBODY. I'll keep trying.


The Flathead Food bank is critically short of turkeys and peanut butter. They may have to cut back on senior commodities, and I believe that meals on wheels was scaled back last year.

Applicants for Low income Energy Assistance are way up, just like the cost of fuel, but funding for the program is way down. Happy holidays to you, too.

Our soldiers are far from home, thousands of them may be withering in a hospital without the funds to call home. Send some phone cards if you can.

Our government has already plundered the Social Security Trust Fund so they want to privatize it and plunder a little deeper.

All the proposed logging and mining on roadless lands is just another give away to corporate interests and a first step to selling them off instead of preserving them for the next generation.

Our public airways are still being given away to merciless megacorporations that make their money on hype and war and aren't giving us the information we need to keep our democracy alive and well.

All our money is being spent on war and tax cuts for the exceedingly wealthy, but not for body armor or the well being of our citizens.

Vote to Impeach!

Friday, November 12, 2004


and counting... Because there was corruption in the oil for food program. But hey, those 100,000 innocent civillians won't ever participate in that again.

Does this really express our "moral values"?

Vote to Impeach

Sunday, November 07, 2004


That we spent a billion dollars a week on peace.