Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Prosecute President Bush


Let the Racists Rebut the Charges

Everybody else wrote the stories about the pubescent nazi idolizing twins moving here with their family and the No Hate Here movement that followed, but there have been threats to the organizers of the No Hate campaign, and to an older white couple who'se last name sounds similar to that of one of the organizers. Now it's on T.V. and the radio as well as occasional LTE's.

KOFI radio's Wendy Ostrum Price interviewed Gaddes Neighbors Rececca and Melissa and Ken Toole about the whole mess today so I called a friend who admitted to befriending the Gaddes family to listen to the show and friend thought that they should be able to tell their side of the story, too.

Friend is right, although I think I might get some No Hate Here window banners of my own.