Saturday, July 30, 2005

Dangerous Inconsideration

You would think that the guest of honor, a man with a taxpayer funded personal staff of 300 would call to cancel an event before 300 children succumbed to heat stroke waiting for him to show up, but no.

Looking on the bright side of this, I bet them queers are real happy they can't be scoutmasters anymore. Jerry fallwell would be having apoleptic fits placing the blame on homosexuals for the three tragic events the Boy Scouts of America experienced last week including a fatal lightning strike.

In the interest of clarity, I should point out that The Boy Scouts of America, Jerry Fallwell, and God Almighty did not corroberated any part of this story with me. His Highness King Junior Bush and his personal taxpayer funded staff of 300 were also not asked to comment on this story.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Good News In Iraq!

At least 135,000 soldiers have not been killed in Iraq, and seventy percent of those who return home will not have mental illness!

I can't tell you about the two who were killed there today bringing the number of American soldiers who died in Iraq up to 1791 * not even 1800!* because I am a patriotic American who can learn to support the troops by giving the happy story that some Americans want to hear.

Let me tell you one thing, we need a lot more discussion about the fourty percent of injured soldiers who do not have traumatic brain injuries.

Double Standard


The Bully Rumored To Get The Go

Imagine that you really really wanted to provoke an endless World War, would your emmisary to the rest of the world be an intelligent, thoughtful person who examined situations carefully before they responded?

Hell no.

You would appoint some hot headed ideagogue with a history of intimidation who is openly contemptous of the people who he is supposed to work with despite the innacuracies to the Senate.

Guns of August

I'm not the only one considering the real possibility that we could have another 9-11 style attack in August to give cover toto the Neocon desire to nuke Iran, but this guy is saying that Cheney is the instigator.

Does that knapsack hold the football?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

American Pride

No, I don't read Italian or whatever language this is, although I believe that I understand what this is saying. Damn the Bush Administration to hell for shaming us like this.

I live for the day they are put on trial for their crimes, crimes they have vowed to fight to continue although they have been hiding that fight behind the facade of NRA appeasement.

credit to Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! for the first link

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Do not let Alaska go down without a fight. The planet is already stressed almost to the breaking point and they want to waste one of the few places strong enough to help it heal. Take action here

Did I tell you it is the last day we can fight for it?

Energy Bill. Bad in so many ways. Last Day to fight this one as well. Details and action links here.

The rest of this stuff is scary, but we should have enough time to do some strategizing. Here's a quick summary of soon to be incomming Bills will do.

  • Eliminating Government Accountability
  • Paralysis by Analysis
  • Regulatory Rationing
  • Stripping Out Protective Standards
  • Reorganizing Government into Irrelevance
  • Government Shut-Downs

Thanks to OMB Watch for all their excellent work

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ode To Despair

Freedom without rights or privacy
Except the ones of Dick Cheney
To critisize torture is completely improper
Wave your flag and sacrifice
Your living sons and daughters

Inadequate armor for she and he
The money was spent
Stealing oil
Financing GOP secrecy

Mark 77, it is not napalm
Everybody knows
Burned up civillians
Fires up those last throes

The rich cannot have too much
The wretched poor don't give enough
Pay them less and sell them stuff
Usury rates, tough luck

What was once due process
cannnot be found anywhere
Why is Pat Roberts sniffing my underwear?
To the kids we'll leave this mess

Nothing ups the excitement
like smeared on excrement
To please the Pentagon
Children are raped
With the cameras on

It's ridiculous
It's absurd
He talks to God
Then twists the word

Rush and O'Reilly
Savage the left
Muffled democracy
Heisted and deep in debt

A Federalist
He does not remember
Ready the rubber stamp
For the first of September

Blue Dress Brigade

Remember when Pat-a-yellowcake Roberts said he would investigate when he found a blue dress with DNA on it?

I think he meant it.

Pat-a-yellowcake Roberts has absolutely no interest in investigating The Downing Street Memos, The Niger forgeries or the outing of an undercover for partisan gain, but he is more than eager to start an investigation for the sole purpose of derailing the investigations that are already underway.

Voting fraud, disappeared billions, torture, intimidation and incompetence are off the radar for Pat-a-yellowcake Roberts. I think they beat the baseball steriods to death so maybe we should all blow our noses on blue dresses, wrap them in Saran Wrap and mail them to him at his Kansas address.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Still Stealing Social Security

I heard Wendy Ostrum Price interview Joe Lockhart (part one) on KOFI talk radio last week. Same twisted script, it's just sneaking in under the rug this time. Then Junior and his moneyed manish momma went out shaking down senior citizens over the weekend.

Bush fixed Afghanistan, Iraq, and Haiti as good as he fixed the depressing employment non problem (for him!) and the skyrocketing national debt so he snaking his sticky fingers back to the Social Security trust fund while we are watching Karl and his Krooked Kongress and tracking the invisible Downing Street Memos while we watch the shredding of the Constitution.

This is the choas method of getting everything Junior wants while we are looking everywhere else.