Friday, September 02, 2005

Martial Law


Just Do It


Basic Protection

A government that cannot provide basic protection and support to its people, let alone a government in the most powerful nation ever with the most money ever that lets this happen is a government that is beyond corruption.

Please donate to Red Cross to help these people, because your president has not.

America the Beautiful

God shed his grace on thee

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Congressional Switchboard Disconnected

1-800-839-5276 used to get through to the Congressional switchboard.

A very delusional granny thought she could call that number to demand that food and water be dropped to the hurricane survivors only to hear a recorded message say the service is no longer available.

granny will try very hard not to do any thinking for a while now.

Hostage Situation

I am too angry to type this more than once, so I will copy my mini rant from this post:

When we get to the point that people aren’t on the streets without food and water and nowhere to go, we need to ask why this is not double taxation or extortion.

We spend a whole lot of money on Homeland Security-an agency that hasn’t done anything other than dismantle programs that were a whole lot more effective that HS is.

All that talk, all that money and all of those commercials so we can learn the hard way (again) that this system does not do the things we want it to.

It would not work any better for a terrorist attack than it does now, but Chertoff gets $175,000 year with full benefits, a nice office and thousands and thousands of staff members.

The former Presidents have been trotted out (again) to explain in the most diplomatic way humanly possible that those people will be held hostage in their present and worsening situation until we pony up a massive randsom to the Federal Government!

Nice work if you can get it Bcause granny is the only person who suspects that the last time The Presidents had a fundraiser the money went to the same place the missing 9 billion belonging to Iraq went.

I am very upset about this.

Does anybody else think this is a hostage situation?

P.S. Did it

I see 4 places up now. I am sorely tempted to offer up for one big one and two little ones, but it has to wait for at least two weeks as I can't be here to explain the chaos.

Yes Patia, I recognized your place immediately!

My Beautiful Neighbors


9-11 Dance Party

Three days of entertainment packed fun sponsored by our beloved Pentagon just when we need it most!

All this death and disaster stuff is getting to be too much for my beautiful brain and there is only one cure. I must go buy those sparkly new shoes at the mall right now and find two more pairs to get me through next weekend's festivities as I do not want to be seen wearing the same thing twice during the social event of the year!

Life is short, whoop it up babies!

It's positively karmic Darling!



Is There A Search and Rescue Available?

Mysterious silence from the Democrats.


We cant! cancel the three day 9-11 party!

Not the Royal Offspring!

Not the impromptu trips to the Grand Canyon when they close it so The twins don't have to share it with commoners!

Not the two BlackHawk fishing trips!

Not the bark under Junior's feet!

Not his doubled travel allowance!

Not the sixty million dollar embassy in the Green Zone!

Not the Phony Prescription Drug Hoax!

Not the Fancy Ad Campaigns!

Not the Jerry Bruckheimer Productions!

Not the gargantuan Homeland Security budget!

Top Secret Energy Policy

What does it plan to do about twenty missing oil wells?

If I had to guess, it would be a no holds barred celebration for Dick and Tom and Ken and Tony on our rapidly shrinking dollar.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Wowza! Now they are saying that the death toll could be in the thousands. This is my ramblings from a comment I left at Americablog.

He was told about Al Quaida when he first got the job, yet he ignored 52 warnings about terrorists, planes, buildings, including the famous August 06 memo that said Bin Laden determined to strike in U.S.

When the first plane struck he continued on to his photo op and sat there for seven minutes after he was told that America is under attack. Then he got into AF1 and flew around for hours before going home and finally appearing at ground zero three days later.

I forget what was so important that it took him three days to say anything about the tsunami for three days.

This time he spent the money on the Iraq war and , not even mention that FEMA was being systematically downgraded.

He didn't do a thing during the 48 hours people were supposed to be evacuating, but after the disaster hit he continued on to his regularly scheduled photo ops.

On day three he cuts his vacation 48 hours short and heads back to the capitol to start. Start talking about stuff.

Exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer first thing in the morning. Slick.

Sure he went about the pursuit of his political agenda, but other people went boating and swimming!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Lazy Thinking and Dangerous Consequences

Ted Koppel ended an hour long show about the wreckage by saying that we are a nation of optomists, but that it's foolish not to plan for a terrorist attack because someday one of them will get us.

We can't plan how to deal with the aftermath of fire, floods, flu pandemics, earthquakes, hurricanes, train derailments, chemical spills, or major disruptions in the food supply, or even minor ones like keeping cattle on vegetarian diets so we don't all waste away from mad cow disease. Plan for terrorism. Right.

We haven't got any of that other stuff figured out, but if we did, we could transfer all that knowlege to the aftermath of any terrorist attack. But nobody wants to think about that. Ignorance is bliss and flirting with disaster is downright orgasmic.

The University of Wisconsin is preparing to release to release five strains of genetically modified antibiotic resistant bacteria and some genetically modified antibiotic resistant fungus as well. There does not appear to be any commercial application for this very potentially dangerous risk. The last day to comment on it is September 15, 2005?

Who really believes that the only thing we should worry about or plan for are groups of brown men with the same names?

Need To Know About Katrina

Critical Stuff


Missing Persons

Floods, insurance, more.

This is going to affect us all in some way or another, even granny who is sincerely hoping that the man who made her a parent had the good sense to hitch his home to his wheels and get the hell out of the way even if he thinks I'm an idiot for worrying about it.

Then there is the family business I've been locked into practically forever that must take place far away next week. Note to my far off friends and family, if you need to get sick or die or anything else that requires my physical presence please be considerate enough to remember that this trip was already going to cost more than I could spend, but Holy oil price, Batman!

We Coulda Fixed The Levee

However,the adults in charge decided that giving these 1880 lucky citizens a chance to die in Iraq was a lot more exciting.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Sorry Suckers!

Possibly a million homeless through no fault of their own, sorry suckers! Army Corp of Engineers in New Orleans slashed to leaky basement rates, sorry suckers!

Foodstamps, Medicaid, Medicare, School loans, farm aid during another damn drought, sorry suckers!

We get tax cuts for the wealthy and war without money for the troops or Iraq. We get a sixty million dollar embassy in the green zone where nobody can go, we get a 350 million dollar military recriutment campaign, we get to keep George Bush flying in style on his every little whim, we get to have the Whitehouse remodeled again and again and we get really nice raises to Congress every single year.

We get to bail out companies who pay their CEO's hundreds of millions of dollars to fail, but average guys who lose their jobs or insurance get left on the curb with WIC and HeadStart.

Sorry suckers.

Democracy In Transit

So are a new batch of casket covered coffins. 1877 of them so far.

We are still waiting for the librul media to question somebody about how clumsy reporters keep getting themselves killled in Iraq or why Reuters is our enemy

BAGHDAD, Aug 28 (Reuters) - A Reuters Television soundman was shot dead in Baghdad on Sunday and a cameraman with him was wounded and then detained by U.S. soldiers.

Iraqi police said they had been shot by U.S. forces. A U.S. military spokesman said the incident was being investigated.

Waleed Khaled, 35, was hit by a shot to the face and at least four to the chest as he drove to check a report from police sources of an incident involving police and gunmen in the Hay al-Adil district, in the west of the city.

"A team from Reuters news agency was on assignment to cover the killing of two policemen in Hay al-Adil; U.S. forces opened fire on the team from Reuters and killed Waleed Khaled, who was shot in the head, and wounded Haider Kadhem," an Interior Ministry official quoted the police incident report as saying.

"I heard shooting, looked up and saw an American sniper on the roof of the shopping centre," cameraman Kadhem, who was wounded in the back, told colleagues who arrived at the scene.

The only known eyewitness, he was later detained by U.S. troops and was still in custody six hours later despite Reuters' requests that he be freed to receive medical attention. His precise whereabouts were not clear.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

McCain Invokes The Troop Fairy

A very pale John McCain publicly Powelled himself today when he told Bob Schiffer that President Bush was absolutely right about Iraq, we just need another fifteen or twenty thousand young bodies to absorb some of the inevitable violence.

We are turning corners around some Democratic fantasy of a stagemanaged hard sell, Senator McCain scuttled away from the question of his earlier clown posession where he joked about Donald Rumsfeld resigning because of his incompetence. A far more sober man informed Bob Schiffer that Donald Rumsfeld served at the pleasure and with the full confidence of the President.

I have been unable to verify the runor that he peed his pants when he tried to say that he disagreed with Dick Cheney about the torture issue but we have already signed so many treaties about human rights that everybody know what is allowed and what isn't.


Hard To Imagine

The entire city of New Orleans except for about 100,000 people sheltered at the football stadium who were unable to leave is being evacuated to escape the wrath of Katrina.

Where will all those people go to get away from that massive hurricane?

Red Cross members from all over Montana have already gone to other places to help, they did so without press conferences or accolades of any kind because that's what you do when you step up to help. Thank you Red Cross!

Where will President Bush go when he wants to hand out ice cubes for the cameras?