Friday, July 01, 2005

Fallen Soldiers

Two more of them today, bringing the total up to 1746 and marines are accused of gunning down an unarmed civilian, but a fire in Baghdad leaves millions without water.

The good news is that we are still winning or turning the corner or whatever and that we were able to shame enough congressmen including Conrad Burns into increasing the budget for veterans health care.

We Don't DeLay Anymore

Josh Marshall has been all over the Cunningham deals selling our government for personal gain, well it now looks like he is officially busted. It's been a quick and tidy affair all right.

Commenters at Think Progress are saying what I've been thinking. How convenient for Tom DeLay.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fumigating Fetuses

Conrad Burns must have gotten quite a rush from his sneaky backroom deal that sent wild horses off to die for the oil and gas companies because he is promising to do another sneaky underhanded deal. This time he wants to use taxpayer dollars to poison fetuses and babies with pesticides.

Ordinarily, approval by both the House and Senate would ensure the language is retained in the final version of the bill. But GOP floor manager Conrad Burns, R-Mont., opposed Boxer's amendment, and as the lead Senate negotiator on the bill he is well-positioned to kill it in future talks with the House.

Burns countered with an amendment, adopted 57-40, allowing human testing to continue but instructing the EPA to study if it's being conducted ethically and whether the benefits outweigh the risks to volunteers.

The EPA is developing rules, slated to be issued by 2006, on the use of human subjects for testing pesticides in the wake of a 2003 decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia that sided with pesticide manufacturers. The court ruled that the EPA cannot refuse to consider data from manufacturer-sponsored human exposure tests until it develops regulations on it.

I am beginning to think he's pushing this through now, because there are no legal limits to it so the chemical companies can get away with murder, and because our Senator is so darn *ahem* ethical, I'm sure this doesn't have a darn thing to do with his insistance that we use taxpayer dollars to dose children instead of something like funding Veterans health care.


The Good Old Days

Remember when we would all sit around reading and writing blogs?

When Uncle Fester Was Young and Angry



Public Relations firm, Edelman, puts out this one page report that shows the correlation between effective employee communications, employee retention, improved performance and stock appreciation.

I don't have an opinion if this is legit or not, but I thought it was interesting.

I Told You This Was Comming

Way back when we were fighting the battle to keep ANWR clean, and way before we found out that we would be required to pay for the destruction of it I predicted that Congress would be taking steps to privatize our roadways.

It's is double taxation
, pure and simple just like Rick,Man-on-dog Santorum's proposal to privatize our publicly funded weather bureau.

Baucus fighting for wealthiest 2%


Personal Responsibility

George Bush and Dick Cheney should taste their own medicine. Resign or face impeachment.

via The Fixer who got it from the Sister



Blogs Are So Yesterday

Thoroughly modern granny that I am, . Now I am a magazine!

Eco friendly without all the glossy pages and advertisements or subscribers, a magazine none the less.

Those of you not on my blogroll will probably not be checking in very often to see when the graphics will be updated to reflect this revolutionary new change but I plan on getting around to it.

I am a magazine.



Enough Is Enough

Check out this new blog, be sure to read Birdies post about Kevin and Ada.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Osama Bin Laden Is A Free Man


Counting the Contractors

Okay, I guess that I was a bigot, but Melissa is right. The contractors we have in Iraq are better paid and better equipped, but when they die all things are equal because they are just as dead as any American soldier.

They are just as dead as any Iraqi civillian or member of the coalition of the billing.

I have noted my errors and I will occasionally post the correct numbers on this blog starting now.

1833 Americans have been killed in Iraq as of June 28, 2005


I don't expect much of an impact from those plumetting poll numbers, they are already pretty close to ground level anyway, and the number of dead American soldiers in his hyped up war is at 1744, only 32 short of 1776.

I said it before, but I'm still not aware of any public relations campaign by the insurgents or Osama Bin Laden. Wiffle boy and his balogna bats would do well to ask themselves why they think the others are dying to win while we won't be sold.

I don't have any stoner friends to light up a fattie and laugh it off with, so I won't be interrupting my regularly scheduled life to watch the Wiffle boy pretend to be a real leader.

What about you, are you going to take time out of your red alert preparations long enough to catch the circus?

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Don't Think of it as a War.

Think of it as a very, very expensive campaign commercial.

Great production values.

We've already wasted1737 dead American soldiers and, 322 billion dollars on an unwinnable war, but the terrorists are learning.

We're teaching them over there so they can succeed over here.