Thursday, April 19, 2007

Has Anyone Asked Them?

You know I don't really remember the details about when the Montana Republican Party? NRA? Well funded Right Wing Group? went on a vicious attack against J.P.Pomonowski, Doug Cordier and another House Democrat were going to be responsible for all our dead friends and neighbors if people couldn't buy enough big ammo without identification or something like that.

I would ask them myself but you can see I'm just a little too hazy on the facts myself and it's almost time for more halcyion.

Data Mining Didn't Save Those 32 Lives

The Patriot Act did not save those 32 lives. Neither did the war in Iraq. Not only did the Patriot Act, data mining and the Iraq War not save any of those lives, Homeland Security did not prevent that troubled young man from taking a two hour break to run a few errands in the middle of his killing spree.

Tell me again how forfeiting our basic human rights protects us.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Presidential Prayer Posture

There are days when I am truly shocked that God doesn't strike me down with a lightning bolt. In the midst of the tragedy that has occured in Virginia this morning, I watched George W. Bush give another one of those comforting speeches where he calls upon a loving God to make it all better, I find that today is one of those days.

Would that be all that was necessary, there would be nothing else to worry about.

I am personally very sorry about what has happened, but my greatest wish for the survivors and the families of the victims lies in the feeble hope that nobody in the Bush Administration will try to fix anything for them.

For what it's worth I will be working in a clear, flat area of the yard all afternoon.

Maybe you forgot that bad things tend to happen to people when this administration helps them.
Iraq, Afghanistan, Katrina, Abstinence-only-AIDS- Programs... Oh yeah, their energy policy stings a bit too.