Saturday, February 12, 2005

Sing It Sister

Taking down the "conspiracy theorist" meme can be beautiful.

There was a time when pointing out blatantly obvious political maneuvering would not have warranted charges of being a conspiracy theorist. We used to have a healthy mistrust of our government; we assumed that the flaws of humankind weren’t checked at the doorways of the White House and the Pentagon. When the shit hit the fan, we assumed that the people involved might do less than ethical things in the pursuit of self-preservation. Now to suggest such a thing is to be deemed a paranoiac. It is as though we have been asked, and, inexplicably, collectively agreed, to rid ourselves of common sense and our very understanding of human nature.

Such willful ignorance, such readiness to suppress our instincts and abilities for critical thought, such easy compliance with the suggestions that we should obediently believe what we the administration tells us about themselves and denounce those who don’t as traitors…these are not the healthy attributes of a genuine democracy, and they are not indicators of freedom.

Read the whole thing, it's stunning.

Now, can we talk about this fast acting drug resistant strain of AIDS that has miraculously cropped up four years into the reign of an administration obsessed with gene specific biological warfare?

Water Bill To Be Debated Soon

I heard this on the radio the other day. I do not know who the Senator or Legislator is and I don't know if he is a Democrat or a Republican, but he sure made a lot of sense.

We want our water to be clean and safe. We want to keep our access to it and most importantly, we do not ever want it to be controlled by a public corporation.


I have lived in Montana for a very long time. I've seen people come to blows over water rights during short droughts and it's not pretty.

We are entering the seventh year of drought now, I'm starting to dread summer already. Our water belongs to us and should never be sold or handed over to private corporations for any reason at all.

It is suicidal to go down that road, when the people can't afford to drink or bathe they have a tendency to riot, people get killed. I haven't ever read about a successful water privatizion scheme anywhere.

Hydrologists predict world wide water shortages because of pollution and poorly planned developments. Please protect the water rights of Montana citizens for now and forever.

(We need to make this user friendly before the next Legislative session)

Friday, February 11, 2005

1456, 1457

Remind me what it is that we won anyway.


Bush Reads A Book Or Two

That's the rumour anyway. Ask NBC's Brian Williams, any time the president reads anything people want to know. Junior must be mighty relieved to be able to put it down now that he got the media attention he was looking for.

It seems like he's been packing that thing around for months now.

Anti Child

The latest round of tax cuts is both anti citizen and anti child.

300,000 families will lose food stamps and child care assistance under the presidents budget proposal.

Ironically 300,000 of the top earners in this country will get an average $19,000.00 tax cut.

Save the fetus, starve the child.

One more example of Junior's priorities.

He Threatens A Veto

George Bush threatened to veto any bill that would restrict the drug options of seniors on Medicare.

Oh good.

That means he waould agree to negotiate prices with Big Pharma.


Target Dean

I just saw the CBS coverage about Dean becomming the DNC chair. Could they have been any more negative?

They found a couple of people to say he was too hyper, let Mob Boss,Tom I Am the government Delay ridicule the scream. They with a bookstore give-a-way of Bobble head dolls if they could do the scream.

How many ways could they flank that without mentioning that the people in the room with him could barely hear him. They found quite a few but I suspect that they will knock themselves out trying to find more.

The conglomerate media clearly feels threatened now that we have real leadership.

1454, 1455

The only thing that I know about them is that they are dead and that probably breaks somebody's heart.

That's all I know.

Turn on your radio or T.V. and see if they will tell you their names or ages or hometowns or hobbies or who they left behind.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Here's An Idea

Glorify the Military and send them off on fools errands, slash their pay, drop their insurance and then make a big deal about taking their medals away.

The really funny part is letting them keep them for a couple years first. What a riot er ah racket.

Space Invaders

When Port Security just isn't as fun as playingflying saucers and making more durable nukes.

Who left these idiots in charge?

Troops To Return Home Soon. All Of Them.

This is a real story. They will be comming home everywhere in America. They will be on television and radio 24/7 Free!

Yaay! Free! Free! No charge at all! All to the great magnificence of Donald Rumsfeld and Echo Star!

Pentagon Media
at no cost to me the consumer is definately better than well child exams or clean water any day!

This will be great, we can watch our loved ones get blown to bits in real time!

Then we can go to church to appreciate their sacrifice. Ooh, we get our very own government media, isn't it wonderful?

(Thanks to crasspastor for the church link.)

Update:if this doesn't make sense to you, start at the beginning of this tale...

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Tightie Whities

Are Here!

See what it takes to get a White House press Pass!

(sexy never trumps sliminess)

Perhaps that is why there is Witherization.

Real Neocons Drive Priuses

This is a practice I can respect regardless of the reason:

"So far, the neocons are the only ones on the right to break with Bush on energy policy. They can do this because opposing the energy policy doesn't cost them anything—either politically or economically. The neocons come mostly out of academia and government so, unlike other conservative Republicans, they have few ties to big business and no significant connections to the energy lobbyists who are so influential with the White House."

edited for punctuation

Lions 1000, Christians 1

Not that it matters if there is an occasional survivor, the Romans will just add more lions and throw him back in.

It is the classic entertainment of all time. Raise your bets and open the gates!

I know that we want to believe the Christian was vinicated and set loose to be respected by all, but that is just not the case. Anyone who would wager on the backs of human beings does not adhere to the same ethical standards the rest of us do.

It would be foolish to believe they had any moral standards at all.

Juan has already survived a malicious SLAPP suit and has been thrown back in with more lions. That this is even an issue is just ridiculous and it falls squarely on the shoulders of our corporate controlled media empire.

Their presentation of Goldberg as an expert worthy of our time when he hasn't read a single book or had any first hand experience is fraudulent.

If the cotton candy manufacturers paid a five year old to say that cotton candy is nutritious then presented him to the world as a nutritional expert would anyone believe it?

Goldberg is the five year old boy getting paid the big bucks to tell everybody that cotton candy is a well balanced meal.

Fascist Watch Blog

Travis wants to start a site where we can consolidate our stories of the shrinking freedom and liberty here in America.

Sounds like a good idea to me, if we get it all in one place we could see what we are dealing with instead of being blind men trying to identify an elephant by feel.

Let her know if you are interested in participating.

(edited to correct a common misconception as per comment.)

Wednesday, Bloody Wednesday!

Four more families got to pick up the final tab for Bush's imperial misadventure.The number of American families that will never get to see their loved ones is officially 1453, but that number is actually somewhat higher when you consider all the private contractors who are just as dead.

When you go there, read about the lucky ones like Isaac Croteau who is in a coma after being shot in the face three times. Lucky like Cpl John T. Schmitt III who suffered severe burns to his face, esophagus and lungs.

The good news is that volunteers customized the home of "Cana" Multiauople who is never expected to walk again.

I can't even bear to look at what the Iraqis might be going through today.

When will it be enough?

That is a serious question. You have probably seen the news fawning about how well recieved Condi Rice was in France. Didn't anybody hear what she was saying?

We can't export freedom and democracy everywhere by ourselves. We need more cannon fodder for the next war. Get your kids in there so we can start another one in Iran or Syria or wherever the needle lands.

In case you didn't notice, the more freedom we export, the less we have for ourselves. I ask you again, when will it be enough? What is to be gained by all this?

(updated to add links)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A Look Into The Not So Distant Future

I'm posting the entire article because it is so short. Put this into the category of what happens when people aren't a priority.

Probe launched after disabled man found with maggots

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) says disabled Tasmanians are not getting the standard of care they deserve because of a lack of resources.

The Health Complaints Commission (HCC) is investigating the case of an intellectually disabled man who was infested with maggots in a southern Tasmanian disability home a year ago.

Health Minister David Llewellyn says the situation was "totally unacceptable" and since then no people needing high-level care have been placed at the home.

CPSU spokesman Tom Lynch is not aware of the particular case but says it does highlight the demands workers in the sector are faced with.

"The investigation will reveal the exact circumstances in this case, but without adequate resources the community just can't expect they are going to get the services that they deserve," he said.

I keep saying that our priorities need to be people, then money, then things.

Good News In My Mailbox!

It's about time the state folks addressed this. Three Cheers for our beloved Constitution and the Democratic process!




WHEREAS, the citizens of Montana recognize the Constitution of the United States as our charter of liberty and that the Bill of Rights enshrines the fundamental and inalienable rights of Americans, including the freedoms of religion, speech, assembly, and privacy; and

WHEREAS, each of Montana's duly elected public servants has sworn to defend and uphold the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Montana; and

WHEREAS, the citizens of Montana denounce and condemn all acts of terrorism by any entity, wherever the acts occur; and

WHEREAS, terrorist attacks against Americans, such as those that occurred on September 11, 2001, have necessitated the crafting of effective laws to protect citizens of the United States and others from terrorist attacks; and

WHEREAS, any new security measures of federal, state, and local governments should be carefully designed and employed to enhance public safety without infringing on the civil liberties and rights of innocent citizens of Montana and the United States; and

WHEREAS, certain provisions of the "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001", also known as the USA PATRIOT Act, allow the federal government to more liberally detain and investigate citizens and to engage in surveillance activities that may violate or offend the rights and liberties guaranteed by our state and federal constitutions.


That the 59th Montana Legislature supports the government of the United States in its campaign against terrorism and affirms the commitment of the United States that the campaign not be waged at the expense of essential civil rights and liberties of citizens of this country that are protected in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that it is the policy of the citizens of Montana to oppose any portion of the USA PATRIOT Act that violates the rights and liberties guaranteed under the Montana Constitution or the United States Constitution, including the Bill of Rights.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that in accordance with Montana state policy, in the absence of reasonable suspicion of criminal activity under Montana law, the 59th Montana Legislature exhorts agents and instrumentalities of this state to not:

(1) initiate or participate in or assist or cooperate with an inquiry, investigation, surveillance, or detention under the USA PATRIOT Act if the action violates constitutionally guaranteed civil rights or civil liberties;

(2) record, file, or share intelligence information concerning a person or organization, including library lending and research records, book and video store sales and rental records, medical records, financial records, student records, and other personal data, even if authorized under the USA PATRIOT Act, if the action violates constitutionally guaranteed civil rights or civil liberties; or

(3) retain any of the intelligence information described in subsections (1) and (2) of this clause if the information violates constitutionally guaranteed civil rights or civil liberties.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Attorney General of Montana is encouraged to review intelligence information currently held by the state, assess the legality and appropriateness of holding the information under the United States Constitution and Montana Constitution, and permanently dispose of all such information to which there is not attached a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the 59th Montana Legislature admonishes every agency and instrumentality of the state to not:

(1) use state resources or institutions for the enforcement of federal immigration matters that are the responsibility of the federal government;

(2) collect or maintain information about the political, religious, or social views, associations, or activities of any individual, group, association, organization, corporation, business, or partnership unless the information directly relates to an investigation of criminal activities and there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the subject of the information was, is, or may be involved in criminal conduct; or

(3) engage in racial profiling.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that state and local law enforcement agencies should not use race, religion, ethnicity, or national origin as factors in selecting individuals to subject to investigatory activities, except when seeking to apprehend a specific suspect whose race, religion, ethnicity, or national origin is part of the description of the suspect.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the 59th Montana Legislature requests:

(1) public schools and institutions of higher learning within Montana to provide notice to each individual whose education records have been obtained by law enforcement agents pursuant to section 507 of the USA PATRIOT Act; and

(2) each public library within Montana to post in a prominent place within the library a notice to library users as follows: "WARNING: Under Section 215 of the federal USA PATRIOT Act (Public Law 107-56), records of the books and other material you borrow from this library may be obtained by federal agents. Federal law prohibits librarians from informing you if records about you have been obtained by federal agents. Questions about the law and policy that allows federal agents to obtain and use information about your activities in this library should be directed to: U.S. Attorney General, Department of Justice, Washington, DC 20530".

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the 59th Montana Legislature encourages the Attorney General of Montana to periodically seek from federal authorities the following information in a form that facilitates an assessment of the effect of federal antiterrorism efforts on the residents of Montana:

(1) the name of each resident of Montana who has been arrested or otherwise detained by federal authorities as a result of terrorism investigations since September 11, 2001, the location of each detainee, the circumstances that led to each detention, the charges, if any, lodged against each detainee, and the name of counsel, if any, representing each detainee;

(2) the number of search warrants that have been executed in Montana pursuant to section 213 of the USA PATRIOT Act and without notice to the subject of the warrant;

(3) the extent of electronic surveillance carried out in Montana under powers granted in the USA PATRIOT Act;

(4) the extent to which federal authorities monitor political meetings, religious gatherings, or other activities within Montana that are protected by the First Amendment;

(5) the number of times that education records have been obtained from public schools and institutions of higher learning in Montana under section 507 of the USA PATRIOT Act;

(6) the number of times that library records have been obtained from libraries in Montana under section 215 or section 505 of the USA PATRIOT Act; and

(7) the number of times that records of the books purchased by store patrons from bookstores in Montana have been obtained under section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the 59th Montana Legislature requests the Attorney General of Montana to compile and transmit to each member of the Legislature, at least once every 6 months, a summary of the information obtained pursuant to the legislative requests made in this resolution and, based on the information and any other relevant information, to include an assessment of the effect of federal antiterrorism efforts on the residents of Montana.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the 59th Montana Legislature desires that all public libraries adopt policies that ensure the regular destruction of records, when the records are no longer needed, that may be used to identify the name of a book borrower or the name of any Internet user.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that in order to protect intellectual privacy rights, the 59th Montana Legislature advises all persons in local businesses and institutions, particularly booksellers, to refrain whenever possible from keeping records that can be used to identify the name of any purchaser and to regularly destroy sales records maintained by the business or institution.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the 59th Montana Legislature urges the Montana delegation in the United States Congress to:

(1) correct provisions in the USA PATRIOT Act and other administrative measures that infringe on civil liberties by supporting the sunset provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act, slated to be reviewed by Congress in 2005, and ultimately allow the USA PATRIOT Act to expire; and

(2) support passage of the Security and Freedom Ensured Act of 2003 and the End Racial Profiling Act of 2004.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the 59th Montana Legislature urges the Montana Congressional Delegation to vigorously oppose any pending and all future federal legislation if the legislation infringes on the civil rights and civil liberties of American citizens. Federal legislation that the Montana Congressional Delegation is encouraged to oppose includes but is not limited to the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003, also known as Patriot Act II.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Secretary of State send a copy of this resolution to President George W. Bush, the Attorney General of the United States, Governor Brian Schweitzer, Senator Max Baucus, Senator Conrad Burns, and Representative Dennis Rehberg.

Track this bill here.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Social Security Update

Dick Cheney and George Bush agree with us. There is no crisis. Private accounts won't help the potential shortfall.

Dick and George want to spend more money to dismantle the program than it would cost to fully fund it for the next 75 years.


I want a counter proposal on the Bush Budget. Most twelve year olds have better priorities and more sense than this administration.

I propose starting here:

Cut Secret Service funding by 70%

repeal the most irresponsible tax cuts

Whack the drug war and prison racket

Make pharma and military companies compete for our business.

The Bush Budget

Is all smoke and mirrors. He will continue to spend like a drunken sailor. The only difference is how careful they were not to spend any of it on people.

It must have been a lot of hard work to figure out how to get it all to the already too wealthy layabouts.

Altered Wheat

Who in congress is protecting genetically modified seeds over the working farmers and consumers of this state?

Who is it? They are whining about losing the business of bringing genetically perverted seeds to the state.

(Pre-emptive disclaimer "I am not advocating the suggestion below, just pointing out that it is safer and healthier than genetically modified plants and yes I did my homework before I let the keyboard fly.")

If business is all they are worried about, we would be healthier and wealthier if they would legalize prostitution.

Gay Kindergarden Bashers

Gay kindergardeners who give (or recieve) abortions are obviously quite a problem here in my homestate.

I swear I didn't know that.

Those queers are trying to push legislation to make strangling a felony in cases of domestic abuse. We know this because there weren't any gay activists speaking at the hearing.

Thank goodness we have the Eagle Forum, Montana Family Foundation and Montana Family Coalition to keep strangling safe and legal here in the Big Sky Country!

They are also busy protecting them dumb Indians from themselves and fetuses from everything but polution, poverty and education.

God Bless their stone cold little hearts.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Master The Universe

Tired of being just another clown in this corporate controlled society? Take heart. You too could get off the porch and piss with the big dogs even on a budget.

Impress your friends and relatives with framed proof that you are a member of the ownership society!

Practical usery!
Banks and Finance

Brainwashing and propaganda!
AOL Time Warner

Blood on your own hands!
Aerospace and defence
Lockheed Martin

Feel the power!

Enslave entire countries!

Buy tour own elections anytime anywhere!

1448, 1449

Two more sacrificed on the altar of American Imperialism for the ideal of another Islamic Theocracy.

At least it is a democratically elected Islamic Theocracy. Give President Bush credit for his creation.

Who Ever Decided

Who ever decided to turn Social Security into a high risk for profit venture?

My guess is that it is somebody who never had to worry about paying their rent.

Who decided to balance the budget on the backs of the weak and the vulnerable instead of the war profiteers and corporate welfare queens?

Who indeed.

Asbestos Primer for Max Baucus

Max Baucus thinks that he can make a deal
with the devil on the asbestos litigation.

Lambert reminds us why he shouldn't.
Prepare to be amazed:

SOTU: "Frivolous asbestos lawsuits"

Could any statement be more revealing of the moral bankruptcy of today's Republican party, and Bush, its leader? (SOTU)

Here's some easily accessible information on asbestos:

Strong concerns about the health hazards associated with asbestos had been described many times over the years. As early as 1898 the Chief Inspector of Factories of the United Kingdom reported to the Parliament in his Annual Report about the "evil effects of asbestos dust". He reported the "sharp, glass like nature of the particles" when allowed to remain in the air in any quantity, "have been found to be injurious, as might have been expected" (Report of the Select Committee 1994). In 1906 a British Parliamentary Commission confirmed the first cases of asbestos deaths in factories in Britain and recommended better ventilation and other safety measures. In 1918 an American insurance company produced a study showing premature deaths in the asbestos industry in the United States and in 1926 the Massachusetts Industrial Accidents Board processed the first successful compensation claim by a sick asbestos worker.

The fine asbestos fibres are easily inhaled, and can cause a number of respiratory complaints, including a potentially serious lung fibrosis called asbestosis. Exposure to asbestos has also been determined to cause a very serious form of cancer, mesothelioma, that occurs in the chest and abdominal cavities. This aggressive disease is not properly referred to as a lung cancer, as the malignant cells are derived from the mesothelium, a tissue found on the inner walls of the chest and abdominal cavities and on the outer surface of the lungs rather than in the lung itself.

Asbestos is carcinogenic. In the United States alone, it is estimated that ten thousand people die each year of asbestos-related diseases

10,000 deaths a year. Mighty frivolous! Whack isn't the real war at all, is it?

such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer, and gastrointestinal cancer. Asbestos has a synergistic effect with tobacco smoking in the causation of lung cancer.
(via Wikipedia)

Here are some of the symptoms of mesothelioma, from the NIH (still allowed to publish scientific information, even now):

Symptoms of mesothelioma may not appear until 30 to 50 years after exposure to asbestos. Shortness of breath and pain in the chest due to an accumulation of fluid in the pleura are often symptoms of pleural mesothelioma. Symptoms of peritoneal mesothelioma include weight loss and abdominal pain and swelling due to a buildup of fluid in the abdomen. Other symptoms of peritoneal mesothelioma may include bowel obstruction, blood clotting abnormalities, anemia, and fever. If the cancer has spread beyond the mesothelium to other parts of the body, symptoms may include pain, trouble swallowing, or swelling of the neck or face.

Pain; thinning blood; choking; fever: Cancer. Mighty frivolous!

Of course, Dick "Dick" Cheney, in a brilliant business move, had Halliburton purchase Dresser industries, encumbered with asbestos lawsuits at the time. Read what happened next:

Let's talk about Halliburton's well-executed $5 billion escape from its asbestos problems, most of which Cheney created when he orchestrated Halliburton's purchase of Dresser Industries in 1998. Few people connect this problem with Cheney, but they should, given that he was in charge at the time and got a raise as a result of buying Dresser.

$5 billion. From the courts the Republicans have already stacked with wingers. Mighty frivolous!

Now that Halliburton has managed to extract itself from its asbestos liability by paying a ton of cash and stock to trusts that will compensate victims and their lawyers, we can get a handle on how much Dresser's piece of the problem cost Halliburton. It turns out to be almost as much as Halliburton paid for the company.
(via WaPo)

Cheney, through Bush, naturally tried to make Halliburton's asbestos problem go away by using the Republican Congress as a sock puppet:

I give [Halliburton's current management] big credit for dealing with the problem rather than awaiting a miracle [cough] rescue from Congress. Almost from the day it took office, the Bush administration has pushed hard to get Congress to limit asbestos liability. That includes President Bush's visit to Illinois last week to push his "reform" proposals.

Gee, I wonder why that was?

If there is a God, and there is a Hell, I hope Bush and Cheney earn their just reward for "frivolous asbestos lawsuits."

I hope they're sunk deep in the deepest part of the ninth circle, and every stinking cancer-riddled corpse they've caused is hung around their necks.

(originally posted at corrente. Reprinted here in it's entirety with permission)

Thank-you Lambert- you guys at corrente just rock!


Daniel Okrent is bringing the house down with his stunning recap of the papers "Ethical Journalism" handbook and tales of Darling Judy but not of the tens of thousands of people whose deaths she helped bring about.

The Casket Counter

Another Five bodies will be secretly flown into Dover bringing the latest total up to 1447.

Rumpsfeld might start to see them as people , not fungibles, when the writers cramp starts kicking in.