Saturday, May 22, 2004

Born-Again Ecologists

This gives me great hope for the future.
This week in Washington, Catholics, Jews and mainline Protestants turned up at the White House and on Capitol Hill to beseech President Bush and lawmakers to do something about global warming. But guess whom these usual suspects brought with them? Conservative evangelicals, Mr. Bush's most ardent supporters.

Richard Cizik of the National Association of Evangelicals tells us that believers of his stripe are waking up to the moral responsibility Christians have for the environment. He says that the political left should not be the only side speaking out for protecting the natural world

Yet right-leaning evangelicals are social conservatives for whom serving God, not the unfettered desires of fallen mankind, is the highest goal. To social conservatives, the free market and individual liberty are means to an end – the good of the community, under God – not an end in itself.

Amen to that

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


The parent of Philip Morris, Kraft Foods and other companies plans to run ads in BusinessWeek magazine over the summer and fall featuring responses by the Democratic and Republican parties and their presidential campaigns to questions about positions on various issues.

Altria Group, formerly Philip Morris Cos., told the Federal Election Commission it believes the ads do not fall under a ban on corporate contributions and spending in federal elections but asked the FEC for its opinion. The commission is expected to rule within the next month.

The corporation donated $2.2 million to national Republican Party committees during the 2001-02 election cycle, the last time parties could accept ``soft money,'' corporate, union or unlimited contributions. It was the third most generous donor to the GOP.

Granny is speechless!

I reject their "impartiality"...all cognizant human beings should recognize that poison pushers DO NOT PERFORM PUBLIC SERVICE!

For the record, nothing that company produces ever crosses my threshold, let alone my lips.



Last week the small town of Eureka (Pop. 1,017) passed a resolution opposing the Patriot act! The man who began the push for the resolution is a self professed Conservative Republican and the best speaker I have ever heard live.

When I heard the rumor about this I zoomed on over to The Bill Of Rights Defense committee website to check it out where I found this story. I was particularly curious about this comment by U.S. Attorney Bill Mercer:

"I'm here because I think it would be a mistake for the Whitefish City Council to do this, and I would have said the same in the other three cities," Mercer said.

That sounds like a threat to me.

Does that sound like a threat to you?

A little legal shock and awe for the Flathead County Perhaps? Maybe he was warning us to save our ink for a rainy day.

Surely that's it; I wondered when the valley would run low on the black stuff. Wartime rationing must be making a comeback. Please conserve your ink and your brain cells-it's for the good of the country.

It is great news that Eureka is one of the 315 cities towns and counties and four states that have publicly affirmed their belief in the Constitution.



This gentleman probably knows that he will be audited by the IRS or something but chose to speak anyway:

"There's definitely a cover-up," the witness, Sgt. Samuel Provance, said. "People are either telling themselves or being told to be quiet."
Provance, 30, was part of the 302nd Military Intelligence Battalion stationed at Abu Ghraib last September. He spoke to ABCNEWS despite orders from his commanders not to. "What I was surprised at was the silence," said Provance. "The collective silence by so many people that had to be involved, that had to have seen something or heard something."

For some reason I am reminded of the feeling I got when Jessica Lynch refused to remain a propaganda tool when it would have been easier (and probably more profitable) to do so. The DOD circulated the rumor that she was sodomized.

Support the troops by spreading lies about them or support the troops by publicly invading their anal privacy? Neither one sounds worthy of the respect our servicepeople deserve.

My hat is off to both of you and so many others who have showed uncommon and unconventional bravery.


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Fractured Sitcoms

Granny has been picturing herself to be the entire cast of The Beverly Hillbillies lately. She imagines The Bush administration to be some weird kind of duplicated Gilligan's Isle.

George is little buddy
Carl is the skipper
Dick is the skipper
Delay is the skipper
Ashcramp is the skipper
Grover is the skipper
Rummy is the skipper
Kennyboy is the skipper
Wolfie is mr. howe
Condie is mr. howe
Tony is their very own pet Jap.
Pat robersbane and rep Moon ate mr. and mr. howe but they both think that they are the skipper

The professor, Ginger, and Mary Ann made a tasty little snack. A small group of underpaid extras are scheduled to be drowned in the lagoon in retaliation.

Colin is has been relegated to the role of butwipe because the Constitution is worn a little too thin to keep performing that task.