Friday, April 30, 2004


I had intended to comment about media deregulation, adolesent angst and how denial harms societies as much as it harms families.

What I did instead is to get a few links up. Morning is just too close right now for me to share anymore of my jumbled thoughts so goodnight!


Thursday, April 29, 2004

Rumor is

Kerry got a thousand dollar haircut! Is it true? Does it even matter? As far as I am concerned it doesn't.

If John Kerry wants a thousand dollar haircut and he pays for it with his own money, whose business is it anyway, what difference does it make?

Now if he spent over a million of OUR dollars on a vanity photo... it would be too disgusting,especially if there was some cutesy little slogan and lots of military hardware and personel.

If that ever happened, then we should make a lot of snide comments comparing those pictures with the ones of other delusional leaders like Saddam. Side by side photos. That reminds me of a mural of Saddam with some happy schoolchildren that shows a strong resemblance to the "compassion" photos.

If I only had some skills...
Testing...hello? I have come to help combat the flying monkeys.

Lord please give me strength, humor and insight. Coherence would be good, wisdom would be helpful, and words would be wonderfull. I don't expect to write like BILLMON or JEANNE DE ARC or even ATRIOS. I would like to write better than David Brooks though, surely that is not too much to ask?

Friends (Lord, you are my very best friend) know that I lack the internal editor that most people have so I will apologize in advance for the tone and emotions that are bound to come out here.

Please show compassion for my weaknesses while you teach me grace.

I feel like I should ask you to soften my heart but-but-but you know better than anyone that I believe my righteous indignation is justified. You know exactly why I detest the actions of those who prey on the weak while they lie and divide and steal. You understand the rage and revulsion I feel about your name, your image, even your words to bring about the ugliest things I never wanted to see although I feel the duty to witness it.

I know this is arrogant of me, so please forgive me, but please tell that small man and his creepy little friend that you are not a campaign tool. It offends me. I am sorry but it really really drives me nuts.

Me and ORNICUS and a whole bunch of other folks have some hard feelings and distance from folks that used to be close over the policies and actions of the insignificant one (he is a great divider though). I know that you are busy, but would you grant us some healing energy? I could also use some energy to visit that shut in with the smelly house-she has no way of knowing how much and how fondly I think of her.

I don't think that I am wrong about this, but some of my friends believe that the overgrown-child-in-chief is a Godly man...the stolen election aside, I just can't see it. I know that you have called on many wicked men to be your faithful servants, am I wrong to believe that they were then changed by you? I have looked for his fruits, but all I saw was a carefuly crafted bitter and brittle plastic turkee. He seeks the company of war criminals and profiteers as well as human rights abusers, liars, embezzlers and shameless hucksters.

Were you serious about judjing a man by the company he keeps? Did I misunderstand; did the prophet misspeak? The only other thing my limited mind can think of is just too unchristian to post in my very first online prayer.

Lord, let me be a light in these dark times, let us join together to be a beacon to your soul.