Friday, January 14, 2005

Separation of Church and State

Sounds like a good thing to me. Who would you want teaching religion to your child? Who do you think has the right to proseletize to you without your consent?

Some people are just crazy. I cringe at the very thought that anyone could ever be in a position where they felt like they couldn't get away from it. We the Parents are fighting the right wing misinformation machine about the mythical persecution of a victimized little history professor with a lot of powerful lawyer friends who have great media contacts and work for free.

Meanwhile school board members in Dover Pennsylvania couldn't give Nightline the simplest explanation of the intelligent design they insist must be taught as science. I think that it is lazy parenting for people who are driven to shape God in their own image.

Did you hear that a judge ruled the evolution is only a theory stickers crossed the line.

Democracy, what a messy process.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Anybody here look familiar to you? Kos mentions two, but every single member of the Vast Right Wing Echo Chamber is suspect at this point.

Josh brought up the Ketchum link. The Washington Group TWG was bought out by Ketchum in 2001 and staffed with some interesting Bush plants.

TWG sometimes makes the local news. Google wasn't very helpful with my memory there, but look at what they are into!

TWG is also heavily involved in determining universal disability standards for the U.N. interesting.

This reminds me of the man who accepted a dare to take a drink of a spittoon. Horrified onlookers wanted to know why he swigged the whole thing.

He replied that he souldn't stop because it was a solid stream.

Doomsday Plan

Looks like another solution in search of a problem to me. Our government wouldn't try to create a crisis to get it's own way now, would it?

via RMPN

The Scent of Failure

Is becomming unmistakable.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Confusing the Butchers

We are so unique to have not one but two elected Butchers in this state.

One thinks that children are vegetables.

The other thinks that tough old horse is good on the dinner table.


I haven't run across any information about what type of solutions may have been used or even what temperature they might have been, but all those "dehydrated" prisoners sure got a belly full of something, and Marjorie Cohn forgot to include it in this incredibly long list of the sadistic and inhuman acts that Alberto Gonzales thought we could get away with.

" Mr. Gonzales, you have concurred in, even commissioned, advice that led to the following:

Sodomy with a broomstick, chemical light, metal object

Severe beatings

Water boarding (simulated drowning)

Electric shock

Attaching electrodes to private parts

Forced masturbation

Pulling out fingernails

Pushing lit cigarettes into ears

Chaining hand and foot in fetal position without food or water

Forced standing on one leg in the sun

Feigned suffocation

Gagging with duct tape

Tormenting with loud music and strobe lights

Sleep deprivation


Subjecting to freezing/sweltering temperatures

"Dietary manipulation"

Repeated, prolonged rectal exams

Hanging by arms from hooks

Permitting serious dog bites

Bending back fingers

Intense isolation for more than 3 months

Grabbing genitals

Severe burning

Stacking of naked prisoners in pyramids

Injecting with drugs

Leaving bullet in body of wounded prisoner

Taping naked prisoner to board

Shooting into containers with men inside

Keeping prisoners in small, outdoor cages

Pepper spraying in face

Forcing heads into toilets and flushing

Threatening live burial, drowning, electrocution, rape and death

Beating prisoners to death

Killing wounded prisoners

Throwing off bridge into river and drowning



Saddam Hussein would be proud of you, Mr. Gonzales."


"You will have the distinction of being the first Latino Attorney General of the United States. You come from humble roots in Humble, Texas. You should understand the struggles of people of color, yet you have turned your back on them. As overseer of the policies that led to the torture of myriad people of color in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantánamo Bay, you have betrayed your roots."

Like I said, she forgot to mention the forced enemas.

I certainly hope that Conrad, Max and Denny have not sunk far enough in the gutter to even consider voting to let this creep be our new Attorney General.

To do so would be like supplying a pedoplile with kiddie porn and then leave him in charge of the daycare.