Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mars, Snitches

Somebody's talking.

We're beyond leaks and flash flooding; we are in a monsoonal avalanche of old and new relevations and corroberations. It's comming down hard, fast and documented.

It seems highly improbable that three million bloggers and readers could have put this together in the midst of our species most violent misinformation campaign without the help of the dudes who have been snatching up the lifeboats and personal floatation devices the and therats who clutch their clues in their swimmfor survival.

Fear rushes on
like oil in a hurricane
engulfing the coasts
bringing fire and pouring rain.

Another man overboard
selling sacrifice
for his spiteful overlord

For all his wrath, Father Moon could not possess the Son.

With all due regards to the Eschatonians

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Where Did All The Money Go?

Not Abramoff this time, but we are looking at a one to two TRILLION dollar debt for the Iraq war that presumably doesn't include

It weighed 28 tons and took up as much room as 74 washing machines. It was $2.4 billion in $100 bills, and Baghdad needed it ASAP.

Or any of the other misty watercolored memories Julia was having while she carefully documented instance after instance of Billions and Billions of Missing Dollars from the Iraq blood and money pit.

Rapture Ready?

World Magazine attempts to provide cover for those hapless evangelical heaven seekers who leaders who—wittingly or unwittingly- find themselves consorting with someone who was not what they claim to believe he was.

  • Focus on the Family's James Dobson
  • Tom Minnery, former presidential candidate
  • family-values guru Gary Bauer
  • Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly
  • American Family Association head Don Wildmon
  • Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.
  • Christian Coalition of Alabama (CCA)
  • Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council

World Magazine also attempts to provide cover for Bob Ney despite this Bradblog piece that was not mentioned or referenced by the self professed Christian News Magazine.

In addition to lobbying in favor of Electronic Voting, DiStefano and Coffee were also paid thousands to lobby Ney on behalf of an obscure firm by the name of FN Aviation, which later became known as FAZ Aviation. FN/FAZ Aviation, the Columbus Dispatch reported last December, paid for Ney's 2003 trip to England. On that trip, Ney met at a casino with FN Aviation's director, Nigel Winfield, a three-time convicted felon, and Fouad al-Zayat, the Syrian-born head of FN Aviation. Zayat, as reported by NBC News, is known as "one of London's biggest gamblers."

As has also been reported by NBC and others, the apparently once-very lucky Ney reported winning some $34,000 a few months later at that same London casino, after an initial $100 bet "on two hands of a three-card game of chance," according to his spokesperson Brian Walsh. Ney, who coincidentally carried at least $30,000 in credit card debt in 2002, was fortunate to be able to report that the debt was paid off in full by the end of 2003.

The dots begin converging, however, in regard to both large campaign contributions and lobbying done by Ney's former chief of staff, DiStefano along with Coffee on behalf of both FN/FAZ Aviation and Diebold, Inc.

These folks are the people who want you to trust them to tell the difference between the messiah and the anti-christ.

Josh exerpted this World Net Daily blurb about

  • Dr. James Dobson
  • Charles Colson
  • Rev. Jerry Falwell
  • Rev. Pat Robertson
  • Pastor Rick Scarborough

Their D. C. cooperative with Jack Abramoff and Rabbi Barry Freundel, Rabbi David Novak, Rabbi Meir Soloveichik, Michael Medved, John Uhlmann and to provide "a unique synthesis of Jewish authenticity and Christian grass-roots muscle."

I do not know if the Evangelicals were willing accomplices or if they merely lack the ability to recognize Christ in the lives of others, but I am as curious as Josh is about where the money is.

Where is the money?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Global Warming Killing Off Animals

It is on the news!

It's the graveyard shift on ABC, but it is on the news. Duck hunters are noticing that there are only about half as many ducks this year than last.

A planet that cannot sustain frogs and orchids or ducks or polar bears will not likely support humans much longer either.

N.C. Soldier Accused Of Stabbing Wife 71 Time

I don't really think that teenagers are suited to the horrors of war.

Soldier From N.C. Accused Of Stabbing Wife 71 Times

POSTED: 12:42 pm EST January 11, 2006

FORT LEWIS, Wash. -- Army prosecutors said a 19-year-old soldier from North Carolina who returned from combat in Iraq stabbed his 18-year-old wife at least 71 times.

Prosecutors said Brandon Bare should face a court martial for the slaying last July of Nabila Bare in housing at Fort Lewis, Wa.

Bare's lawyer said the killing was not planned.

Bare is a native of Wilkesboro, N.C., who returned from Iraq in April with wounds. He suffered cuts and ear injuries in a grenade attack on his Stryker vehicle.

An Army colonel will decide whether there will be court martial. At a hearing Tuesday at Fort Lewis, Bare's squad leader, Sgt. Everett Clark, described combat at Fallujah and Mosul, including the attack in which he was wounded.

I reprinted this little article in full under the fair use doctrine

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If You Can't Stand the Heat

Stay the hell away from the confirmation process because This. Shit. Matters.

Was she faking it
, or are we in jepoardy of having a Supreme Court Justice who will always be at the mercy of the little woman's vapors and hormonal fluctuations?

Meanwhile, the internets are filling up with pictures of the the whiny little woman.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Leah's Liveblogging Alito

Thank goodness, I lost my cookies over the sheer hipocracy of Senators Brownback and Coburn.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Inadvertent * cough* Taxpayer Data Access

image from The Memory Hole

When spying on, lying to and propagandizing aren't enough, I.R.S. Tracked Political Affiliations of Taxpayers

So much for friends and family members getting chewed up to protect out freedom in Iraq.

h/t Dave