Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sirota Gets It Sorta Right

He said that the U.S. Senate Supports Identity Theft.

That is true in a sense, but he doesn't tell you that Choicepoint is a private company created with public dollars and a lot of the information they have about us came directly from the government.

He also didn't mention that it wasn't just a million or more civilians who were affected, they lost information from the Department of Defence, too.

David Sirota might not have wanted to bombard you with all the bad news at once, either, because the rest of the voting gives us a very clear cut idea of how morally corrupt the Republican Party has become.

Consider how every single member of the Republican Party voted on the "Firebombing and Loansharking Protection and Advocacy Act of 2005".

S.AMDT 16 to protect servicemembers and vets---NO 58-38
S.AMDT 17 to protect the elderly---NO 59-40
S.AMDT 28 to protect people whose own medical problems caused their debt---NO 58-39
S.AMDT 29 to protect homeowners with medical debt---NO 58-39
S.ADMT 31 to limit the amount of interest charged to 30%---NO 74-24 (they really hated that)
S.AMDT 32 to protect people whose debt is incurred from being caregivers to ill/disabled family members---NO 60-37
S.AMDT 37 to protect people whose debt was incurred through identity theft---NO 61-37
S.ADMT 38 to protect people from predatory lending practices---NO 58-40
S.ADMT 49 to protect employees & retirees from corporate practices that rob them of their earnings/retirement savings when the business files for bankruptcy---(Say it with me now:)NO 54-40

If you think that's ugly, there's more. Lots more.

See, I told you there was more! David Sirota point tells us that brutal, murderous dictator gets to keep his information private while American citizens are not allowed to.


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