Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Firebombing and Loansharking Protection and Advocacy Act of 2005".

Senator Burns has some very strange ideas indeed. He doesn't think that sick people or their families deserve any legal protections. He doesn't believe that victims of identity theft deserve any legal protections.

He does believe that people who firebomb family planning clinics deserve legal protections

Keep up with the progress of the "Firebombing and Loansharking Protection Advocy Act of 2005 here

(update- when I said that Senator Burns believes this or doesn't believe that you do understand that I can't read his mind, don't you? I said those things based on the way he voted and that was the only basis for it. I may have been hasty in saying that, after all I think that Al Franken once said that therre wasn't anybody in the Senate who put s less thought into the way he votes because somebody else always tells him how to do it, but I could be wrong about that.

Other people have decided to approach these votes in a more craven way, consider the cases of Joe-who-will-never-be-President-Biden and Tom-who-might-consider-another-


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