Tuesday, December 28, 2004


12/23/04 Corporal Smith, Raleigh C. age 21 Troy [Lincoln Co.] Montana US

U.S. Marine 3rd Bat., 5th Marines, 1st Marine Div., I Mar. Exped. Force

Hostile fire Fallujah [Al Anbar Prov.]

Officially he is one of 1326, but I don't think the numbers are adding up.

I am very sorry.

It's About Values And Priorities

A well known television preacher says that you can tell what a man values by looking at how he spends his money and his time.


When you are trade your Social SECURITY for something that could possibly loose your money, that is a risk you take. However, when it is forced on you by people who profess to believe in the free market while they artificially prop up their buddies in certain* industries, isn't that forced gambling?

Why is George Bush selling shared insecurity like he sold the qwagmire in Iraq?

Monday, December 27, 2004

Thaiand To The Rescu

The Thai government is going to run trials for an Avian Influenza Vaccine! I am really glad that they are taking the lead to prevent a global pandemic. Does anyone else remember a time when it would have been a matter of national pride for US to be forging the way ahead?

America can't do it today. We've became too complacent, placing href="http://greed and profit before innovation. We've hidden our sense of national mediocrity behind phony wars. We've invested all our dreams and ideals in scams and schemes and sacrificed the promise of the future to feel like tough guys for a little while.

We are Americans, warts and all. We need to start making some changes if we ever decide to give up bullying and start leading again.

Roemer's role in the 9-11 cover up

There is a lot of talk about why we can't afford to let Tim Roemer fill the DNC chair. I don't think that I could back a party that would strip everyone of their free will while they chisel our financial security away either. I could be a Libertarian or a green, but never a Republican lite.

Blogswarm mentioned Roemer's position on the 9-11 commission was the only feather in his cap. I was a fan for a while myself until I thought about it.


*Nobody from the Hart Rudman commission was questioned.

*Sibel Edmonds was not Questioned

*Nobody was questioned about the PNAC's desire for "A new Pearl Harbor" despite the fact they had the means, motive and opportunity to act criminally to achieve their goals.

*Condi Baby was given a sweetheart deal where all she had to do was run out the clock and wasn't even cornered when she lied while they knew she was lying to them.

*Dick and George were also given a fixed amount of time they had to get through.

*They were allowed to "visit" together with a limited number of hand picked investigaters to keep their stories straight.

*They were not under oath at any time.

*Recordings and transcripts were not allowed so nobody really knows what was asked or answered there.

The Commission was supposed to find out why every single line of defence in this country could systematically fail on the same day.

The Commission was supposed to perform a full diagnostic analysis of what went wrong so that we could prevent it from happenning again.

They failed. They needed to learn the truth but they failed because they played too nice and they bowed to power. They failed. We still don't have the truth and our system is still broken.

We needed an honest assessment of our own weaknesses to make ourselves strong. What we got instead was a whitewash to usher in even more draconian infringements on our personhoods and the groundwork for a National I.D. Card. Our weakness are still there but are freedoms are wasting away.

I ask you now, What part of rolling on his back and submissively wetting himself qualifies him to be the leader of the opposition party?

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Lying and Fearmongering Phase

Lying and Fearmongering Phase

This time it is to steal pur Social Security, but it is standard fare on the Bushit menu.

The ultimate final solution in search of it's own problem.

Montana Men Making Me Proud

I dropped by Mt Politics today to find out that racists are trying to shake things up in Bozeman. It seems that some people wanted the city to pass a resolution condemning the group, but Rob (Ooooh Wulfgar) actually understands this stuff and didn't even link to Ornicus to make his point. Jeff gets it, too.

Another Montana blogger weighing in on it us Winter of Dissent who has some real cool stuff to say about our obsession with Wal Mart and mediocrity.

Abu Ghraib Al and the 21st Century Messiah

Are spending our money on lighter than air spycraft because they like it when the French worry about the ever plummeting dollar.

Isn't that special?

Meanwhile Elaine made a brief appearance in the midst of making gingerbread men on the run from the religious right to say that things are even worse than they appear. She very firmly reminds us not to try to make sense of the Presidential appointees or the news. Like hey, remember when the Post reported that Nick Berg died of a neck injury?

I myself had quite forgotten their penchance for using the word "injured" in place of migging, gone or absent. You probably forgot, too; I'm glad that I could be here to remind you.