Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Now They Want Us To Pay For Wrecking The Arctic Refuge

It's true. It will be so costly to get the oil out that the oil companies doubt they could make a profit at $75.00 dollars a barrel, so the Senate decided WE should subsidize the trashing of the last pristine place on Earth. Not that that pitiful little oil field would give us more than six months worth of oil anyway.

Take a wild guess about how our Senators voted? Max Baucus didn't think that was a wise use of our resources, so he voted against it.

This is is the size of the project, We won't see a drop of oil for at least seven years if everything goes smoothly. Look at what an endless trainwreck Iraq is and tell me that you expect the same oil companies to do a better job in Alaska.

Go here and see what we are going to pay to drill and pollute beyond recognition. The picture here reminds me of the Flathead Valley, only without Trees (fragile environment) and development. Take a good hard look, How many more pictures can we take before it is ripped to shreds with heavy equipment?

The Kaktovik Inupiat have lived here for centuries and they are totally dependent on that eco system to survive. What right do you or anybody else have to take that away from them? Do you really plan to shatter their dignity and starve them out, squander their lives work and then yell "entitlement!" when they want a portion of what is rightfully theirs?

Who are you really mad at, is it God?

Won't we all be proud to explain this to our grandchildren?

Well, Senator Burns, I know that your daughter didn't give you grandchildren. That does not give you the right to punish mine. I know. I know how much that hurts. I live with it every stinking day just like you do.

The difference between us is that I have not become a bitter, angry, vengeful person because of it. I know what that pain and guilt and confusion feels like. I know what that empty place in your life feels like. I know what it feels like to wonder "what if".

I gotta tell you that you aren't looking too good lately and I am sorry. You just can't keep taking it out on the rest of us.

I cried when your daughter died. I did. I took a lot of losses that year too. I buried so damn many friends and family members that year that I couldn't feel anything for a long long time.

You have been nothing but spiteful and destructive for a long time now. I wish that I really believed you are in this for money or power alone but I don't. You were a guest in our home for years and years before you ran for office.

I hate the meanspirited things that you have done, but you are almost like family. Really, you have been a part of our lives so long that you are almost family. Do you know what we have been doing while you were rooming with the other Congressmen discussing the blessings you recieved from your "True Father", Reverend Moon, isn't it?

We were working and wondering if we need to choose between heat and food or trying to get the phone hooked back up before anybody noticed.

Yes, we do have our pride. It is humiliating to have to beg for the things you need. It is even more humiliating when you work for a living, and are told that somehow you still aren't worthy to recieve the basic necessities. We don't necessarily want you to notice that we have to buy used shoes at the second hand store but we damn sure want you to notice that our kids need winter coats and nutritious food.

We want you to notice, and lend a hand up, not a hand out. There was a time we might have believed that we couldn't ask for the necessities because they weren't there to be had.

Now we know better. You waved your gluttony and your wastefulness so close to our faces, we couldn't help but notice what you choose to do with what you have. Now we know just how far selfish greed will carry you.

You spit on me and I pity you.

Revenge is not the answer. You must replace your pain with love, not anger. Senator Burns, you have some ammends to make.

I, for one am praying for your very soul.


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