Thursday, January 24, 2008

Is Now a Good Time?

Is now a good time for Congress to slap some maximum rate ceilings on the credit card companies?

Stop The Spying. Org

* Action Alert: Your Photos and Videos Needed at!

Let's show our elected representatives that we the people
-- concerned Americans and voters from across the country
-- oppose telecom immunity. Visit for
details on making photos and videos to drive the point
home: no immunity for lawbreaking telecoms!

The Senate has begun discussing telecom immunity and the
FISA Amendments Act on the Senate floor, and by many
indications a vote is imminent. Congress needs to hear from
citizens like you on this issue!

It is likely that there will be several rounds of
amendments and filibusters in the Senate. In addition, the
House version of the surveillance bill does not include
immunity for telecoms, setting the stage for an inevitable
reconciliation of differences in the House and Senate bills
if the Senate does pass retroactive immunity. Congressional
champions that have so far remained resolute in rejecting
telecom immunity to defend the rule of law and privacy
rights need your support now more than ever!

So visit now to speak out against telecom

For the campaign's Flickr page featuring submitted photos:

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* Opposition to Telecom Immunity Swells

With Congress back in session and the Presidential election
season in full swing, the fight to prevent the
Administration from granting immunity to the telecoms for
illegal spying is heating up once again. Activists and
bloggers alike are keeping the heat on.

First, Credo Mobile (formerly Working Assets) urged its
members to write to Senators Clinton, Obama and McCain, the
three presidential candidates who are still in the Senate
and who have said that they would oppose immunity. The
results were tremendous: 67,000 emails were sent to the

Meanwhile, Jane Hamsher from Firedoglake has been urging
folks to write to former Senator Edwards. Edwards can make
telecom immunity a debate issue for the presidential
candidates who still have a vote in Congress.

And of course, the amazing Glenn Greenwald continues to
point out how Senator Harry Reid has the power to help stop
the immunity train by supporting Senator Dodd and the
handful of others who are willing to lay down on the
tracks, but instead, Senator Reid seems to be shoveling in
more coal.

Additionally, the Melman Group, a national polling
organization commissioned by the ACLU, recently published a
poll finding that 57 percent of likely voters opposed
immunity for the telecommunications carriers that
participated in the government's warrantless surveillance
program, while only a third supported letting the telecoms
off the hook.

For the Melman Group poll:

For the complete post by EFF Senior Staff Attorney Kurt
For this complete post by EFF Legal Director Cindy Cohn:

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shortchanging Internet Customers

Did anybody else notice the launch of the little story about test driving graduated rates for internet customers the other day?

I see alternate health and philosophy being swallowed in large gulps. Practice waving goodbye to anything but Britney spears gossip folks, the information control wars are set to set to march.