Saturday, December 25, 2004

Paging Dr. Moreau

Too bizarre even for me.

Friday, December 24, 2004

We Never Imained...

Russ Kick found another image of the towers being targeted. This one is even earlier; it is from August 1999 in an Air Force Manual.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Short List

Five people who died without an FBI file.

Wait a minute there Lucy

Iraq Coalition casualties has the number of servicemen and women killed in Iraq at 1324.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Not Like Ohio Anymore

Waiting for hours to have your say when nobody plans to listen to you anyway..

The Flathead County Planning Board recently changed its rules to reduce the adversarial nature of some discussions. Public comments are no longer divided into separate camps of proponents and opponents; instead, it's just a general public-comment period for anyone who has something to say on a given issue.

The aim was for "kinder, gentler planning board meetings," in the words of board member Jeff Larson.

It's about time!

Social Security Scam explained by Hazel

Hazel get's it. She really understands the whole Social Security Scam that Bush is trying to pull off before anybody notices that we no longer have any kind of safety net whatsoever.


I have worked and paid into Social Security since I was 16 years old. Every paycheck I ever received had a deduction for Social Security so I have done my part for 59 years of hard labor. I finally retired at age 75. I put it off as long as I could, because I didn’t want to be a burden to the taxpayers, but now must depend on a Social Security monthly check as my only income.
The system has worked well until the government started borrowing from it, and using the fund as a piggy bank for all manner of funding other than old age. They borrow, leave an IOU and then never repay.


A government controlled savings plan? Do you working people out there actually trust the government to manage a savings account for you with only your name on it, for years and years, drawing interest, and then have it all waiting for you when you retire? Who would invest this money -- you or the government? Every transaction has a fee. Guess who pays the fee.
You would not be allowed to draw on this savings account until you retire, but I’ll betcha the government would have loopholes in the fine print, allowing them to “borrow” from your account from time to time, leaving you an IOU that never gets repaid.
Hazel Scott

Internet Surveillance

Almost indetectable.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Rummy's Writers Cramp

Remember him bragging about being able to stand for long periods of time then wussing out when it came to signing the dead letters? Will he do a reissue of the bogus letters, or will he just start with the last 22 or so?

I don't have a dog in the race, but I think that he owes 1325 families a handwritten letter of apology for being greedy, incompetent and disrespectful of the people who do the real work in our military.

It's way past time that Vulcan went into deep space alone for all time.

Secret Service Visits

High School kids, peace activists and bloggers.

When you are a man with a shady past, present and future who has numerous mob contacts they stand waaay back because the President thinks you are his kind of guy.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Hello Senator Baucus?

I know that you are terribly busy so I will keep this short. Did you know that our last election had over 30,000 "irregularities"? It's true.

I wonder what will be left of our beloved country if we sit back and let a second election be stolen by the same people who despise our values. Please stand up for free and fair elections in America.

We need one Senator.

Tell the Senate NO, you will not certify this sham "election" for George W. Bush, and tell the people YES, you will stand up for democracy in 2005.

Your country needs you. Will you accept the call?

You country will thank you, so will your grandchildren.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Urgency behind the Social Security Final Solution

"One of my charges is to explain to Congress as clearly as I can, the crisis is now," Mr. Bush said at the conclusion of the White House Conference on the Economy. "You may not feel it, your constituents may not be overwhelming you with letters demanding a fix now, but the crisis is now."

"Now, some will say, well, that's 2018," Mr. Bush said. "I'm not going to be around. But I don't think that's what a good public servant thinks, should think."

Time is short! Clearcut! Drill! Pollute! Plunder!


Draft and Iraq getting nearer

Chuck Hagel just said that we've been in Iraq 21 months and things are worse than ever. He looks like he has a black eye. Jack Reed said that Rumpy should go. Saxby Chambliss is slathering and spinning in Rump's favor.

Is Saxby stoopid or is he a liar?

The Draft:

Jack Reed said that it has gone from the impossible to the very last option.

Saxby Chambliss said impossible, that every branch of the service is meeting it's recruitment goals. Every month. Every one but the National guard.

I think that is a lie. I don't remember where I saw the recruiting numbers last, but I think Saxby lied.

Bob just asked Sen Reed about the Pentagon taking over part of the CIA's intelligence! Like they need more stuff to screw up!

Saxby said that it was "insensitive" of Rumpy not to sign the dead letters. Hagel and Reed were a little harsher. Hagel did say that Bush signed the letters. Where did I get the idea that he didn't?


Wild Horses

I've had Moose, Bears, Mountain Lions, Skunks, Raccoons, Deer, Wild Turkeys, Coyotes and even Rattlesnakes make appearances in my yard (yes, I am a mobile Montanan). I've seen Bobcats, Mountain goats, Bighorn sheep, Buffalo, Elk, Antelope, Marmots and Badgers in the wild. I have never seen a Wild Horse.

Not in the Pryor mountains, the Crazy Mountains, the Beartooth Mountains, not around the Bob Marshall Wilderness area, around Yellowstone Park or even Glacier Park. I've never seen a wild horse in Eastern Montana, either.

Heck. I haven't even seen one splattered on the road.

So my own Senator Burns decides that those beautiful creatures are just too abundant and he wants to slaughter 40% of them this year. That is 20,000 animals that very few people ever get to see put on the chopping block for whose benefit?

We deserve to know who Conrad is serving here. That is our land and those are our horses that he is wasting. Who benefits, and why are they more deserving of our property than you or I?

1300 went by without a peep

We hit 1304 on the 17th. I heard that Rumpy had to actually sign a couple of certificates by hand. boo hoo.

George and Rumpy still avoid funerals like the plague.

Beware of Washington 'fixing' Social Security

The very thought of Congress fixing anything should send all thinking citizens to the post office or to the telephone. If Congress and this administration were on trial for being conservative, there would not be enough evidence for a conviction.

amen to that.

Social Security lemon crisis

There I was just minding my own business when a car dealer dragged me onto his lot to tell me about my problem. He said I a new car because my tires are going to stop retaining Air in thirteen years. One salesman after another came out to explain the danger of driving on tires that will start to wear a little bit in thirteen years!


They keep calling to remind me how bad my problem is and that I need to buy their car today! The radio tells me every half hour that I need to buy a new car because my tires might not hold ALL their air forever! Time is running out!

"You must buy one of our new cars now! Today! In thirty-eight or fourty-eight years you may lose 20 to 24% of the air in those tires! Hurry! Buy! Time is running out!

We told you to do this four years ago before we spent your money and now it's all gone so you have to buy NOW! We want to fix your problems so that your grandchildren will have tires!

There is no more money so you should buy our car with a payday loan! Hurry up and buy this car! (before you realize that it will cost an extra three trillion dollars upfront!) You must buy this car right now! We'll just borrow the money out of the highway funds--your grandchildren need the tires that come on our cars! We will fix this for all time!

You can trust us! Would we lied to you?

That was only sixteen words and it wasn't our fault 911! We told you that if sanctions were lifted, Evil Dictator could have WMD's in a decade LESBIAN ALERT!

Iraq is a budding democracy that needs us to stay there for twenty or thirty years LESBIAN ALERT!

In twelve years and three hundred sixty four days your tires won't be able to hold all their air! Only twenty -five or thirty five years after that your tires could be 24% low!

Buy our car today! Better to borrow three trillion dollars from the payday loan and stop maintaining the roads than to let somebody else take care of you like we always do.

Sign! No time to read the contract. Only twelve years, three hundred sixty-three days, twenty three hours and fifty nine minutes left! Aren't you afraid?
Twelve years, three hundred sixty-three days, fifty eight minutes and fifty-nine seconds!"

"You need our final final solution!"