Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Week of Post Election Success

2179 Dead American Soldiers on Monday, January 02.

2210 Dead American Soldiers on Sunday, January 08.

Civillian casualties have skyrocketed while the oil industry tanked, but Chalabi with less than 1% of the vote scooted himself to the cushy job running the oil ministry. Slick, no?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Serious Question

How many times has Bush discussed putting active troops on the homeground?

Louisiana, bird flu, what else gets him thinking about settiing our own people against us?

Monday, January 02, 2006

What's Your Religion?

How often do you pray?

What a waste of our security dollars

Dead Soldiers


Super WalMart Mania

Moscow Idaho, Pullman Washington... the Super WalMarts are trying to take over, and they are willing to block the highway view of Flathead Lake to do it in Polson.

h/t Sara

Why Doesn't He Call Them?

I was stunned and amazed to learn that our brilliant President knows Al Quaeda's phone numbers. Matthew Yglesias wrote of logic and AudioAquatic ventures a hypothesis so compelling I will simply post it in it's entirety and urge you to read the rest of the discussion on your own.

One clear implication is that the FISA court could not be trusted to automatically support these extra-super-secret activities, which were consequently legitimized by preemptive executive mandate. Thus we have the curious scenario wherein the secret FISA court is itself perceived to pose a security risk, having been found guilty of potential future crimes against the administration. Maintaining secrecy with regards to the FISA court then becomes as imperative as pursuing the originally proposed target of those activities, al-Qaida communications. One may safely assume that al-Qaida partisans of any salt already suspect themselves to be under surveillance ; therefore the party compromised by the leak is the Bush administration itself, in its evasion of the FISA court, the only other party in that secretive loop.

Russert Suckfest

granny is catching Meet The Press a day late as usual. Timmy and his table of journalists are sitting around the table creating fables about Bush's rising popularity, his most beautiful beloved benevolence and bravery taking a mid sized time out to righteously congratulate themselves for single handedly keeping America secure by withholding information from the citizens of America.

It was a veritable love fest with just a hint of Democrat bashing, excuse making (everybody does it, nobody knew). There was an awkward moment when Doris Kearns almost voiced an dissenting opinion about Congressionable participation in government, but it was quickly overcome with another round of self glorification for having such a wonderful delightful and heavenly President and some stern admonishments of the "Hard Lefts".

I was most impressed with Newsweek's Managing Editor Jon Meacham, a phenomenal man who knows George Bush's most intimate thoughts, feelings, desires and intentions. He exudes heart bubbles when he speaks of George Bush's most intimate thoughts, feelings, desires and intentions; Laura could call him for marital advice.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Is This Stock Dumping?

Alice Marshall of GOTV nominated Halliburton's own David Lessings for firedoglake's Golden Crony award.

He sure planned to sell a lot of shares, didn't he?

NYT, WaPo, Please Explain

Dearest Newspaper editors of note, would you please explain why you have not convinced Jane Hamsher to publish her top notch investigative reporting on your front pages?

Can't explain? Did you try?

No More Coldplay

It turns out that I am having a dinner with several teenagers who don't get out much this week. I had originally planned to load the CD player with Coldplay, U2 and Electric Light Orchestra, however Atrios found out that Coldplay is playing dirty, so they are disinvited to the party.

Who gets the newly vacant slot now? Should it be Yes, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, CSNY, No Doubt, or Beck?

Happy New Year!

Be good to yourselves.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Live free or die.

Impeach this administration.