Friday, May 25, 2007

Oh! The People You Meet!

Tristero's new job inspired my decision to run NASA. Imagine the excitement of letting the grandbabies launch rockets into space.

I was quite surprised to make the aquaintance of Menopause Woman with her ability to overheat small planets in a flash, more surprised to learn that Social Security will fail because we keep aborting all the babies who would save it. That's what happens when your slave work force is vulnerable.

There was rampant speculation over dinner about how the health department knows which restaraunt employees don't wash their hands. We will continue to eat at home, thank-you very much.

Is Katie Couric pulling it out of her intestinal orifice? Ms Couric just reported that Al Gore was called "Mr. Stiff", now he's known as the "Goracle". I don't know if it's true or not. Once I had been lied into submission and bored beyond oblivion my alternatives were to believe what the corporate media says about absolutely everything or to spend my energy learning not to care so much anymore.

Learning not to care so much is hard work, hard work.