Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Witching Stick 'O War Makers (gives me nightmares too)

"You've got the whole U.N. operation saying it needs reform, and to have somebody who has thought about these issues, who is critical of many things about the U.N. about which, frankly, it is right to be critical" is useful, Rice said.

i love the super nanny
this could be englands most vital export
a beautiful bundle of brains and braun
teaching US the basics of child raising

i wish they left the camera on 4 real
when she checks the dvd to see
how the family is doing without her
4 real

she should go to washington next
put condie rice in the naughty chair

she scares me condi
i expect her to unzip her skin
and have dick cheneys twin brother step out laughing -
like on scooby doo
"on my god - that voo-doo man/monster is really the owner of this abandoned amusement park!"
we been punked


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