Sunday, September 30, 2007

318 - a New First in the Flathead

We had 318 paid dinners for the Flathead Democrat's Harvest Dinner last night. Apparently that has never been done before.

It's not even an election year!

The Republicans, they will have to sit in their own messes. Unless they decide to run as Democrats.

Unless they like, Loonybits Lange, who spoke at the Pachyderm meeting the other day are suddenly against the war while promoting their non stop stories of job creation by removal of all public health and safty regulations because (not in quotes because this is my take on inside spy's recantation of Lange's speech)the minimum wage law put Lange out of business.

That's right, Lange was forced out of business by greedy employees who wanted to wanted to cut back to only three extra people sharing their barely heated homes and Smack Ramen twice a day lifestyle.

Yes, we truly want our jobs to allow us to eat Top and not Smack Ramen. Those pennies do add up at the minimum wage or below level. They do.

Lange and the current force of the Republican party seem to believe that any working person who actually ekes out a living is getting more than they deserve, that they are taking what rightfully belongs to some faceless billionaire who signs the checks.


Is it any wonder the Flathead Democrats sold out their dinner last night?