Saturday, June 11, 2005

9/11 No Longer Useful Tool

President Bush wants to take $169 million dollars away from New York City because some money went to victims instead of, wait for it, the corporate bureaucrats it was intended for.

Did you know this?

Erin of fshk

The Number One Reason to IMPEACH BUSH

If your boss ran his company the way Bush runs this country, he would have been bankrupt and jailed years ago.

Freeway Blogger Does Downing Street




Friday, June 10, 2005

But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy

That's what the second sentence of paragraph three of The Downing Street Memo says.

Perhaps that explains why the United States hacked 8,000 pages out of the 11,800 page report about Saddam's weapon capacity before turning it over to the U.N.

THE United States edited out more than 8000 crucial pages of Iraq's 11,800-page dossier on weapons, before passing on a sanitised version to the 10 non-permanent members of the United Nations security council.

The full extent of Washington's complete control over who sees what in the crucial Iraqi dossier calls into question the allegations made by US Secretary of State Colin Powell that 'omissions' in the document constituted a 'material breach' of the latest UN resolution on Iraq.

Last week, Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan accepted that it was 'unfortunate' that his organisation had allowed the US to take the only complete dossier and edit it.
He admitted 'the approach and style were wrong' and Norway, a member of the security council, says it is being treated like a 'second-class country'.

This was December 12, 2002

Although the five permanent members of the security council -- the US, the UK, France, China and Russia -- have had access to the complete version, there was agreement that the US be allowed to edit the dossier on the ground that its contents were 'risky' in terms of security on weapons proliferation.


Thanks Tom!

1695 Dead American Soldiers

I'm pretty damn sick and tired of sporadically typing larger numbers that are mere symbols of human beings that once walked the Earth, loving and loved by someone.

Who benefits?

The Era of Accountability

Could not be discussed or examined as agreed to, all the criminal acts make their defenders too uncomfortable so they took all the toys and ran away with their tails tucked tight.


Yesterday I was on a rant about the lack of media coverage about the smoking gun that leads us through the lies Bush gang piled on the American Public and the consequence of 1685 Dead American soldiers.

Today I still haven't heard anything about the Downing Street Memo, but another eight American Soldiers and a whole slew of Iraqis are dead.

1693 dead American Soldiers with no end in sight.

Who benefits?

He's Said This Before

I don't understand Biden's committment to the Permanent Bush war. Time and again, he has proven his willingness to roll any democtacic principle or member to make sure the war goes on it.

What's his hook?

Maybe Joe Biden needs to come clean about his role into lying us into an ungodly unstoppable war.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Trucker

Where did he disappear to with his load of 50,000 pounds of ureaic (sp?) fertilizer?

Heard on Coast to Coast.



We're Winning

Another eleven dead American soldiers in two days. Thank-You President Bush! You have made 1685 casket makers very happy!

As long as the casket makers of America are happy, nobody cares if you fixed the intelligence around the policy, almost no one anyway.

I agree with Patia when she says IMPEACH BUSH.

Since neither one of us are corporate crooks (we are simply law abiding, hard-working smart women trying to regain some semblance of democracy in America) we are unlikely to be heard during this congressional session.

Our Noon News, KAJ 8/18, thought that Natalee Holloway, an 18 year old girl who has absolutely no bearing on the health or well being of a single person in their viewing area deserved the first two minutes of their "Noon News", the next minute was a clip of the pResident explaining that freedom and privacy for American citizens will not be accepted under his regime.

The story that Missoula's water that was contaminated with raw sewage last week, is now safe to drink, and the story about the possible contamination with unknown substance(s)of the Columbia Falls water due to a break in or attempted break into their water treatment plant were mentioned as the fourth or fifth items of interest today.

I did not hear the "Noon News" mention the Downing Street Memo today. We got 500,000 signatures and a HEARING SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 16!

No reason for our local news to mention the Downing Street Memo, that might ask some of the people in their viewing area to question whether 19 year old Carrie French from Pocatello, Idaho died in Iraq four days ago for a lie.

If our local television and radio stations (whose airways are owned by the American public) don't mention the fact that there is a very strong case for impeaching the President because he lied

1st Lieutenant Edward M. Saltz of Bigfork, Mt. 22-Dec-2003
Staff Sergeant Aaron N. Holleyman of Glasgow, Mt. 30-Aug-2004
Sergeant 1st Class Robbie D. McNary of Lewistown, Mt. 31-Mar-2005
Private 1st Class Owen D. Witt of Sand Springs, Mt. 24-May-2004
Corporal Dean P. Pratt of Stevensville, Mt. 02-Aug-2004
Corporal Raleigh C. Smith of Troy, Mt. 23-Dec-2004

to their deaths, and three of these men were from KAJ 8/18's viewing area, who will? Maybe they don't care because Bush/Enron/Cheney/Halliburton keep repeating that we're winning.

Movie Tag

It's going around! I caught it from the wickedly playful Riggsveda who has shown me a lot of quiet encouragement and inspiration , so I'll play along.

Total Number of Films Owned: 60-100

Last Film Bought:
There was a sale on used and although it was picked over and all VHS, I got "Hello Dolly", "Ovadis", "Vertigo", "Dream a Little Dream", "Harry Potter",and "Lord of the Rings pt3".

Last Film Watched: I cheated and checked eRobin's post to see if the kiddie shows like "Sesame Street, Sing Yourself Silly " or "Big Bird's Favorite Party Games" (take that Mullah Dobson!) were listed and they weren't, so I'll say "Mission to Mars".

Five Favorite Films That I Watch Frequently or That Mean A Lot To Me:
"Wizard of Oz", "Labrynth", "Dune", "Star Wars", and "The Birdcage". Other movies I've seen at least a dozen times and would gladly watch at least a dozen more include "Yours, Mine and Ours", "Murphy's Romance", "Cocoon", "Thunderheart","Men in Black" and "Matrix".

I'll add a category before I pass this on to Pansypoo, Gordon, and Patia.

Movie you would most like to see again if you could find it:
"The Muppet Movie" the original one where Kermit sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow:.

Not a Cover Up

The U.S. Army says they did not cover up the details of Pat Tillman's death. That settles it.

The first incredibly detailed story that we heard over and over and over was incorrect. The second incredibly detailed incorrect story we were subjected to was a coincidence.

The Army did not try to cover up the details about Pat Tillman's death.

I wish somebody would ask them if they decided against it before they decided for it. Maybe they decided for it before they decided against it.

Dranamine, anyone?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What Reality T.V. Should Be

The Heretic has the show America wants to see.

What about it ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX? Sounds like more fun than a public hanging at the town square on a sunny Saturday afternoon to me.

How Long?

Must this go on?*
Wolfowitz has said ten years, some in the current administration have said twenty years, and others have said fifty years.


Meanwhile, another five soldiers died in Iraq today, but Iraqi children like the amusement park, so who needs to know about that pesky Downing Street Memo anyway?

* via

Boiling Over

Boiling Mad went out quoting the Smashing Pumpkins Bullets with Butterfly wings

Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
Then someone will say what is lost can never be saved
Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage

D-Menace goes on to explain how a former Bush supporter came to spend all his time and rage on the internet with the deceptions and cover ups of the Bush Administration only to be rendered non existent by the Pro Birth But Disespectful Of Life mob.

Now I'm naked, nothing but an animal
But can you fake it, for just one more show?
And what do you want? I want to change
And what have you got?
When you feel the same

Now, D-Menace Is LED BY NONE.

It's the rage and not the rain (almost four inches in my neighborhood!) that has Matt Singer steamed up today.

Hot on the heels of the extremely non political *cough* accquittal of Aurthur Anderson last week, something that was apparently not necessary to garner sum o'dat nummy no bid ca$h in Iraq but probably good cover for an Impending Act of Congress, Enron is coal fired to feast at the trough of public funding once again.

Tell me again, what did Dick Cheney do with all his Halliburton stock?

The Scoop On The Poop

Everybody does it, it's a gas gas gas

Check it out. No, really

Pharma One, Freedom Zero

Oh give me a home
Where the drug agents roam
And the sick are locked in a cage!


1674. Yeesh.