Friday, April 08, 2005

Is The Pope Still Dead?

I am so damn sick of hearing all about it all of the time that I could projectile vomit!

He is still dead and all the pedophile priests he covered for are still FUCKING CHILDREN! 937 Hours of non stop Pope news and nobody has the guts to ask when the Church will stop letting disturbed men use their power to rape children.

Susie points out this little gem

When I think of this pope I think of a hard-working priest who came to see me a year ago from southern California. He cried as he told me how ALL of the budget for the ministry to the poor was being cut to pay for a big new cathedral and for priestly misconduct. He himself was close to leaving the priesthood. I think of another priest who came to me three years ago and who was the person who actually ran his entire diocese on behalf of his bishop. He was at his wit's end with the hypocrisy and lies emanating from Rome--he knew many secrets. Rather than leave and rather than play the game, he quit his position and diocese and found a ministerial position in another diocese thousands of miles away.

Now that this pope has passed, let readers reflect on the seriousness of these matters. And pray for this pope. I for one would hate to have to face my Creator with a track record like this one.

Let's all hope that the next pope will have the will to look after the most vulnerable members of society.

Global Take An Overpaid Illiterate Black Woman To The Worlds Biggest Photo op Week

Was Bush the only one to get the memo? Are there more overpaid illiterate black women hogging up valuable space that would otherwise be filled with a Peace Prize winning former President who has spent his entire life serving his country and his fellow man.

I should note that some people don't believe that Condi is illiterate. They must believe that she ignored all those warnings about Bin Laden's determination to use airplanes to strike us in the U.S.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Why Didn't I See This On T.V.?

Surely it is as important as which contestant got booted off American Idol or Johnny Coochran's funeral? Another thing, how many times can we look at lines of people trying to see a dead man?

via Digby

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Tom DeLay Replay

Believe Them The First Time

Maya Angelou always says to believe people the first time they show you who they are.

That applies to Tom Delay who believes he is above the law and his crony pals including our own Denny Rehberg who voted to shield him from his criminal acts. Believe them.

It applies to Alberto Gonzales who believes that he and the President are above the laws of God and man.

They showed us who they are. Changing the laws to placate them will not change their lack of ethics or their sadistic tendencies either.

(update: It has come to light that some people in Senator Burns' office got in on some of that extra moolah, and favors were granted. Some people say that it's okay because it happens all the time, that this is just election year politics.) Okay then.


I decided to change the comments to haloscan. As usual I do not have a clue what I am doing, if you have any problems gmail me and tell me about it.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Booty Call Or Clown Show?

Both of my regular readers probably noticed that my sitemeter moved over the weekend, that was mostly but not completely because of Isn't She Lovely.

Looking at the details, I've begun to understand that I might be loved or feared or admired or something all together different. I don't have a clue what it might be, only that something here (I don't know what) is way more popular now than it was when it was brand new.

I tried to be non chalant about the whole thing but I can't pretend anymore. I am no longer able to control my fierce codependence. I must know what to think of myself now, does anybody know who's Linking This?

Monday, April 04, 2005

Ovarian Enslavement or Pharmacuetical Captives

Riggsveda has an amazing four part piece up about the growing movement to deny women access to birth control and the logic behind it. How clever is that, forcing families to raise more children they can't provide for on their shrinking incomes?

Read the whole thing then check out the living will primer. Start here and scroll down...

What About That Oil Spill

You know, the one in Alaska. Why aren't we hearing about that 24/7?

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Conrad Burns Cases Cookie Jar

Sometimes people just know they are being lied to. Maybe that's why Denny Rehberg didn't show up to push George Bush's plan to dismantle Social Security through deception. Conrad Burns apparently took it pretty hard at the college on Saturday when he and Social Security Administration spokesperson Delia Lasanta wasted a bunch of taxpayer dollars selling the problem to Flathead area citizens.

He found out that we know they have been playing shell games with our money;

Elmer Bastrom of Whitefish said the government has to eliminate Congress' ability to raid the Social Security trust fund to subsidize spending in other areas.

Burns acknowledged that previous lock-box bills haven't been successful in locking away Social Security money.

"That's because you had the key," Bastrom shouted. "I have a union pension that's good 'til the day I die because no one touches it but me. You've let everybody spend it [Social Security]. I want it fixed so these kids can 'say my retirement is good.'
He also found out that there are people here who flat out do not trust this administration at all:

Eric Funk of Whitefish said he too has questions about trust.

"Why should I trust this administration to act in my own best interest?" he asked.

Small wonder that Burns voice had the high pitched crack of a man telling his wife he really didn't know where those panties came from when he was telling the television crew how honest they [he and Delia Lasanta] were.