Thursday, August 12, 2004

The hillbilly buys D.C.

Let me tell you a story
about a governor named Jeb
He's too busy scrubbing
To count his voter's heads.

Then one day while paying off Tony he raised his palm and Harris raised her head gasping Wally
O'Dell that is
Paperless votes
Controlled remotely

Junior was estatic, just like the rest of the familee!
Another coup on D.C.!
felons in charge!
spoils of war!

He insists that when people pay for rallies
"you'll be arrested if you don't love me!"

"I'll make myself a tax break
the blood of peasants is nearly free!"

"Then more golf, of course."


Blue dress redux

Hey, do you remember when Porter Goss refused to investigate the outing of a highly prized undercover operative? Valerie Plame used to serve our interests by tracking the development and movement of weapons of mass destruction.

Valerie risked her life to protect ours until her cover was blown by the White House to intimidate any would-be whistle blowers.

Porter Goss, who is unqualified to be the head of the CIA refused to investigate until he had a blue dress.

Does that make him just another partisan hack or does it make him just another second hand crusty semen sucker?

I ask you decide.


Four months for John Kerry

Everybody has something to say about his measly four months in Viet Nam. I won't link to anything because I don't have readers, but if you do read this, please-please check his military record, I think that his website links to his military records.

So what if he was wounded three times in four months? So what if he decided that things were all messed up in that period of time? So what if he decided to get out of 'Nam then?

How long does it take you to recognise a failure?

By the way, the four months that has everyone on edge occurred on his second tour of duty.

Don't take my word for it. Check it out.

Sensitive War

I feel like a naughty Nedra Pickler today so buckle up.

Dick Cheney tells us that we have never won a war by being sensitive.

But he fails to mention that we lost a few because we were too insensitive.

My point is that overwhelming force didn't win Viet Nam or Korea, not to mention the colossal failure that Iraq has become. Gosh, it didn't even work in Afghanistan.

Just a few more dead kids

We only lost another twelve kids in the last week. I'm still shocked to realize that 931 kids (and counting) are dead in a war based on lies and layers of lies.

The man child has still refused to interrupt a fund raiser or golf game to attend a single funeral.


When did Osama Win?

The question makes you feel angry, doesn't it?

I don't quite know when he won, or when they expect him to win, but Ted Koppel has all but laid prostrate at his feet. ABC's nightline was pushing the idea on Nightline tonight.

There was an American Enterprise Institute henchman, former speaker of the house Tom Foley, and a former prosecuter I don't recall the names and they were unfamiliar to me, so just take my word for it or check out a transcript.

Anyway, Ted kept trying to set the scenario that postponing the election will be all but inevitable. The AEI henchman(Why, oh why does the media give any credence to an organization that churns out reams of pre-ordained conclusions with mountains of irrelevant and often unsupported arguments to bulk them up?) and Ted Koppel worked themselves into a lather conjuring fanciful posibilities and using the Spanish election as an example of an Al Queda score.

Tom Foley kept saying that we really should lay some groundwork in that direction.

The other gentleman clearly believes in the concept of democracy and the American desire to continue ours.

We keep hearing that "they hate our freedoms". Well the first, fourth, eighth and fourteenth ammendments have already been diminished to the point that they are downright non existent at times. Some Americans believe that those are the wrong appeasements. Others like the AEI, Tom Ridge, George Bush et al think that we should forfeit our elections as well.

If Nightline is any gage at all, 50% percent strongly lean in that direction, 25% are willing to consider acquiesence, and 25% are solidly against handing the country over.

How much further does this nonsence go on before the children are forced to recite the pledge of allegiance to the United States of Al Queda?


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Crazee 'Muricans everywhere!

From time to time Granny has been known to indulge in a bit of exaggeration, but this story just might make you feel like you are stark raving mad, mildly paranoid at the very least.

Let's start with that nasty little provision of the Patriot Act that allows the John Ashcroft's minions minions (Donald Rumsfeld's too?) to get your medical, dental, even veterinary records without a warrant.

The Patriot Act, it's not just good for libraries anymore.

Then let's take a memory from the emergence of the Homeland Security Act. The one we are remembering is the provision that protects the drug manufacturer from liability, not the whole mandatory innoculation story.

Flash forward to the new biz about not being able to sue drug manufacturers because the word of the FDA (although testing is rushed and workers are not allowed to question).

Now remember lifelog, and remember DAARPA's plans to create soldiers that fight by remote control and they can go days-yes-days without sleep. Don't forget that John Ashcroft had a hand drafting the opinion that George W.Bush could legally order torture. Hmmm wasn't Donald Rumsfeld a representative for Eli Lilly when he went to tell Saddaam that America didn't really mean the condemnation that congress had issued over the gassing of the Kurds?

Jeanne, Jeralyn and Digby all discussed the [lack of] ethics shown when military interrogaters were given prisoners medical records.

You haven't forgotten the attrocious medicare bill that actually restricts the amount and types of drugs seniors will be able to access while they are forced to pay much more, now have you?

Introduce vaccinations for anyone who might at anytime be at risk for an addiction.

Now ask yourself why the one who claims that God speaks through him would want to diagnose and medicate every one of us.

My Dear Senator Burns

I know that it has been a really long time, but I wanted to thank-you for the letter you sent me last year.

It was the politely worded form letter that condecendingly explained why you were right and I was wrong about the "Jobs and Growth" tax cut of 2003.

Well I heard something about the dismal job performance last month and decided to investigate that claim.

Job Watch reports:

Job growth stalls in last two months, underlining failure of tax cuts as job creation strategy


Pay suffers as displaced worker rate climbs to highest on record
The latest survey on worker displacement confirms just how bleak the labor market has been in the last three years.


Perhaps most striking is the contrast between pay in the lost jobs versus pay in the new jobs


Greatest sustained job loss since the Great Depression


The state data says

States still in jobs hole

Although our unemployment rate is higher than it was before the recession began in March 2001 (Nevada and Wyoming were the only states to lower their unemployment rate while Louisiana was the only state to maintain theirs) Montana was at least fortunat not to be one of the 33 states that lost jobs.

Montana is truly fortunate to be one of the 16 states with insufficient job growth. Alaska is the lone state to create jobs, but whadda-ya-know, their unemployment rate is up too.

MY MY, how could you have been so wrong?

Monday, August 09, 2004

Seemingly Contradicts

ABC's Nightline focused on the Sewerboat Vets Slime story tonight. I was mightily impressed that they gave a little background info on some of the players. I did say little and I meant it. A very little tiny bit.

They did say that there is a lot of money flowing through the campaign to discredit Kerry. THEY DID NOT SAY WHO WAS PROVIDING THAT MONEY, AND HOW THAT FITS INTO THE LARGER STORY.

They also neglected to mention how old whatzis name actively colluded with "Tricky Dick" Nixon to bring Kerry down waaaay back in the seventies.

One "man" expressed outrage that there is a picture of Kerry at the war crimes museum in Hanoi. At this point it is overwhelmingly clear that war crimes were committed there. There is proof, lots of proof. I wonder people still try to deny it.

Did the interviewer ask if he denied that war crimes were committed there? No. Did the interviewer ask if those acts were necessary? No. Did the interviewer ask if he supports war crimes? Again no.

Nightline said that Kerry points to his records that "seemingly contradict" the Sewerboat scam. Seemingly contradict.

They did the tiniest landing about the liberal attacks on Vacation Boy's TANG record. They said that (W)hiner wonders why those allegations aren't held up to the same scrutiny.

That is when my head exploded. Too many thoughts, too many reasons. Too much irony.

Well, let me see... we are not bankrolled by a bitter GOP donor who is clearly at risk of losing some of the bennies he is used to getting, someone who has dreams of the big trough to come.

There is the whole fear factor about "top White House officials" calling them up. Calling them up and making threats. Calling them and yelling threats. Calling them up and causing them to decome incontinent.

Don't laugh, this crew of war criminals has a proven track record of calling people up and yelling threats. Bushco has a proven track record of going after anyone who doesn't agree with them.

Why don't the allegations (they are now facts with proof) get as much scrutiny as the attacks on John Kerr's fine upstanding record?

I am not the only one to wonder how to let our fellow citizens know that Paul Lucasiak has definatively proven that George W. Bush was AWOL.

Lawrence Korb -- who was Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower, Reserve Affairs, Installations and Logistics under Reagan from 1981-85 -- appears to agree with the conclusion based on the key five-month period of Bush's service when there are no records that he reported for duty: "If you don't show up, you're absent without leave, by definition."

Would somebody please explain why these profit-and-power motivated gang of kooks was given an entire half hour of Our air waves to tell their story when they won't even cover the story that the man who currently resides on our white House was AWOL?

He is still AWOL and so is the way too corporately controlled media./

Plagarizing Tom

Tom Tomorrow that is.

It's three years after 9/11, and less than three months before an election, and now we get a National Preparedness Month.

And yes, let's ask Bush and Tom Ridge the simple question: what the hell do these people think the previous 35 months were?

This is transparently a continuation of the Bush campaign by other means, financed with everyone's tax dollars, out of funds that could be used, say, to hire more actual first-responders, Pushtun translators, or troops to replace the exhausted guardsmen.

Bush should be called out on this, and now, by journalists, by the Kerry campaign, and by everyone who prefers actual security over campaign propaganda.

I just want to comment that we should rename this the Red Alert Preparedness Month.

RED ALERT Preparedness month

Montana is very inconsequential for the presidential election, but the swing states will be greeted with a new P.R. campaign!

September surprise! September surprise! September surprise!

Late August non-surprise (a whopping 3.4% increase of the poverty rate) will be sneaked out in an uncustomary way by an uncustomary official at the Census headquarters!

I am surprised that the CNN poll shows that 52% of respondents do not believe that the U.N. should not monitor our elections.

I firmly believe that this is because those people are uninformed. They really need to check out independant media.

Hickory dickory dock

Can the indictments wait out the clock?

Elections are Essential

Do not even believe that cancelling or postponing our November 2 election. We will not be denied our right to vote the war criminals out of office.

95 days until regime change at home. Americans must not and the rest of humanity will not accept any less.