Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My Dear Senator Burns

I know that it has been a really long time, but I wanted to thank-you for the letter you sent me last year.

It was the politely worded form letter that condecendingly explained why you were right and I was wrong about the "Jobs and Growth" tax cut of 2003.

Well I heard something about the dismal job performance last month and decided to investigate that claim.

Job Watch reports:

Job growth stalls in last two months, underlining failure of tax cuts as job creation strategy


Pay suffers as displaced worker rate climbs to highest on record
The latest survey on worker displacement confirms just how bleak the labor market has been in the last three years.


Perhaps most striking is the contrast between pay in the lost jobs versus pay in the new jobs


Greatest sustained job loss since the Great Depression


The state data says

States still in jobs hole

Although our unemployment rate is higher than it was before the recession began in March 2001 (Nevada and Wyoming were the only states to lower their unemployment rate while Louisiana was the only state to maintain theirs) Montana was at least fortunat not to be one of the 33 states that lost jobs.

Montana is truly fortunate to be one of the 16 states with insufficient job growth. Alaska is the lone state to create jobs, but whadda-ya-know, their unemployment rate is up too.

MY MY, how could you have been so wrong?


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