Monday, August 09, 2004

Seemingly Contradicts

ABC's Nightline focused on the Sewerboat Vets Slime story tonight. I was mightily impressed that they gave a little background info on some of the players. I did say little and I meant it. A very little tiny bit.

They did say that there is a lot of money flowing through the campaign to discredit Kerry. THEY DID NOT SAY WHO WAS PROVIDING THAT MONEY, AND HOW THAT FITS INTO THE LARGER STORY.

They also neglected to mention how old whatzis name actively colluded with "Tricky Dick" Nixon to bring Kerry down waaaay back in the seventies.

One "man" expressed outrage that there is a picture of Kerry at the war crimes museum in Hanoi. At this point it is overwhelmingly clear that war crimes were committed there. There is proof, lots of proof. I wonder people still try to deny it.

Did the interviewer ask if he denied that war crimes were committed there? No. Did the interviewer ask if those acts were necessary? No. Did the interviewer ask if he supports war crimes? Again no.

Nightline said that Kerry points to his records that "seemingly contradict" the Sewerboat scam. Seemingly contradict.

They did the tiniest landing about the liberal attacks on Vacation Boy's TANG record. They said that (W)hiner wonders why those allegations aren't held up to the same scrutiny.

That is when my head exploded. Too many thoughts, too many reasons. Too much irony.

Well, let me see... we are not bankrolled by a bitter GOP donor who is clearly at risk of losing some of the bennies he is used to getting, someone who has dreams of the big trough to come.

There is the whole fear factor about "top White House officials" calling them up. Calling them up and making threats. Calling them and yelling threats. Calling them up and causing them to decome incontinent.

Don't laugh, this crew of war criminals has a proven track record of calling people up and yelling threats. Bushco has a proven track record of going after anyone who doesn't agree with them.

Why don't the allegations (they are now facts with proof) get as much scrutiny as the attacks on John Kerr's fine upstanding record?

I am not the only one to wonder how to let our fellow citizens know that Paul Lucasiak has definatively proven that George W. Bush was AWOL.

Lawrence Korb -- who was Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower, Reserve Affairs, Installations and Logistics under Reagan from 1981-85 -- appears to agree with the conclusion based on the key five-month period of Bush's service when there are no records that he reported for duty: "If you don't show up, you're absent without leave, by definition."

Would somebody please explain why these profit-and-power motivated gang of kooks was given an entire half hour of Our air waves to tell their story when they won't even cover the story that the man who currently resides on our white House was AWOL?

He is still AWOL and so is the way too corporately controlled media./


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