Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Crazee 'Muricans everywhere!

From time to time Granny has been known to indulge in a bit of exaggeration, but this story just might make you feel like you are stark raving mad, mildly paranoid at the very least.

Let's start with that nasty little provision of the Patriot Act that allows the John Ashcroft's minions minions (Donald Rumsfeld's too?) to get your medical, dental, even veterinary records without a warrant.

The Patriot Act, it's not just good for libraries anymore.

Then let's take a memory from the emergence of the Homeland Security Act. The one we are remembering is the provision that protects the drug manufacturer from liability, not the whole mandatory innoculation story.

Flash forward to the new biz about not being able to sue drug manufacturers because the word of the FDA (although testing is rushed and workers are not allowed to question).

Now remember lifelog, and remember DAARPA's plans to create soldiers that fight by remote control and they can go days-yes-days without sleep. Don't forget that John Ashcroft had a hand drafting the opinion that George W.Bush could legally order torture. Hmmm wasn't Donald Rumsfeld a representative for Eli Lilly when he went to tell Saddaam that America didn't really mean the condemnation that congress had issued over the gassing of the Kurds?

Jeanne, Jeralyn and Digby all discussed the [lack of] ethics shown when military interrogaters were given prisoners medical records.

You haven't forgotten the attrocious medicare bill that actually restricts the amount and types of drugs seniors will be able to access while they are forced to pay much more, now have you?

Introduce vaccinations for anyone who might at anytime be at risk for an addiction.

Now ask yourself why the one who claims that God speaks through him would want to diagnose and medicate every one of us.


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