Thursday, August 12, 2004

When did Osama Win?

The question makes you feel angry, doesn't it?

I don't quite know when he won, or when they expect him to win, but Ted Koppel has all but laid prostrate at his feet. ABC's nightline was pushing the idea on Nightline tonight.

There was an American Enterprise Institute henchman, former speaker of the house Tom Foley, and a former prosecuter I don't recall the names and they were unfamiliar to me, so just take my word for it or check out a transcript.

Anyway, Ted kept trying to set the scenario that postponing the election will be all but inevitable. The AEI henchman(Why, oh why does the media give any credence to an organization that churns out reams of pre-ordained conclusions with mountains of irrelevant and often unsupported arguments to bulk them up?) and Ted Koppel worked themselves into a lather conjuring fanciful posibilities and using the Spanish election as an example of an Al Queda score.

Tom Foley kept saying that we really should lay some groundwork in that direction.

The other gentleman clearly believes in the concept of democracy and the American desire to continue ours.

We keep hearing that "they hate our freedoms". Well the first, fourth, eighth and fourteenth ammendments have already been diminished to the point that they are downright non existent at times. Some Americans believe that those are the wrong appeasements. Others like the AEI, Tom Ridge, George Bush et al think that we should forfeit our elections as well.

If Nightline is any gage at all, 50% percent strongly lean in that direction, 25% are willing to consider acquiesence, and 25% are solidly against handing the country over.

How much further does this nonsence go on before the children are forced to recite the pledge of allegiance to the United States of Al Queda?



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