Friday, October 07, 2005

Depressionist Art

Have you seen the Last Supper on Toast?

I know that I am at the mercy of the greedy corporations who own the United States Government and their clever plan to freeze and or starve the workers, the weak and the seniors while they poison and steal the rightful inheritance of the youth, but check out the Lipizaners performing at Seaworld.

I know that No, I can't deal with another congressional cornholing right now and I know that the people supporting the corrupt Republican leadership and the codependent Democrats who enable them do not give a damn about the citizens of this country. I am powerless over the crime spree that devours the public wealth as it excretes toxic lead and mercury into the air that my grandchildren share with the spinal cords and disaeased brain fed genetically modified monsters who must wallow in their own feces until they are slaughtered by disposable people on the way to our dinner tables.

More pretty pictures!


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