Sunday, October 02, 2005

Candidates! We Need Candidates!

I think that I counted 73 or 74 spots without names. Come on folks, step up to the plate--you really don't want me mouthing off to grab a spot, do you?

While we are on the subject, when will I be able to start a page to finance a challenger to Max Baucus? Big hint, he should go down with the Firebombing and Loanshark Protection Act of 2005 that he so proudly helped get passed.

He was proud of it then and spent a whole lot of our dollars to mail us postcards telling us he wants to fix it for the Katrina victims although the Republicans specifically rejected any provision to make exemptions in cases like these.

This is my kick in the shins to the lot of them on behalf of Joe who needs to worry about doing this now, even before his wife's memorial service on Saturday, because he will be unable to get protection from the hospital bills when this predator kicks into gear in another two weeks.

I understand that I'm in deep doo doo with the State Democratic party for writing such awful things about our only Democrat. Tough. Democrats that voted for this are every bit as responsible for the innocent lives that get trampled as the Republicans who devised it and pushed it.

They need to know it and they need to know that we know it as well.


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