Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Tom DeLay Replay

Believe Them The First Time

Maya Angelou always says to believe people the first time they show you who they are.

That applies to Tom Delay who believes he is above the law and his crony pals including our own Denny Rehberg who voted to shield him from his criminal acts. Believe them.

It applies to Alberto Gonzales who believes that he and the President are above the laws of God and man.

They showed us who they are. Changing the laws to placate them will not change their lack of ethics or their sadistic tendencies either.

(update: It has come to light that some people in Senator Burns' office got in on some of that extra moolah, and favors were granted. Some people say that it's okay because it happens all the time, that this is just election year politics.) Okay then.


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