Friday, April 08, 2005

Is The Pope Still Dead?

I am so damn sick of hearing all about it all of the time that I could projectile vomit!

He is still dead and all the pedophile priests he covered for are still FUCKING CHILDREN! 937 Hours of non stop Pope news and nobody has the guts to ask when the Church will stop letting disturbed men use their power to rape children.

Susie points out this little gem

When I think of this pope I think of a hard-working priest who came to see me a year ago from southern California. He cried as he told me how ALL of the budget for the ministry to the poor was being cut to pay for a big new cathedral and for priestly misconduct. He himself was close to leaving the priesthood. I think of another priest who came to me three years ago and who was the person who actually ran his entire diocese on behalf of his bishop. He was at his wit's end with the hypocrisy and lies emanating from Rome--he knew many secrets. Rather than leave and rather than play the game, he quit his position and diocese and found a ministerial position in another diocese thousands of miles away.

Now that this pope has passed, let readers reflect on the seriousness of these matters. And pray for this pope. I for one would hate to have to face my Creator with a track record like this one.

Let's all hope that the next pope will have the will to look after the most vulnerable members of society.


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